Bug 109656 - missing schema include with default installed slapd.conf
Summary: missing schema include with default installed slapd.conf
Alias: None
Product: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
Classification: Red Hat
Component: openldap
Version: 3.0
Hardware: All
OS: Linux
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: Jan Safranek
QA Contact: Jay Turner
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Reported: 2003-11-10 18:54 UTC by David Carrigan
Modified: 2015-01-08 00:06 UTC (History)
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Last Closed: 2007-10-19 19:33:11 UTC

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Description David Carrigan 2003-11-10 18:54:49 UTC
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Description of problem:
When converting the /etc/{passwd,group,aliases} files, slapadd fails
when given the resulting ldif.file file for input. The file name
"ldif.file" is, here, arbitrary and used to identify the output from
The offending attribute is "mailRecipient", as supplied by
migrate_passwd.pl, where it should be "inetLocalMailRecipient."
While this is *one* issue, the default installed "slapd.conf" file is
missing an "include" statement pointing to
/etc/openldap/schema/misc.schema which defines the correct
"inetLocalMailRecipient" attribute... and it is the combination of both
the incorrect attribute, and missing include of the misc.schema that
results in a slapadd error related to the "inability" to parse the
"rfc822MailMember," and the LDAP database is not built. (See error
excerpt below)

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Install openldap-servers, in addition to nss_ldap, and openldap
2. Run '/usr/share/openldap/migration/migrate_base.pl >/tmp/ldif.file'
3. Run '[...]/migrate_passwd.pl /etc/passwd >> /tmp/ldif.file'
4. Same as 3., but replace passwd with group, hosts and aliases.
5. Run `/usr/sbin/slapadd -v -d3 -l /tmp/ldif.file &> /tmp/slapadd.out
6. View last 60 lines of /tmp/slapadd.out for error listed below

Actual Results:  Undefined attribute "type" encountered, LDAP database
not created.

Expected Results:  LDAP database created from user, group and mail
aliases as configured
on the system.

Additional info:

NB-The /etc/openldap/slapd.conf and
/usr/share/openldap/migration/migrate_common.ph files were edited to
define the BaseDN and "DEFAULT_MAIL_DOMAIN"... omitted from the steps
as these were not in play.

Excerpt from slapadd output:
<= str2entry: str2ad(rfc822MailMember): attribute type undefined
slapadd: could not parse entry (line=2105)

Comment 1 David Carrigan 2003-11-10 23:55:40 UTC
After digging through the migration scripts, and schemas, it seems
this issue is mostly concerning the migration of mail aliases. Line 73
of the /usr/share/openldap/migration/migrate_aliases.pl script
calls `print $HANDLE "rfc822MailMember: $_\n";' While this attribute
type is defined in /etc/openldap/schema/misc.schema, this schema
configuration file *also* states its contents are experimental(!)...

With the mere inclusion of the misc.schema pointer in slapd.conf,
the aliases entries are added to the LDAP database without error.

ldapsearch -LL -H ldap://localhost -b"dc=lala,dc=to" -x \

...brings up a healthy list of mail aliases where cn="alias" and
rfc822MailMember="user". The objectClass is nisMailAlias.

If the "misc.schema" is not a default include in slapd.conf, then
the creation of mail aliases from the local /etc/aliases file will
fail. That there indeed need be an attribute type "rfc822MailMember"
to have a functional LDAP service to mail servers seems dependent on
the server(sendmail,exim,postfix). This schema, however experimental,
seems the only one to define it.

Aside from that, the migration script for passwd should have the
"mailRecipient" replaced with "inetLocalMailRecipient" but only
really neccessary when DEFAULT_MAIL_HOST or EXTENDED_SCHEMA are set.

Comment 2 Kenneth Porter 2005-05-26 03:17:29 UTC
The attribute is fixed in the current version (46) of the migration tools
(http://www.padl.com/OSS/MigrationTools.html). Rawhide bundles version 45.

Comment 3 Zak Brown 2006-01-17 18:34:24 UTC
Unable to use migration scripts on RHES3 update 6.

Following the instructions listed above I downloaded the new Migration tools
from padl.com.  I also added the misc.scripts include to slapd.conf.

Here're the results that I get now:

[root@central1 MigrationTools-46]# ./migrate_all_offline.sh
Creating naming context entries...
Migrating aliases...
Migrating groups...
Migrating hosts...
Migrating networks...
Migrating users...
Migrating protocols...
Migrating rpcs...
Migrating services...
Migrating netgroups...
Importing into LDAP...
Migrating netgroups (by user)...
Migrating netgroups (by host)...
Preparing LDAP database...
slapadd: could not add entry dn="dc=insiderpages,dc=com" (line=5)
Migration failed: saving failed LDIF to /tmp/nis.4759.ldif

If I add "-v -d 3" to the slapadd command line within the migrate_offline script
I get the following:

added: "cn=zip,ou=Services,dc=insiderpages,dc=com" (00000192)
=> str2entry
<= str2entry(cn=echo,ou=Services,dc=insiderpages,dc=com) -> -1 (0x8950ed8)
oc_check_required entry (cn=echo,ou=Services,dc=insiderpages,dc=com),
objectClass "ipService"
oc_check_required entry (cn=echo,ou=Services,dc=insiderpages,dc=com),
objectClass "top"
oc_check_allowed type "objectClass"
oc_check_allowed type "ipServicePort"
oc_check_allowed type "ipServiceProtocol"
oc_check_allowed type "cn"
=> ldbm_tool_entry_put( 403, "cn=echo,ou=Services,dc=insiderpages,dc=com" )
=> ldbm_cache_open( "dn2id.dbb", 9, 600 )
<= ldbm_cache_open (cache 2)
<= dn2id 400
<= ldbm_tool_entry_put: "CN=ECHO,OU=SERVICES,DC=INSIDERPAGES,DC=COM" already
exists (id=400)
slapadd: could not add entry dn="cn=echo,ou=Services,dc=insiderpages,dc=com"
=> ldbm_cache_open( "nextid.dbb", 9, 600 )
<= ldbm_cache_open (cache 1)
slapadd shutdown: initiated
ldbm backend syncing
ldbm flushing db (id2entry.dbb)
ldbm closing db (id2entry.dbb)
ldbm flushing db (nextid.dbb)
ldbm closing db (nextid.dbb)
ldbm flushing db (dn2id.dbb)
ldbm closing db (dn2id.dbb)
ldbm flushing db (objectClass.dbb)
ldbm closing db (objectClass.dbb)
ldbm flushing db (cn.dbb)
ldbm closing db (cn.dbb)
ldbm flushing db (gidNumber.dbb)
ldbm closing db (gidNumber.dbb)
ldbm flushing db (memberUid.dbb)
ldbm closing db (memberUid.dbb)
ldbm flushing db (uid.dbb)
ldbm closing db (uid.dbb)
ldbm flushing db (uidNumber.dbb)
ldbm closing db (uidNumber.dbb)
ldbm backend done syncing
====> cache_release_all
slapadd shutdown: freeing system resources.
Migration failed: saving failed LDIF to /tmp/nis.4953.ldif

I then commented out the following line in /etc/services
echo           4/ddp                           # AppleTalk Echo Protocol

And the script ran successfully.

Perhaps this should be in a different bug, but this was the closest one I could

Comment 4 RHEL Product and Program Management 2007-10-19 19:33:11 UTC
This bug is filed against RHEL 3, which is in maintenance phase.
During the maintenance phase, only security errata and select mission
critical bug fixes will be released for enterprise products. Since
this bug does not meet that criteria, it is now being closed.
For more information of the RHEL errata support policy, please visit:
If you feel this bug is indeed mission critical, please contact your
support representative. You may be asked to provide detailed
information on how this bug is affecting you.

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