Bug 2139307 - xournalpp-1.1.2-1.fc37 pulls 392 new packages (180 MB) as dependencies
Summary: xournalpp-1.1.2-1.fc37 pulls 392 new packages (180 MB) as dependencies
Alias: None
Product: Fedora
Classification: Fedora
Component: xournalpp
Version: 37
Hardware: Unspecified
OS: Unspecified
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: Luya Tshimbalanga
QA Contact: Fedora Extras Quality Assurance
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Reported: 2022-11-02 06:39 UTC by Kamil Páral
Modified: 2022-11-07 11:42 UTC (History)
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Last Closed: 2022-11-07 11:42:18 UTC
Type: Bug

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Description Kamil Páral 2022-11-02 06:39:04 UTC
Description of problem:
Is xournalpp-1.1.2-1.fc37 really supposed to bring all these new dependencies, or is it a mistake?

$ rpm -q xournalpp

$ sudo dnf update xournalpp
Last metadata expiration check: 0:05:11 ago on St 2. listopadu 2022, 07:31:28.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                          Arch   Version                      Repository       Size
 xournalpp                        x86_64 1.1.2-1.fc37                 updates-testing 1.1 M
 xournalpp-plugins                noarch 1.1.2-1.fc37                 updates-testing  17 k
 xournalpp-ui                     noarch 1.1.2-1.fc37                 updates-testing 122 k
Installing dependencies:
 biber                            noarch 2.17-5.fc37                  fedora          314 k
 libXaw                           x86_64 1.0.14-3.fc37                fedora          203 k
 perl-Authen-SASL                 noarch 2.16-28.fc37                 fedora           57 k
 perl-B-Hooks-EndOfScope          noarch 0.26-4.fc37                  fedora           44 k
 perl-Business-ISBN               noarch 3.007-4.fc37                 fedora           33 k
 perl-Business-ISBN-Data          noarch 20210112.006-6.fc37          fedora           36 k
 perl-Business-ISMN               noarch 1.202-6.fc37                 fedora           25 k
 perl-Business-ISSN               noarch 1.005-3.fc37                 fedora           18 k
 perl-Class-Accessor              noarch 0.51-16.fc37                 fedora           29 k
 perl-Class-Data-Inheritable      noarch 0.09-4.fc37                  fedora           13 k
 perl-Class-Inspector             noarch 1.36-11.fc37                 fedora           31 k
 perl-Class-Method-Modifiers      noarch 2.13-13.fc37                 fedora           50 k
 perl-Class-Singleton             noarch 1.6-7.fc37                   fedora           27 k
 perl-Clone                       x86_64 0.45-9.fc37                  fedora           22 k
 perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2          x86_64 2.201-2.fc37                 fedora           34 k
 perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib           x86_64 2.202-3.fc37                 fedora           64 k
 perl-Convert-ASN1                noarch 0.33-4.fc37                  fedora           60 k
 perl-Data-Compare                noarch 1.27-10.fc37                 fedora           35 k
 perl-Data-Dump                   noarch 1.25-5.fc37                  fedora           33 k
 perl-Data-OptList                noarch 0.112-5.fc37                 fedora           27 k
 perl-Data-Uniqid                 noarch 0.12-29.fc37                 fedora           12 k
 perl-Date-ISO8601                noarch 0.005-16.fc37                fedora           20 k
 perl-Date-Manip                  noarch 6.89-1.fc37                  fedora          1.1 M
 perl-DateTime                    x86_64 2:1.59-1.fc37                updates-testing 134 k
 perl-DateTime-Calendar-Julian    noarch 0.107-3.fc37                 fedora           24 k
 perl-DateTime-Format-Builder     noarch 0.8300-8.fc37                fedora           95 k
 perl-DateTime-Format-Strptime    noarch 1:1.79-6.fc37                fedora           42 k
 perl-DateTime-Locale             noarch 1.37-1.fc37                  updates-testing 3.4 M
 perl-DateTime-TimeZone           noarch 2.56-1.fc37                  updates-testing 398 k
 perl-DateTime-TimeZone-SystemV   noarch 0.010-17.fc37                fedora           24 k
 perl-DateTime-TimeZone-Tzfile    noarch 0.011-17.fc37                fedora           20 k
 perl-Devel-CallChecker           x86_64 0.008-17.fc37                fedora           23 k
 perl-Devel-Caller                x86_64 2.06-29.fc37                 fedora           19 k
 perl-Devel-GlobalDestruction     noarch 0.14-19.fc37                 fedora           17 k
 perl-Devel-LexAlias              x86_64 0.05-30.fc37                 fedora           16 k
 perl-Devel-StackTrace            noarch 1:2.04-13.fc37               fedora           31 k
 perl-Digest-HMAC                 noarch 1.04-6.fc37                  fedora           23 k
 perl-Digest-SHA                  x86_64 1:6.03-1.fc37                fedora           62 k
 perl-Dist-CheckConflicts         noarch 0.11-26.fc37                 fedora           23 k
 perl-DynaLoader-Functions        noarch 0.003-16.fc37                fedora           19 k
 perl-Email-Date-Format           noarch 1.005-23.fc37                fedora           18 k
 perl-Encode-Locale               noarch 1.05-24.fc37                 fedora           19 k
 perl-English                     noarch 1.11-492.fc37                fedora           17 k
 perl-Eval-Closure                noarch 0.14-19.fc37                 fedora           24 k
 perl-Exception-Class             noarch 1.45-6.fc37                  fedora           44 k
 perl-Exporter-Tiny               noarch 1.004003-1.fc37              fedora           57 k
 perl-ExtUtils-MM-Utils           noarch 2:7.64-490.fc37              fedora           12 k
 perl-File-Compare                noarch 1.100.700-492.fc37           fedora           16 k
 perl-File-Copy                   noarch 2.39-492.fc37                fedora           23 k
 perl-File-Find-Rule              noarch 0.34-22.fc37                 fedora           33 k
 perl-File-Listing                noarch 6.15-3.fc37                  fedora           25 k
 perl-File-ShareDir               noarch 1.118-7.fc37                 fedora           30 k
 perl-File-Slurper                noarch 0.013-4.fc37                 fedora           21 k
 perl-Filter                      x86_64 2:1.64-1.fc37                fedora           89 k
 perl-FindBin                     noarch 1.53-492.fc37                fedora           17 k
 perl-GD                          x86_64 2.76-3.fc37                  fedora          181 k
 perl-GSSAPI                      x86_64 0.28-40.fc37                 fedora           56 k
 perl-HTML-Parser                 x86_64 3.79-1.fc37                  updates-testing 126 k
 perl-HTML-Tagset                 noarch 3.20-52.fc37                 fedora           19 k
 perl-HTTP-Cookies                noarch 6.10-7.fc37                  fedora           38 k
 perl-HTTP-Date                   noarch 6.05-10.fc37                 fedora           24 k
 perl-HTTP-Message                noarch 6.37-1.fc37                  fedora          102 k
 perl-HTTP-Negotiate              noarch 6.01-33.fc37                 fedora           20 k
 perl-Hash-Util-FieldHash         x86_64 1.26-492.fc37                fedora           41 k
 perl-I18N-LangTags               noarch 0.45-492.fc37                fedora           57 k
 perl-I18N-Langinfo               x86_64 0.21-492.fc37                fedora           26 k
 perl-IO-Compress                 noarch 2.201-3.fc37                 fedora          273 k
 perl-IO-HTML                     noarch 1.004-7.fc37                 fedora           28 k
 perl-IO-String                   noarch 1.08-46.fc37                 fedora           17 k
 perl-IPC-Cmd                     noarch 2:1.04-490.fc37              fedora           40 k
 perl-IPC-Run3                    noarch 0.048-26.fc37                fedora           39 k
 perl-IPC-SysV                    x86_64 2.09-490.fc37                fedora           42 k
 perl-IPC-System-Simple           noarch 1.30-9.fc37                  fedora           39 k
 perl-JSON                        noarch 4.09-1.fc37                  fedora           97 k
 perl-LDAP                        noarch 1:0.68-8.fc37                fedora          400 k
 perl-LWP-MediaTypes              noarch 6.04-12.fc37                 fedora           33 k
 perl-LWP-Protocol-https          noarch 6.10-7.fc37                  fedora           21 k
 perl-Lingua-Translit             noarch 0.29-2.fc37                  fedora           34 k
 perl-List-AllUtils               noarch 0.19-7.fc37                  fedora           49 k
 perl-List-MoreUtils-XS           x86_64 0.430-7.fc37                 fedora           64 k
 perl-List-SomeUtils              noarch 0.58-10.fc37                 fedora           46 k
 perl-List-UtilsBy                noarch 0.12-3.fc37                  fedora           29 k
 perl-Locale-Maketext             noarch 1.32-1.fc37                  fedora           95 k
 perl-Locale-Maketext-Simple      noarch 1:0.21-492.fc37              fedora           21 k
 perl-Log-Dispatch                noarch 2.70-8.fc37                  fedora           89 k
 perl-Log-Dispatch-FileRotate     noarch 1.38-5.fc37                  fedora           33 k
 perl-Log-Log4perl                noarch 1.57-1.fc37                  updates-testing 372 k
 perl-MIME-Charset                noarch 1.013.1-1.fc37               fedora           49 k
 perl-MIME-Lite                   noarch 3.033-5.fc37                 fedora           95 k
 perl-MIME-Types                  noarch 2.22-4.fc37                  fedora           70 k
 perl-MRO-Compat                  noarch 0.15-4.fc37                  fedora           26 k
 perl-Mail-Sender                 noarch 1:0.903-19.fc37              fedora           51 k
 perl-Mail-Sendmail               noarch 0.80-16.fc37                 fedora           36 k
 perl-MailTools                   noarch 2.21-12.fc37                 fedora          111 k
 perl-Math-BigInt                 noarch 1:1.9998.37-2.fc37           fedora          206 k
 perl-Math-BigRat                 noarch 0.2624-2.fc37                fedora           42 k
 perl-Math-Complex                noarch 1.59-492.fc37                fedora           50 k
 perl-Module-CoreList             noarch 1:5.20221020-1.fc37          updates-testing  85 k
 perl-Module-Implementation       noarch 0.09-35.fc37                 fedora           19 k
 perl-Module-Load                 noarch 1:0.36-489.fc37              fedora           17 k
 perl-Module-Load-Conditional     noarch 0.74-489.fc37                fedora           22 k
 perl-Module-Metadata             noarch 1.000037-489.fc37            fedora           35 k
 perl-Module-Runtime              noarch 0.016-16.fc37                fedora           23 k
 perl-NTLM                        noarch 1.09-33.fc37                 fedora           22 k
 perl-Net-HTTP                    noarch 6.22-3.fc37                  fedora           40 k
 perl-Net-SMTP-SSL                noarch 1.04-19.fc37                 fedora           12 k
 perl-Number-Compare              noarch 0.03-33.fc37                 fedora           12 k
 perl-Opcode                      x86_64 1.57-492.fc37                fedora           40 k
 perl-Package-Generator           noarch 1.106-26.fc37                fedora           23 k
 perl-Package-Stash               noarch 0.40-3.fc37                  fedora           33 k
 perl-Package-Stash-XS            x86_64 0.30-2.fc37                  fedora           36 k
 perl-PadWalker                   x86_64 2.5-7.fc37                   fedora           27 k
 perl-Params-Check                noarch 1:0.38-489.fc37              fedora           22 k
 perl-Params-Classify             x86_64 0.015-17.fc37                fedora           32 k
 perl-Params-Util                 x86_64 1.102-8.fc37                 fedora           33 k
 perl-Params-Validate             x86_64 1.31-1.fc37                  updates-testing  70 k
 perl-Params-ValidationCompiler   noarch 0.30-17.fc37                 fedora           38 k
 perl-Parse-RecDescent            noarch 1.967015-18.fc37             fedora          209 k
 perl-Pod-Html                    noarch 1.33-492.fc37                fedora           34 k
 perl-Ref-Util                    noarch 0.204-15.fc37                fedora           24 k
 perl-Ref-Util-XS                 x86_64 0.117-16.fc37                fedora           23 k
 perl-Regexp-Common               noarch 2017060201-19.fc37           fedora          193 k
 perl-Role-Tiny                   noarch 2.002004-7.fc37              fedora           33 k
 perl-Safe                        noarch 2.43-492.fc37                fedora           28 k
 perl-Sort-Key                    x86_64 1.33-25.fc37                 fedora           47 k
 perl-Specio                      noarch 0.48-2.fc37                  fedora          166 k
 perl-Sub-Exporter                noarch 0.988-5.fc37                 fedora           78 k
 perl-Sub-Exporter-Progressive    noarch 0.001013-19.fc37             fedora           21 k
 perl-Sub-Identify                x86_64 0.14-20.fc37                 fedora           28 k
 perl-Sub-Install                 noarch 0.928-33.fc37                fedora           22 k
 perl-Sys-Hostname                x86_64 1.24-492.fc37                fedora           20 k
 perl-Sys-Syslog                  x86_64 0.36-490.fc37                fedora           47 k
 perl-Text-Balanced               noarch 2.06-2.fc37                  fedora           49 k
 perl-Text-BibTeX                 x86_64 0.88-12.fc37                 fedora          271 k
 perl-Text-CSV                    noarch 2.02-1.fc37                  fedora          115 k
 perl-Text-Glob                   noarch 0.11-18.fc37                 fedora           14 k
 perl-Text-Roman                  noarch 3.5-23.fc37                  fedora           23 k
 perl-Text-Soundex                x86_64 3.05-23.fc37                 fedora           30 k
 perl-Text-Unidecode              noarch 1.30-19.fc37                 fedora          181 k
 perl-Tie                         noarch 4.6-492.fc37                 fedora           35 k
 perl-Tie-Cycle                   noarch 1.227-4.fc37                 fedora           19 k
 perl-Tie-RefHash                 noarch 1.40-489.fc37                fedora           23 k
 perl-Try-Tiny                    noarch 0.31-4.fc37                  fedora           42 k
 perl-Unicode-Collate             x86_64 1.31-489.fc37                fedora          750 k
 perl-Unicode-LineBreak           x86_64 2019.001-14.fc37             fedora          121 k
 perl-Unicode-Normalize           x86_64 1.31-489.fc37                fedora           94 k
 perl-Unicode-UCD                 noarch 0.78-492.fc37                fedora           82 k
 perl-Variable-Magic              x86_64 0.63-1.fc37                  fedora           54 k
 perl-WWW-RobotRules              noarch 6.02-33.fc37                 fedora           20 k
 perl-XML-LibXML                  x86_64 1:2.0208-1.fc37              fedora          361 k
 perl-XML-LibXML-Simple           noarch 1.01-10.fc37                 fedora           33 k
 perl-XML-LibXSLT                 x86_64 2.002.000-3.fc37             fedora           69 k
 perl-XML-NamespaceSupport        noarch 1.12-18.fc37                 fedora           26 k
 perl-XML-Parser                  x86_64 2.46-12.fc37                 fedora          237 k
 perl-XML-SAX                     noarch 1.02-11.fc37                 fedora           64 k
 perl-XML-SAX-Base                noarch 1.09-18.fc37                 fedora           32 k
 perl-XML-Writer                  noarch 0.900-8.fc37                 fedora           34 k
 perl-XML-XPath                   noarch 1.48-2.fc37                  fedora           91 k
 perl-XString                     x86_64 0.005-7.fc37                 fedora           23 k
 perl-autodie                     noarch 2.34-490.fc37                fedora           99 k
 perl-autovivification            x86_64 0.18-17.fc37                 fedora           33 k
 perl-deprecate                   noarch 0.04-492.fc37                fedora           18 k
 perl-encoding                    x86_64 4:3.00-492.fc37              fedora           63 k
 perl-libwww-perl                 noarch 6.67-2.fc37                  fedora          212 k
 perl-locale                      noarch 1.10-492.fc37                fedora           17 k
 perl-meta-notation               noarch 5.36.0-492.fc37              fedora           13 k
 perl-namespace-autoclean         noarch 0.29-13.fc37                 fedora           26 k
 perl-namespace-clean             noarch 0.27-21.fc37                 fedora           35 k
 perl-open                        noarch 1.13-492.fc37                fedora           20 k
 perl-sigtrap                     noarch 1.10-492.fc37                fedora           19 k
 perl-version                     x86_64 8:0.99.29-490.fc37           fedora           63 k
 perltidy                         noarch 20220613-2.fc37              fedora          655 k
 sombok                           x86_64 2.4.0-17.fc37                fedora           47 k
 teckit                           x86_64 2.5.9-9.fc37                 fedora          433 k
 texlive-adjustbox                noarch 9:svn56291-59.fc37           fedora           32 k
 texlive-ae                       noarch 9:svn15878.1.4-59.fc37       fedora          116 k
 texlive-algorithms               noarch 9:svn42428-59.fc37           fedora           23 k
 texlive-alphalph                 noarch 9:svn53087-59.fc37           fedora          361 k
 texlive-amscls                   noarch 9:svn55378-59.fc37           fedora          1.1 M
 texlive-amsfonts                 noarch 9:svn29208.3.04-59.fc37      fedora          3.7 M
 texlive-amsmath                  noarch 9:svn56514-59.fc37           fedora           47 k
 texlive-atbegshi                 noarch 9:svn53051-59.fc37           fedora          409 k
 texlive-attachfile               noarch 9:svn42099-59.fc37           fedora           23 k
 texlive-atveryend                noarch 9:svn53108-59.fc37           fedora          386 k
 texlive-auto-pst-pdf             noarch 9:svn56596-59.fc37           fedora           17 k
 texlive-auxhook                  noarch 9:svn53173-59.fc37           fedora          295 k
 texlive-babel                    noarch 9:svn58999-59.fc37           fedora          444 k
 texlive-babel-english            noarch 9:svn44495-59.fc37           fedora           21 k
 texlive-babelbib                 noarch 9:svn57349-59.fc37           fedora           54 k
 texlive-base                     x86_64 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          2.3 M
 texlive-bera                     noarch 9:svn20031.0-59.fc37         fedora          357 k
 texlive-beton                    noarch 9:svn15878.0-59.fc37         fedora           16 k
 texlive-biblatex                 noarch 9:svn61868-59.fc37           fedora          303 k
 texlive-bibtex                   x86_64 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          451 k
 texlive-bidi                     noarch 9:svn55193-59.fc37           fedora          175 k
 texlive-bigintcalc               noarch 9:svn53172-59.fc37           fedora          466 k
 texlive-bitset                   noarch 9:svn53837-59.fc37           fedora          621 k
 texlive-bookmark                 noarch 9:svn56885-59.fc37           fedora          480 k
 texlive-booktabs                 noarch 9:svn53402-59.fc37           fedora           18 k
 texlive-breakurl                 noarch 9:svn29901.1.40-59.fc37      fedora           17 k
 texlive-caption                  noarch 9:svn56771-59.fc37           fedora           49 k
 texlive-carlisle                 noarch 9:svn56753-59.fc37           fedora           24 k
 texlive-catchfile                noarch 9:svn53084-59.fc37           fedora          308 k
 texlive-changepage               noarch 9:svn15878.1.0c-59.fc37      fedora           20 k
 texlive-cm                       noarch 9:svn57963-59.fc37           fedora          323 k
 texlive-cm-super                 noarch 9:svn15878.0-59.fc37         fedora           62 M
 texlive-collectbox               noarch 9:svn56291-59.fc37           fedora           20 k
 texlive-collection-basic         noarch 9:svn59159-59.fc37           fedora           12 k
 texlive-collection-latex         noarch 9:svn57048-59.fc37           fedora           12 k
 texlive-colorprofiles            noarch 9:svn49086-59.fc37           fedora          147 k
 texlive-colortbl                 noarch 9:svn53545-59.fc37           fedora           18 k
 texlive-csquotes                 noarch 9:svn57844-59.fc37           fedora           36 k
 texlive-ctablestack              noarch 9:svn38514-59.fc37           fedora           18 k
 texlive-currfile                 noarch 9:svn56478-59.fc37           fedora           21 k
 texlive-dehyph                   noarch 9:svn48599-59.fc37           fedora           66 k
 texlive-dvipdfmx                 x86_64 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          3.0 M
 texlive-dvips                    x86_64 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          729 k
 texlive-ec                       noarch 9:svn25033.1.0-59.fc37       fedora          682 k
 texlive-enctex                   noarch 9:svn34957.0-59.fc37         fedora           54 k
 texlive-enumitem                 noarch 9:svn51423-59.fc37           fedora           28 k
 texlive-epstopdf                 noarch 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora           29 k
 texlive-epstopdf-pkg             noarch 9:svn53546-59.fc37           fedora          364 k
 texlive-eso-pic                  noarch 9:svn56658-59.fc37           fedora           20 k
 texlive-etex                     noarch 9:svn56291-59.fc37           fedora           29 k
 texlive-etex-pkg                 noarch 9:svn41784-59.fc37           fedora           17 k
 texlive-etexcmds                 noarch 9:svn53171-59.fc37           fedora          310 k
 texlive-etoolbox                 noarch 9:svn56554-59.fc37           fedora           26 k
 texlive-euenc                    noarch 9:svn19795.0.1h-59.fc37      fedora           22 k
 texlive-euler                    noarch 9:svn42428-59.fc37           fedora           18 k
 texlive-everyshi                 noarch 9:svn57001-59.fc37           fedora          147 k
 texlive-fancyhdr                 noarch 9:svn57672-59.fc37           fedora           20 k
 texlive-fancyvrb                 noarch 9:svn57488-59.fc37           fedora           27 k
 texlive-filecontents             noarch 9:svn52142-59.fc37           fedora           17 k
 texlive-filehook                 noarch 9:svn56479-59.fc37           fedora           23 k
 texlive-filemod                  noarch 9:svn56291-59.fc37           fedora           21 k
 texlive-firstaid                 noarch 9:svn58440-59.fc37           fedora          218 k
 texlive-fix2col                  noarch 9:svn38770-59.fc37           fedora           17 k
 texlive-float                    noarch 9:svn15878.1.3d-59.fc37      fedora           17 k
 texlive-fontspec                 noarch 9:svn56594-59.fc37           fedora           45 k
 texlive-footmisc                 noarch 9:svn23330.5.5b-59.fc37      fedora           23 k
 texlive-fp                       noarch 9:svn49719-59.fc37           fedora           36 k
 texlive-geometry                 noarch 9:svn54080-59.fc37           fedora           23 k
 texlive-gettitlestring           noarch 9:svn53170-59.fc37           fedora          328 k
 texlive-gincltex                 noarch 9:svn56291-59.fc37           fedora           19 k
 texlive-glyphlist                noarch 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora           38 k
 texlive-graphics                 noarch 9:svn56514-59.fc37           fedora           39 k
 texlive-graphics-cfg             noarch 9:svn41448-59.fc37           fedora           13 k
 texlive-graphics-def             noarch 9:svn58539-59.fc37           fedora           29 k
 texlive-grfext                   noarch 9:svn53024-59.fc37           fedora          318 k
 texlive-grffile                  noarch 9:svn52756-59.fc37           fedora          361 k
 texlive-gsftopk                  x86_64 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora           35 k
 texlive-hobsub                   noarch 9:svn52810-59.fc37           fedora           78 k
 texlive-hologo                   noarch 9:svn53048-59.fc37           fedora          563 k
 texlive-hopatch                  noarch 9:svn56106-59.fc37           fedora          313 k
 texlive-hycolor                  noarch 9:svn53584-59.fc37           fedora          384 k
 texlive-hyperref                 noarch 9:svn58024-59.fc37           fedora          120 k
 texlive-hyph-utf8                noarch 9:svn58619-59.fc37           fedora           30 k
 texlive-hyphen-base              noarch 9:svn58630-59.fc37           fedora           34 k
 texlive-hyphenex                 noarch 9:svn57387-59.fc37           fedora           20 k
 texlive-ifmtarg                  noarch 9:svn47544-59.fc37           fedora           15 k
 texlive-ifoddpage                noarch 9:svn56291-59.fc37           fedora           19 k
 texlive-ifplatform               noarch 9:svn45533-59.fc37           fedora           17 k
 texlive-iftex                    noarch 9:svn56594-59.fc37           fedora           21 k
 texlive-index                    noarch 9:svn24099.4.1beta-59.fc37   fedora           23 k
 texlive-infwarerr                noarch 9:svn53023-59.fc37           fedora          295 k
 texlive-intcalc                  noarch 9:svn53168-59.fc37           fedora          432 k
 texlive-kastrup                  noarch 9:svn15878.0-59.fc37         fedora           13 k
 texlive-knuth-lib                noarch 9:svn57963-59.fc37           fedora           53 k
 texlive-knuth-local              noarch 9:svn57963-59.fc37           fedora           46 k
 texlive-koma-script              noarch 9:svn58585-59.fc37           fedora          6.0 M
 texlive-kpathsea                 x86_64 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          1.1 M
 texlive-kvdefinekeys             noarch 9:svn53193-59.fc37           fedora          306 k
 texlive-kvoptions                noarch 9:svn56609-59.fc37           fedora          481 k
 texlive-kvsetkeys                noarch 9:svn53166-59.fc37           fedora          381 k
 texlive-l3backend                noarch 9:svn59118-59.fc37           fedora          852 k
 texlive-l3kernel                 noarch 9:svn59118-59.fc37           fedora          195 k
 texlive-l3packages               noarch 9:svn59118-59.fc37           fedora           41 k
 texlive-latex                    noarch 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora           22 M
 texlive-latex-fonts              noarch 9:svn28888.0-59.fc37         fedora           50 k
 texlive-latexconfig              noarch 9:svn53525-59.fc37           fedora           16 k
 texlive-letltxmacro              noarch 9:svn53022-59.fc37           fedora          300 k
 texlive-listings                 noarch 9:svn55265-59.fc37           fedora          167 k
 texlive-lm                       noarch 9:svn58637-59.fc37           fedora           12 M
 texlive-lm-math                  noarch 9:svn36915.1.959-59.fc37     fedora          448 k
 texlive-logreq                   noarch 9:svn53003-59.fc37           fedora           21 k
 texlive-ltxcmds                  noarch 9:svn56421-59.fc37           fedora          400 k
 texlive-ltxmisc                  noarch 9:svn21927.0-59.fc37         fedora           28 k
 texlive-lua-alt-getopt           noarch 9:svn56414-59.fc37           fedora           13 k
 texlive-luabidi                  noarch 9:svn54512-59.fc37           fedora           20 k
 texlive-luahbtex                 x86_64 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          2.0 M
 texlive-lualatex-math            noarch 9:svn56541-59.fc37           fedora           21 k
 texlive-lualibs                  noarch 9:svn57277-59.fc37           fedora          151 k
 texlive-luaotfload               noarch 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          1.2 M
 texlive-luatex                   x86_64 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          3.8 M
 texlive-luatexbase               noarch 9:svn52663-59.fc37           fedora           16 k
 texlive-makecmds                 noarch 9:svn15878.0-59.fc37         fedora           16 k
 texlive-makeindex                x86_64 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          435 k
 texlive-marginnote               noarch 9:svn48383-59.fc37           fedora           18 k
 texlive-marvosym                 noarch 9:svn29349.2.2a-59.fc37      fedora          147 k
 texlive-memoir                   noarch 9:svn58666-59.fc37           fedora           94 k
 texlive-metafont                 x86_64 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          264 k
 texlive-mflogo                   noarch 9:svn42428-59.fc37           fedora           17 k
 texlive-mfnfss                   noarch 9:svn46036-59.fc37           fedora           17 k
 texlive-mfware                   x86_64 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          100 k
 texlive-minitoc                  noarch 9:svn48196-59.fc37           fedora          122 k
 texlive-modes                    noarch 9:svn56303-59.fc37           fedora          306 k
 texlive-mparhack                 noarch 9:svn59066-59.fc37           fedora           18 k
 texlive-mptopdf                  noarch 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora           52 k
 texlive-ms                       noarch 9:svn57473-59.fc37           fedora           18 k
 texlive-multido                  noarch 9:svn18302.1.42-59.fc37      fedora           18 k
 texlive-natbib                   noarch 9:svn20668.8.31b-59.fc37     fedora           31 k
 texlive-notoccite                noarch 9:svn18129.0-59.fc37         fedora           13 k
 texlive-oberdiek                 noarch 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          8.6 M
 texlive-pagesel                  noarch 9:svn56105-59.fc37           fedora          341 k
 texlive-paralist                 noarch 9:svn43021-59.fc37           fedora           18 k
 texlive-parallel                 noarch 9:svn15878.0-59.fc37         fedora           18 k
 texlive-pdfcolmk                 noarch 9:svn52912-59.fc37           fedora           19 k
 texlive-pdfescape                noarch 9:svn53082-59.fc37           fedora          353 k
 texlive-pdftex                   x86_64 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          2.0 M
 texlive-pdftexcmds               noarch 9:svn55777-59.fc37           fedora          391 k
 texlive-pgf                      noarch 9:svn57240-59.fc37           fedora          902 k
 texlive-picture                  noarch 9:svn54867-59.fc37           fedora          313 k
 texlive-placeins                 noarch 9:svn19848.2.2-59.fc37       fedora           14 k
 texlive-plain                    noarch 9:svn57963-59.fc37           fedora           48 k
 texlive-polyglossia              noarch 9:svn58869-59.fc37           fedora          212 k
 texlive-pslatex                  noarch 9:svn57434-59.fc37           fedora           23 k
 texlive-psnfss                   noarch 9:svn54694-59.fc37           fedora           60 k
 texlive-pspicture                noarch 9:svn15878.0-59.fc37         fedora           16 k
 texlive-pst-3d                   noarch 9:svn17257.1.10-59.fc37      fedora           18 k
 texlive-pst-coil                 noarch 9:svn37377.1.07-59.fc37      fedora           19 k
 texlive-pst-eps                  noarch 9:svn15878.1.0-59.fc37       fedora           18 k
 texlive-pst-fill                 noarch 9:svn15878.1.01-59.fc37      fedora           18 k
 texlive-pst-grad                 noarch 9:svn15878.1.06-59.fc37      fedora           19 k
 texlive-pst-math                 noarch 9:svn49425-59.fc37           fedora           20 k
 texlive-pst-node                 noarch 9:svn54687-59.fc37           fedora           41 k
 texlive-pst-ovl                  noarch 9:svn54963-59.fc37           fedora           17 k
 texlive-pst-plot                 noarch 9:svn54080-59.fc37           fedora           37 k
 texlive-pst-text                 noarch 9:svn49542-59.fc37           fedora           19 k
 texlive-pst-tools                noarch 9:svn54518-59.fc37           fedora           21 k
 texlive-pst-tree                 noarch 9:svn43272-59.fc37           fedora           21 k
 texlive-pstricks                 noarch 9:svn58371-59.fc37           fedora          104 k
 texlive-pstricks-add             noarch 9:svn53763-59.fc37           fedora           36 k
 texlive-qstest                   noarch 9:svn15878.0-59.fc37         fedora           20 k
 texlive-ragged2e                 noarch 9:svn57638-59.fc37           fedora          664 k
 texlive-refcount                 noarch 9:svn53164-59.fc37           fedora          335 k
 texlive-rerunfilecheck           noarch 9:svn54841-59.fc37           fedora          324 k
 texlive-sauerj                   noarch 9:svn15878.0-59.fc37         fedora           20 k
 texlive-setspace                 noarch 9:svn24881.6.7a-59.fc37      fedora           19 k
 texlive-showexpl                 noarch 9:svn57414-59.fc37           fedora           18 k
 texlive-soul                     noarch 9:svn56495-59.fc37           fedora           20 k
 texlive-stringenc                noarch 9:svn52982-59.fc37           fedora          703 k
 texlive-subfig                   noarch 9:svn15878.1.3-59.fc37       fedora           22 k
 texlive-svn-prov                 noarch 9:svn56291-59.fc37           fedora           17 k
 texlive-symbol                   noarch 9:svn31835.0-59.fc37         fedora           55 k
 texlive-tex                      x86_64 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          210 k
 texlive-tex-ini-files            noarch 9:svn40533-59.fc37           fedora           16 k
 texlive-texlive-common-doc       noarch 9:svn54176-59.fc37           fedora          106 k
 texlive-texlive-en               noarch 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          1.9 M
 texlive-texlive-msg-translations noarch 9:svn59096-59.fc37           fedora          162 k
 texlive-texlive-scripts          noarch 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          116 k
 texlive-texlive.infra            noarch 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          289 k
 texlive-thumbpdf                 noarch 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora           40 k
 texlive-tipa                     noarch 9:svn29349.1.3-59.fc37       fedora          2.8 M
 texlive-titlesec                 noarch 9:svn52413-59.fc37           fedora           34 k
 texlive-tools                    noarch 9:svn56514-59.fc37           fedora           73 k
 texlive-ucharcat                 noarch 9:svn38907-59.fc37           fedora           16 k
 texlive-underscore               noarch 9:svn18261.0-59.fc37         fedora           19 k
 texlive-unicode-data             noarch 9:svn56768-59.fc37           fedora          360 k
 texlive-unicode-math             noarch 9:svn56594-59.fc37           fedora           64 k
 texlive-uniquecounter            noarch 9:svn53162-59.fc37           fedora          301 k
 texlive-url                      noarch 9:svn32528.3.4-59.fc37       fedora           20 k
 texlive-varwidth                 noarch 9:svn24104.0.92-59.fc37      fedora           18 k
 texlive-xcolor                   noarch 9:svn41044-59.fc37           fedora           33 k
 texlive-xdvi                     x86_64 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          354 k
 texlive-xetex                    x86_64 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          1.2 M
 texlive-xetexconfig              noarch 9:svn45845-59.fc37           fedora           12 k
 texlive-xifthen                  noarch 9:svn38929-59.fc37           fedora           17 k
 texlive-xkeyval                  noarch 9:svn57006-59.fc37           fedora           27 k
 texlive-xpatch                   noarch 9:svn54563-59.fc37           fedora           19 k
 texlive-xstring                  noarch 9:svn49946-59.fc37           fedora           26 k
 texlive-xunicode                 noarch 9:svn30466.0.981-59.fc37     fedora           45 k
 texlive-zapfding                 noarch 9:svn31835.0-59.fc37         fedora           65 k
 texlive-zref                     noarch 9:svn56611-59.fc37           fedora          671 k
 zziplib                          x86_64 0.13.72-2.fc37               fedora           86 k
Installing weak dependencies:
 perl-Class-XSAccessor            x86_64 1.19-28.fc37                 fedora           47 k
 perl-GD-Barcode                  noarch 1.15-42.fc37                 fedora          631 k
 perl-IO-Compress-Brotli          x86_64 0.004001-6.fc37              fedora           27 k
 perl-List-MoreUtils              noarch 0.430-7.fc37                 fedora           63 k
 perl-PerlIO-utf8_strict          x86_64 0.009-4.fc37                 fedora           26 k
 texlive-dvipng                   x86_64 9:20210325-52.fc37           fedora          316 k
 texlive-scheme-basic             noarch 9:svn54191-59.fc37           fedora           11 k
 texlive-standalone               noarch 9:svn56291-59.fc37           fedora           30 k

Transaction Summary
Install  392 Packages
Upgrade    3 Packages

Total download size: 182 M
Is this ok [y/N]: 

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

Comment 1 Luya Tshimbalanga 2022-11-02 07:38:27 UTC
It looks like help2man brought dependencies like:
perl-Class-XSAccessor            x86_64 1.19-28.fc37                 fedora           47 k
 perl-GD-Barcode                  noarch 1.15-42.fc37                 fedora          631 k
 perl-IO-Compress-Brotli          x86_64 0.004001-6.fc37              fedora           27 k
 perl-List-MoreUtils              noarch 0.430-7.fc37                 fedora           63 k

texlive were always a big mess in term of dependency as koeschi showed xournal-1.1.1 was build in very similar fashion. See https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=93217064 and also https://koschei.fedoraproject.org/package/xournalpp?collection=f37

Comment 2 Kamil Páral 2022-11-02 07:52:22 UTC
I have xournalpp-1.1.1 on disk and I don't have those deps installed. So it has to be a new change. The only commit that occurred is this one:

And the suspicious change seems to be this:
> + Recommends:     texlive-scheme-basic
> + Recommends:     texlive-dvipng      
> + Recommends:     texlive-standalone

And if I disable weak deps, the update no longer pulls in 400 packages:

$ sudo dnf update xournalpp --setopt install_weak_deps=False
Last metadata expiration check: 1:17:47 ago on St 2. listopadu 2022, 07:31:28.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package             Arch     Version          Repository         Size
 xournalpp           x86_64   1.1.2-1.fc37     updates-testing   1.1 M
 xournalpp-plugins   noarch   1.1.2-1.fc37     updates-testing    17 k
 xournalpp-ui        noarch   1.1.2-1.fc37     updates-testing   122 k

Transaction Summary
Upgrade  3 Packages

Total download size: 1.3 M
Is this ok [y/N]:

It really seems to be about that commit above. So the remaining question is whether the change is supposed to do the above, install hundreds of texlive packages? I see that xournalpp supports adding a TeX text, I found it in the menu. So I guess this is all intended?

Comment 3 Luya Tshimbalanga 2022-11-03 08:56:26 UTC
Yes, it is. Maybe replacing Recommends by Enhances help?

Comment 4 Kamil Páral 2022-11-07 11:42:18 UTC
Sigh, no, I guess this is the correct way. I'm unhappy that it pulls so much, but it's a weak dep, so I can exclude it if I want. And since it supports TeX in the menu, it should most probably pull the requirements by default. Thanks for info.

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