Bug 1676685 - yum makes a wrong check of space available on /opt, when /opt is automounted; should not depend on /opt/rh
Summary: yum makes a wrong check of space available on /opt, when /opt is automounted;...
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Product: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
Classification: Red Hat
Component: rpm
Version: 7.6
Hardware: All
OS: Linux
Target Milestone: rc
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Assignee: Pavlina Moravcova Varekova
QA Contact: BaseOS QE Security Team
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Reported: 2019-02-12 21:05 UTC by Norman Gray
Modified: 2019-04-08 06:57 UTC (History)
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Description Norman Gray 2019-02-12 21:05:39 UTC
Description of problem:

Starting point: fresh install of CentOS 7.6-1810, plus configuration to make the machine an NFS client. Machine configured so that `/opt` is automounted, and `/opt/rh` maps to `localhost:/local/rh`, which does exist on the *local* machine.  This is mounted writable (ie `# echo foo >/opt/rh/stamp.txt`)

A `yum install rh-python36` fails with the error

    Transaction check error:
      installing package scl-utils-20130529-19.el7.x86_64 needs 4KB on the /opt filesystem

I note that the system reports `/opt` as having zero size available:

    # df /opt
    Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
    auto.opt 0 0 0 - /opt

(the /local filesystem has plenty of space)

I speculate therefore that at some point when checking the presence of, and space available under, `/opt/rh`, yum checks the space available on `/opt` (or something equivalent to this), and therefore erroneously gets a wrong size, causing it to fail.

I then set `diskspacecheck=0` in `yum.conf`, and the installation proceeds without error.

Note the *same* 'transaction check error' failure happens with `yum update` unless `diskspacecheck=0`, even though in that case nothing is actually written to `/opt/rh`.


  * bug: when `/opt` is automouted, yum fails to detect that `/opt/rh` exists and is writable

  * enhancement: yum should not, I think, demand that `/opt/rh` exists, in the case where it is not going to install anything there. That is, given that I do not plan to install any Software Collections on a client machine, I should be able to mount `/opt` read-only, without `/opt/rh`. (I'm happy to make this a separate enhancement request if you feel that would be neater).

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

    $ yum --version
    $ cat /etc/redhat-release 
    CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core)

Steps to Reproduce:
1. See above

Actual results:

Software cannot be installed when `/opt/rh` is automounted.

Expected results:

Software should be installable in this case.

Additional info:

1. It would be desirable to be able to choose to relocate `/opt` at installation time (as opposed to when one is constructing the metapackage), but I appreciate this may be infeasible, and so I have not included this as an enhancement request.

2. The notes at <https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Software_Collections/2/html/Packaging_Guide/chap-Advanced_Topics.html#sect-Using_Software_Collections_over_NFS> remark that 'This enables you to mount the /opt file system hierarchy over NFS as read-only', so that this is at least intended as a supported configuration (though I can see that might be approaching the problem from the slightly different point of view of doing the yum install to /opt on the NFS server).

3. The FHS description at <http://refspecs.linuxfoundation.org/FHS_3.0/fhs-3.0.html#optAddonApplicationSoftwarePackages> is not particularly clear, but the remark 'Package files that are variable (change in normal operation) must be installed in /var/opt.' seems to imply that /opt is mountable read-only. The FHS doesn't say anything about NFS in the context of /opt The remark 'Distributions may install and otherwise manage software in /opt under an appropriately registered subdirectory' does not, I think, imply that /opt should be writable other than when deliberately installing things in /opt.

4. I mistakenly posted this in the CentOS bugparade first.

Comment 2 Panu Matilainen 2019-02-13 08:09:59 UTC
Disk space calculation is done by rpm, not yum -> reassigning.

Disk space calculations on NFS are notoriously off in any case (see bug 847960) but that's not the issue here yet.
If df /opt reports 0 blocks available then that's what rpm will see and refuse to install. I guess /opt isn't actually mounted at that point, ie the automount doesn't trigger by df and equivalent?

Comment 4 Norman Gray 2019-02-13 10:16:56 UTC
To be precise, `/opt` is mounted at the time the check is done, since it's the automounter process that's mounted there, but no, `/opt/rh` isn't mounted until specifically that directory is examined.

Invoking `df` on that directory does trigger the mount, though:

    % df /opt/rh
    Filesystem               1K-blocks     Used  Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/mapper/centos-home 5799155712 58369960 5740785752   2% /opt/rh

It might therefore be that a test of specifically `/opt/rh` would fix the immediate problem.

I'll highlight the enhancement request, though.  The check of `/opt/rh` is done even when `yum` is about to update Core, when nothing (always?, typically?) is going to be written to `/opt/rh`.  Thus in the default configuration, the absence of `/opt/rh` will stop `yum update`.

(thanks for the reassignment to rpm from yum; I've continued to refer to yum above since that's the component I'm handling here)

Comment 6 Pavlina Moravcova Varekova 2019-03-11 11:33:19 UTC
Please can you sent the relevant lines from fstab file?

Comment 7 Norman Gray 2019-03-11 16:16:32 UTC
The filesystem /opt is automounted, so there is no relevant line in /etc/fstab

Comment 8 Pavlina Moravcova Varekova 2019-03-18 14:58:45 UTC
I tested such scenario and rpm instalation was without any problem. Please could you write the relevant line from the mapping file?

Comment 9 Norman Gray 2019-03-18 20:27:11 UTC
Hello Pavlina.

The relevant entry in the `auto.opt` automount map is:

    rh   -defaults,ro optmachine.example.org:/local/opt/by-os/$OSNAME/rh

and the entry in `auto.master` is

    /opt   auto.opt ro,intr,hard,nosuid,nodev,root_squash

Both of these are obtained from LDAP rather than NIS (though I'd be surprised if that were relevant).  The same thing happens when `optmachine.example.org` is the machine mounting this, and when it is not.

Note that if `diskspacecheck=0` is in `/etc/yum.conf`, then the installation will proceed without a problem.

This is using (`automount --version`) "Linux automount version 5.0.7-99.el7", from package autofs-5.0.7-99.el7.x86_64

Hmm.... What else could be relevant?

I have:

    client:etc# df /opt
    Filesystem     1K-blocks  Used Available Use% Mounted on
    auto.opt               0     0         0    - /opt
    client:etc# df /opt/rh
    Filesystem                                            1K-blocks     Used  Available Use% Mounted on
    optmachine.example.org:/local/opt/by-os/centos7/rh 5799155712 70018048 5729137664   2% /opt/rh

The `/etc/nsswitch.conf` has:

    automount:  files sss

`/etc/auto.master` includes:


(I notice that on one machine I have the default other entries in this file -- eg `/net` -- commented out, and on another they're uncommented as by default; I don't think this makes a difference).

I don't think I do anything beyond these configurations, but I'd be happy to report any other configuration details you can think of, if you think they might be relevant.

Comment 10 Norman Gray 2019-03-19 10:38:18 UTC
I've just reviewed the original problem report, and I should note that the setup I've described in the last comment is slightly different from that in the original report.

The initial report describes an NFS mount of localhost:/local/rh whereas the last comment describes a mount of optmachine.example.org (both when this is the same as localhost and when it is different).

The behaviour appears to be identical in each case, so I don't think this is relevant, but I wanted to acknowledge the marginal drift in the config being described.

Also, as reported in the comment above, the _current_ export of `/opt` to this machine is read-only (which of course won't work when actually trying to install an SCL package like rh-python36), but this is a later adjustment -- sorry.  When I reported this I did have the filesystem mounted read-write.

Also, I see that I mentioned in the original CentOS report (https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=10301) but apparently changed the text when I copied it here, that this behaviour also happens when doing `yum update`, ie, when one would _not_ expect anything to be installed in `/opt/rh`.  The process of `yum update`, without `diskspacecheck=0`, appears to include an attempted install, or at leats a check of space, on `/opt/rh`.  Or at least an unwarranted assumption that `/opt/rh` exists and is writable.

Sorry for these slight drifts.  If you want me to produce an absolutely from-scratch reproduction of the problem, I can surely do so, but I hope the notes here will make the problem reproducible, or otherwise lead someone to the underlying issue.

Thanks for your continued attention.

Comment 11 Pavlina Moravcova Varekova 2019-03-19 13:43:45 UTC
Thank you. With the settings from Comment 9 ("auto.opt" + "auto.master") I reproduced the reported problem.

Comment 12 Pavlina Moravcova Varekova 2019-04-04 18:15:04 UTC
I tested result of command:
rpm -U scl-utils-20130529-19.el7.x86_64

on three operating systems: CentOS-7.6 (rpm-4.11.3-35.el7.x86_64), RHEL 7.6 (rpm-4.11.3-35.el7.x86_64.rpm) and Fedora 27 (rpm- In all cases I used the automount configuration from #c9.

When using rpm-4.11.3 the upgrade was not successful and it emits:
error: unpacking of archive failed on file /opt/rh: cpio: lsetfilecon failed - Read-only file system
In case of rpm-4.14.2 the upgrade was done without any problem.

When using rpm-4.11.3 with "rw" permissions in `auto.opt`: the upgrade was done without any problem.

The similar error like the one in #c1 occurs only if the updated rpm includes an additional file in directory /opt/rh and the directory (auto.opt) was without "ro" permissions. In that case it writes:
installing package dtest-2.0-1.noarch needs 16KB on the /opt/rh file system
(I modified a package for this test)

So it looks that in CentOS-8.0 the problem will be solved and for CentOS-7.6 I was not able to reproduce the exact problem. Because of the stage of CentOS-7.6 I will close the bug as NEXTRELEASE.

Comment 13 Norman Gray 2019-04-05 12:19:49 UTC
Thanks for investigating.  I'll keep an eye out for this when I first try CentOS 8.  If it's still present then, I presume that reopening this would be the correct thing to do?

Comment 14 Pavlina Moravcova Varekova 2019-04-08 06:57:22 UTC
Yes, in that case it would be correct.
Thank you for your very fast and precise replies on needinfo.

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