Bug 1326 - Impossible to upgrade util-linux
Summary: Impossible to upgrade util-linux
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Product: Red Hat Linux
Classification: Retired
Component: util-linux
Version: 5.2
Hardware: i386
OS: Linux
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Assignee: Crutcher Dunnavant
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Reported: 1999-02-25 14:18 UTC by p929001
Modified: 2008-05-01 15:37 UTC (History)
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Last Closed: 1999-03-25 00:16:35 UTC

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Description p929001 1999-02-25 14:18:52 UTC
I have been trying to upgrade to util-linux-2.8-11, but I
keep getting

# rpm -U util-linux-2.8-11.i386.rpm
unpacking of archive failed on file /bin/login: -2147483639:
Operation not permitted
error: util-linux-2.8-11.i386.rpm cannot be installed

I am doing this as root, of course. I have tried chmod'ing
and rm'ing /bin/login, but this is impossible, also in
single user mode and when booting from the boot disk in
rescue mode and subsequently mounting the hard disk volume.

The permissions for /bin/login are:

-rws--x--x   1 root root252040 Oct 23 1997 /bin/login*

Please write me if you need further infomartion

Comment 1 David Lawrence 1999-02-25 21:01:59 UTC
Sounds like the rpm package update may be corrupt. Try obtaining
another copy and running

rpm -K <package name>

and that will tell you if the package tranferred correctly.

Comment 2 p929001 1999-02-26 11:04:59 UTC
The result was:

# rpm -K util-linux-2.8-11.i386.rpm
util-linux-2.8-11.i386.rpm: size (PGP) md5 OK (MISSING KEYS)

I'm not very familiar with PGP; this may be the reason for the missing
keys. Anyway, this new copy gives the same result as the old one.

Comment 3 Jeff Johnson 1999-03-11 20:08:59 UTC
Usually these erros are "Out of disk space". If you upgrade
to a later version of rpm (2.5.7) from rpm.redhat.com you
should get a decoded text message of -2147483639

------- Additional Comments From   03/16/99 09:16 -------
I am not out of disk space; I have approx. 176 MB free.
rpm.redhat.com only had version 2.5.6, but it changed the error

unpacking of archive failed on file /bin/login: cpio: unlink failed -
Operation not permitted
error: util-linux-2.8-11.i386.rpm cannot be installed

Using the -vv option gave:

# rpm -vv -U util-linux-2.8-11.i386.rpm
D: counting packages to install
D: found 1 packages
D: looking for packages to download
D: retrieved 0 packages
D: finding source and binary packages
D: New Header signature
D: Signature size: 236
D: Signature pad : 4
D: sigsize         : 240
D: Header + Archive: 310635
D: expected size   : 310635
D: found 0 source and 1 binary packages
D: opening database mode: 0102
D: opening database in //var/lib/rpm/
D: dependencies: looking for pam
D: dependencies: looking for ld-linux.so.2
D: dependencies: looking for libc.so.6
D: dependencies: looking for libcrypt.so.1
D: dependencies: looking for libdl.so.2
D: dependencies: looking for libm.so.6
D: dependencies: looking for libncurses.so.4
D: dependencies: looking for libpam.so.0
D: dependencies: looking for libpam_misc.so.0
D: dependencies: looking for libslang.so.0
D: dependencies: looking for libtermcap.so.2
D: installing binary packages
Installing util-linux-2.8-11.i386.rpm
D: New Header signature
D: Signature size: 236
D: Signature pad : 4
D: sigsize         : 240
D: Header + Archive: 310635
D: expected size   : 310635
D: package: util-linux-2.8-11 files test = 0
D: running preinstall script (if any)
unpacking of archive failed on file /bin/login: cpio: unlink failed -
Operation not permitted
error: util-linux-2.8-11.i386.rpm cannot be

------- Additional Comments From   03/18/99 04:54 -------
I tried another approach:

# rpm2cpio ~/temp/util-linux-2.8-11.i386.rpm | cpio
-i --unconditional
cpio: cannot remove current bin/login: Operation not permitted
1537 blocks

This indicates to me that this is not an rpm problem, but something
that in general prevents me from modifying /bin/login. The permissions
for /bin/ login are (still)

-rws--x--x   1 root     root       252040 Oct 23  1997 /bin/login

The size is way too large. If I unpack bin/login to another directory,
the size is only 15284 bytes. The permissions are the same. I have
also tried to remove /bin/login manually, this gives

# rm -v login
removing login
rm: cannot unlink `login': Operation not permitted

Running fsck un the unmounted /dev/hda2 (where the root filesystem
resides) did not help.

Is it possible that my system has been hacked, and the login program
changed to capture my passwords?

Comment 4 sjw 1999-03-18 19:01:59 UTC
That file is way too large. Looks like a hack is a possiblity you may
want to consider. But, there might just be some kind of system
problem. Reboot using a boot disk, mount up the drive, and try to
remove it there. If it still won't remove, it's a disk problem.

Also, be sure to put another copy of login back in there before you
reboot again. Or you may not be too happy. :-)

------- Additional Comments From   03/19/99 03:49 -------
I already tried booting from a boot disk, mounting and rm'ing (cf. the
original bug report), so that's not it. So it is a system problem?

Comment 5 Jeff Johnson 1999-03-25 00:16:59 UTC
Boot to single user amd delete the file.
You might also look at chattr(1) which may be
what is preventing you from removing/chaanging the file.

This is not a util-linux problem.

------- Additional Comments From   04/07/99 07:22 -------
I have booted to single user mode before; that dit not help. However,
lsattr showed that /bin/login had the "a" attribute set. I have no
idea why. Anyway, using chattr I removed this attribute and deleted
(or rather, moved for future reference) /bin/login. After that, I
could install util-linux without problems. In other words, the problem
was my lack of knowledge about these 'hidden' attributes.

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