Bug 663958 - [UI]: Several usability problems in the new UI
Summary: [UI]: Several usability problems in the new UI
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Product: CloudForms Cloud Engine
Classification: Retired
Component: aeolus-conductor
Version: 0.3.1
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Target Milestone: rc
Assignee: Jozef Zigmund
QA Contact: wes hayutin
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Reported: 2010-12-17 14:06 UTC by Chris Lalancette
Modified: 2011-12-08 14:12 UTC (History)
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Last Closed: 2011-06-14 15:54:09 UTC

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Description Chris Lalancette 2010-12-17 14:06:22 UTC
Description of problem:
There are a few UI problems in the old UI that are preventing it from really being useful.  I understand that the focus is now on the new UI, but it would be good to maintain the old UI working while the new one is taking shape.  I'll just file this one bug, and list the problems that I am seeing.

1)  On initial login, you are redirected to the "account" page instead of the dashboard.  This is not a huge deal, but it is confusing and also pops up one of the "flash" messages that says "You must be logged out to access this page".  That's odd because I just logged in.

2)  Redirects in several places are broken.  For instance, if I add a new provider and then click "Save" (or Submit, I don't remember what the button is called), it actually saves the provider to the database, but then redirects me to a blank screen.  Similar things happen when adding provider details, when adding a template, when launching an instance, etc.  Some of these also give bogus error messages about the action failing, even when it succeeded.

3)  When creating a template, it is no longer possible to add additional packages to the template.  I can click on the buttons to add the software, and it seems to do things, but the packages I selected do not end up on the screen, nor in the database.

4)  When I launch a build, it gives an error message about "this build is already in progress", even though it is not.  Refreshing the page shows that the build is successfully started, so the error message is bogus.

Of these problems, 2) and 3) are the most serious in my opinion; they make the UI very difficult to use, and in the case of 3), not possible to test certain backend bits via the UI.  So I would say that those are the 2 to tackle first.

Comment 1 Tomas Sedovic 2010-12-20 10:06:45 UTC
I looked this and here are my immediate observations:

I cannot repro 1) and 2) at all.

For 3) when I select the packages press the "Add Selected" button, I get the "Adding Packages" message. It disappears in a second and nothing happens.

The strange thing is that I get the same behaviour when I do this on the code before the switch to the new UI, too. I checked out the commit "f32240cffad594c7bddeec539817a1707ddbaae5" and I can't add the new packages there either.

I suspect there's something wrong with my setup wrt the packages. And it looks like something on your end interferes with the UI switch that doesn't affect me. A shot in the dark: could it be a caching collision? They're known to do really weird stuff.

If you have Chromium/Chrome, could you please try it all again using the Incognito mode?

I tested this using the mock driver so I couldn't try launching the build.

I guess we should hook up on the IRC and try to solve it there.

Comment 2 wes hayutin 2010-12-20 14:04:08 UTC
3)  When creating a template, it is no longer possible to add additional
packages to the template.  I can click on the buttons to add the software, and
it seems to do things, but the packages I selected do not end up on the screen,
nor in the database.

Regarding this issue.. You can not add packages or groups from the initial list of groups.  To be more specific if you click "Collections" you are unable to check anything.

However.. if you click into specific collections, like "System" for instance, then you can select groups and packages and everything behaves normally.

Comment 3 Tomas Sedovic 2010-12-20 16:55:49 UTC
Thanks Wes

When I selected the System category and then selected and added the packages, it worked fine (with the latest code on `next`).

Comment 4 Mike Orazi 2010-12-21 22:33:07 UTC
Some additional info on #2:

-  Could reproduce via rpm install through http://<host>/deltacloud/...
-  Could reproduce via rpm install through http://<host>:3000/deltacloud/... (bypass any proxy issues introduced by apache)
-  Could NOT reproduce if I turn off deltacloud-aggregator service && git checkout master of aggregator && run via script/server

This initially led me to think there was an issue with our thin setup.  

A bit more investigation led me to discover that that if I manually update rack-restful_submit to 1.1.2 and restart the server.  This made all 3 ways of starting the server work as expected.

It is probably worth rpm-ifying the newer version of rack-restful_submit and getting it into the repos to retest at least issue #2.

Comment 5 Tomas Sedovic 2010-12-22 13:55:02 UTC
Thanks for your info, Mike!

I'm assigning this to Jozef Zigmund who did the RPM packaging of the rack-restful_submit gem.

Comment 6 Angus Thomas 2011-05-11 10:06:38 UTC
rubygem-rack-restful_submit-1.1.2 is included in the current conductor release.

Comment 7 wes hayutin 2011-06-14 15:54:09 UTC
closing out old bugs that dev has not addressed :(

Comment 8 wes hayutin 2011-12-08 14:12:14 UTC
perm close

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