Bug 1427880 - perl-SDL-2.546-7.fc27 FTBFS: 'Pixel blitted from one surface to another' t/sdlx_surface.t test fails on PowerPC
Summary: perl-SDL-2.546-7.fc27 FTBFS: 'Pixel blitted from one surface to another' t/sd...
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Product: Fedora
Classification: Fedora
Component: SDL
Version: rawhide
Hardware: ppc64
OS: Unspecified
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: Petr Pisar
QA Contact: Fedora Extras Quality Assurance
URL: https://apps.fedoraproject.org/kosche...
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Reported: 2017-03-01 12:57 UTC by Petr Pisar
Modified: 2017-07-25 15:24 UTC (History)
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Fixed In Version: SDL-1.2.15-25.fc27
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Last Closed: 2017-07-25 15:24:03 UTC
Type: Bug

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Description Petr Pisar 2017-03-01 12:57:02 UTC
perl-SDL-2.546-7.fc27 fails to build in F27 on 64-bit PowerPC because a test fails:

t/sdlx_sprite_animated.t ........ ok
#   Failed test 'Pixel blitted from one surface to another'
#   at t/sdlx_surface.t line 83.
#          got: '0'
#     expected: anything else
# Looks like you failed 1 test of 221.
t/sdlx_surface.t ................ 
Dubious, test returned 1 (wstat 256, 0x100)
Failed 1/221 subtests 

A difference between working and failing build root is:

        SDL_gfx-devel 	2.0.25-4.fc24 	> 	2.0.25-5.fc26
	SDL_Pango-devel 	0.1.2-22.fc24 	> 	0.1.2-23.fc26
	SDL_image-devel 	1.2.12-14.fc24 	> 	1.2.12-15.fc26
	SDL_net-devel 	1.2.8-8.fc24 	> 	1.2.8-9.fc26
	SDL_ttf-devel 	2.0.11-8.fc24 	> 	2.0.11-9.fc26
	SDL_mixer-devel 	1.2.12-11.fc24 	> 	1.2.12-12.fc26
	SDL-devel 	1.2.15-23.fc26 	> 	1.2.15-24.fc26
	SDL_Pango 	0.1.2-22.fc24 	> 	0.1.2-23.fc26
	libacl 	2.2.52-12.fc26 	> 	2.2.52-13.fc26
	bash 	4.4.11-1.fc26 	> 	4.4.11-2.fc26
	perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib 	2.071-2.fc26 	> 	2.072-1.fc26
	ncurses 	6.0-6.20160709.fc25 	> 	6.0-8.20170212.fc26
	SDL_gfx 	2.0.25-4.fc24 	> 	2.0.25-5.fc26
	SDL_mixer 	1.2.12-11.fc24 	> 	1.2.12-12.fc26
	SDL_image 	1.2.12-14.fc24 	> 	1.2.12-15.fc26
	SDL_net 	1.2.8-8.fc24 	> 	1.2.8-9.fc26
	libattr 	2.4.47-17.fc26 	> 	2.4.47-18.fc26
	mesa-libGL-devel 	17.0.0-0.6.rc3.fc26 	> 	17.0.0-1.fc26
	SDL_ttf 	2.0.11-8.fc24 	> 	2.0.11-9.fc26
	glib2 	2.51.0-2.fc26 	> 	2.51.2-1.fc26
	mesa-libglapi 	17.0.0-0.6.rc3.fc26 	> 	17.0.0-1.fc26
	libstdc++ 	7.0.1-0.7.fc26 	> 	7.0.1-0.8.fc26
	SDL 	1.2.15-23.fc26 	> 	1.2.15-24.fc26
	glib2-devel 	2.51.0-2.fc26 	> 	2.51.2-1.fc26
	libgcc 	7.0.1-0.7.fc26 	> 	7.0.1-0.8.fc26
	nss-softokn-freebl 	3.29.0-2.fc26 	< 	3.28.1-2.fc26
	pulseaudio-libs-devel 	10.0-2.fc26 	> 	10.0-4.fc26
	ncurses-libs 	6.0-6.20160709.fc25 	> 	6.0-8.20170212.fc26
	alsa-lib-devel 	1.1.3-1.fc26 	> 	1.1.3-2.fc26
	mesa-libGL 	17.0.0-0.6.rc3.fc26 	> 	17.0.0-1.fc26
	crypto-policies 	20161111-1.gita2363ce.... 	> 	20170214-1.gitf3018dd....
	ca-certificates 	2017.2.11-3.fc26 	> 	2017.2.11-4.fc26
	pulseaudio-libs 	10.0-2.fc26 	> 	10.0-4.fc26
	alsa-lib 	1.1.3-1.fc26 	> 	1.1.3-2.fc26
	jack-audio-connection-kit 	1.9.10-6.fc26 	> 	1.9.10-8.fc26
	mesa-libEGL-devel 	17.0.0-0.6.rc3.fc26 	> 	17.0.0-1.fc26
	automake 	1.15-8.fc26 	> 	1.15-9.fc26
	aajohan-comfortaa-fonts 	2.004-6.fc24 	> 	2.004-7.fc26
	ncurses-base 	6.0-6.20160709.fc25 	> 	6.0-8.20170212.fc26
	kernel-headers 	4.10.0-0.rc7.git4.1.... 	> 	4.10.0-0.rc8.git0.1....
	pulseaudio-libs-glib2 	10.0-2.fc26 	> 	10.0-4.fc26
	perl-Math-BigInt 	1.9998.08-1.fc26 	> 	1.9998.09-1.fc26
	gdb-headless 	7.12.1-43.fc26 	> 	7.12.1-44.fc26
	gdk-pixbuf2 	2.36.4-1.fc26 	> 	2.36.5-1.fc26
	acl 	2.2.52-12.fc26 	> 	2.2.52-13.fc26
	mesa-libEGL 	17.0.0-0.6.rc3.fc26 	> 	17.0.0-1.fc26
	gnutls 	3.5.8-2.fc26 	> 	3.5.9-1.fc26
	nss-sysinit 	3.29.0-3.fc26 	< 	3.28.1-6.fc26
	gcc 	7.0.1-0.7.fc26 	> 	7.0.1-0.8.fc26
	basesystem 	11-2.fc24 	> 	11-3.fc26
	autoconf 	2.69-23.fc26 	> 	2.69-24.fc26
	gtk-update-icon-cache 	3.22.7-1.fc26 	> 	3.22.8-1.fc26
	libbabeltrace 	1.5.1-1.fc26 	> 	1.5.1-2.fc26
	guile 	5:2.0.13-2.fc26 	> 	5:2.0.14-1.fc26
	mesa-libgbm 	17.0.0-0.6.rc3.fc26 	> 	17.0.0-1.fc26
	nss 	3.29.0-3.fc26 	< 	3.28.1-6.fc26
	binutils 	2.27-16.fc26 	> 	2.27-17.fc26
	libstdc++-devel 	7.0.1-0.7.fc26 	> 	7.0.1-0.8.fc26
	file 	5.29-3.fc26 	> 	5.30-3.fc26
	atk 	2.22.0-1.fc26 	> 	2.23.4-1.fc26
	libgomp 	7.0.1-0.7.fc26 	> 	7.0.1-0.8.fc26
	nss-util 	3.29.0-2.fc26 	< 	3.28.1-2.fc26
	gdk-pixbuf2-modules 	2.36.4-1.fc26 	> 	2.36.5-1.fc26
	cpp 	7.0.1-0.7.fc26 	> 	7.0.1-0.8.fc26
	nss-tools 	3.29.0-3.fc26 	< 	3.28.1-6.fc26
	file-libs 	5.29-3.fc26 	> 	5.30-3.fc26
	audit-libs 	2.7.1-1.fc26 	> 	2.7.2-2.fc26
	avahi-libs 	0.6.32-6.fc26 	> 	0.6.32-7.fc26
	gcc-c++ 	7.0.1-0.7.fc26 	> 	7.0.1-0.8.fc26
	nss-softokn 	3.29.0-2.fc26 	< 	3.28.1-2.fc26

This happens on ppc64 and ppc64le only.

Comment 1 Sergio Basto 2017-07-25 11:05:27 UTC
can we exclude  ppc64 and ppc64le  ? only 2 package depends on in 

panzero from rpmfusion and other game in Fedora

Comment 2 Petr Pisar 2017-07-25 14:37:16 UTC
This is triggered by upgrading SDL-devel 1.2.15-23.fc26 to 1.2.15-24.fc26. There was no change in SDL code. This looks like a miscompilation or inlining some broken code from somewhere else.

Comment 3 Petr Pisar 2017-07-25 14:48:46 UTC
Yes. I confirm that rebuilding SDL with current GCC helps. I will do the rebuilds in Koji.

Comment 4 Petr Pisar 2017-07-25 14:56:17 UTC
Old good SDL was built with gcc-6.3.1-1.fc26 and glibc-2.24.90-26.fc26,
broken SDL was built with gcc-7.0.1-0.6.fc26 and glibc-2.25-1.fc26,
works again when building with gcc-7.1.1-6.fc27 and glibc-2.25.90-27.fc27.

Comment 5 Petr Pisar 2017-07-25 15:24:03 UTC
perl-SDL was also rebuilt successfully as perl-SDL-2.546-8.fc27.

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