5.7.195. Bugzilla::Extension::RedHat::bin::sync-internal-groups NAME

ldap-audit.pl SYNOPSIS

ldap-audit.pl <options>

--help|h         Display help text
--man            Display man page
--force          Force LDAP caches to be refreshed.
--keep           Keep the LDAP cache files
--force-sync     Force the groups to be updated regardless of the number of changes required.
--verbose        Output more messages
--host=s         The host to use to manage groups. Mandatory! DESCRIPTION

This command syncs bugzilla group membership to internal groups.

See https://gitlab.corp.redhat.com/it-iam/internal-groups/-/blob/main/docs/api_reference.md

You can check LDAP for th existing groups.

  • Members in a group
ldapsearch -Q -H ldaps://ldap.corp.stage.redhat.com -b "ou=users, dc=redhat, dc=com" -LLL -o ldif-wrap=no "memberOf=cn=bugzilla-redhat,ou=adhoc,ou=managedGroups,dc=redhat,dc=com" uid
  • The group itself
ldapsearch -Q -H ldaps://ldap.corp.stage.redhat.com -b "ou=adhoc,ou=managedGroups,dc=redhat,dc=com" -LLL -o ldif-wrap=no "cn=bugzilla-redhat" EXAMPLES

$ sync-internal-groups.pl --force --host=https://internal-groups.preprod.iam.redhat.com' METHODS


Cache and load the MX LDAP records.


Cache and load the user LDAP records.


Cache and load the deleted user LDAP records.

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