Bug 19875 - upgrade failed from 6.1 - 7.0
Summary: upgrade failed from 6.1 - 7.0
Alias: None
Product: Red Hat Linux
Classification: Retired
Component: anaconda
Version: 7.0
Hardware: i386
OS: Linux
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: Michael Fulbright
QA Contact: Brock Organ
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Reported: 2000-10-26 18:27 UTC by Need Real Name
Modified: 2007-04-18 16:29 UTC (History)
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Last Closed: 2000-11-28 17:10:45 UTC

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Description Need Real Name 2000-10-26 18:27:10 UTC
here is the dump provided by the upgrade utility in 7.0
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "/var/tmp/anaconda-7.0.1//usr/lib/anaconda/iw/progress_gui.py", 
line 20, in run
    rc = self.todo.doInstall ()
  File "/var/tmp/anaconda-7.0.1//usr/lib/anaconda/todo.py", line 1526, in 
    self.instLog = open(self.instLogName, "w+")
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or 
directory: '/mnt/sysimage/tmp/upgrade.log'

Local variables in innermost frame:
arch: i386
total: 686
msg: File exists
logname: /tmp/upgrade.log
i: /etc/X11
p: zsh
l: [adjtimex, am-utils, anacron, anonftp, apache, apache-devel, apmd, 
arpwatch, ash, aspell, aspell-ca, aspell-cs, aspell-da, aspell-de, at, 
audiofile, audiofile-devel, aumix, authconfig, autoconf, automake, 
autorun, awesfx, basesystem, bash, bc, bdflush, bind, bind-utils, 
binutils, bison, byacc, bzip2, bzip2-devel, caching-nameserver, cdecl, 
cdp, cdparanoia, cdrecord, chkconfig, chkfontpath, cleanfeed, compat-egcs, 
compat-egcs-c++, compat-glibc, compat-libstdc++, console-tools, control-
center, control-center-devel, control-panel, cpio, cpp, cproto, cracklib, 
cracklib-dicts, crontabs, ctags, cvs, cyrus-sasl, db1, db1-devel, db2, 
db3, desktop-backgrounds, dev, dev86, dhcpcd, dialog, diffstat, diffutils, 
dip, dosfstools, dump, e2fsprogs, ed, ee, eject, ElectricFence, elm, 
emacs, emacs-nox, emacs-X11, esound, esound-devel, exmh, expect, extace, 
fetchmail, file, filesystem, fileutils, findutils, finger, finger-server, 
flex, fortune-mod, freetype, ftp, gawk, gcc, gcc-c++, gcc-g77, gcc-objc, 
gd, gd-devel, gdb, gdbm, gdbm-devel, gdk-pixbuf, gdm, gedit, gettext, 
gftp, ghostscript, ghostscript-fonts, gimp, gimp-devel, glade, glib, glib-
devel, glibc, glibc-devel, gmc, gmp, gnome-applets, gnome-audio, gnome-
audio-extra, gnome-core, gnome-core-devel, gnome-games, gnome-games-devel, 
gnome-libs, gnome-libs-devel, gnome-linuxconf, gnome-media, gnome-objc, 
gnome-objc-devel, gnome-pim, gnome-pim-devel, gnome-print, gnome-users-
guide, gnome-utils, gnorpm, gnotepad+, gnuchess, gnumeric, gnupg, gpm, gpm-
devel, gqview, grep, groff, groff-perl, gtk+, gtk+-devel, gtk-engines, 
gtop, guile, gv, gzip, hdparm, ical, ImageMagick, ImageMagick-devel, 
imlib, imlib-cfgeditor, imlib-devel, indent, indexhtml, inews, info, 
initscripts, inn, ipchains, iproute, iputils, ipxutils, irda-utils, 
isapnptools, isdn4k-utils, kbdconfig, kdebase, kdegames, kdegraphics, 
kdelibs, kdelibs-devel, kdemultimedia, kdenetwork, kdesupport, kdesupport-
devel, kdetoys, kdeutils, kernel, kernel-doc, kernel-headers, kernel-ibcs, 
kernel-pcmcia-cs, kernel-source, kernel-utils, kernelcfg, kgcc, kpppload, 
krb5-libs, kudzu, kudzu-devel, less, libghttp, libghttp-devel, libglade, 
libglade-devel, libgtop, libgtop-devel, libjpeg, libjpeg-devel, libpng, 
libpng-devel, librep, libstdc++, libstdc++-devel, libtermcap, libtermcap-
devel, libtiff, libtiff-devel, libtool, libtool-libs, libungif, libungif-
devel, libxml, libxml-devel, lilo, linuxconf, linuxconf-devel, logrotate, 
losetup, LPRng, lrzsz, lsof, ltrace, lynx, m4, magicdev, mailcap, mailx, 
make, MAKEDEV, man, man-pages, mars-nwe, mc, Mesa, metamail, mikmod, 
mingetty, minicom, mkbootdisk, mkinitrd, mkisofs, mktemp, mkxauth, 
mod_perl, modemtool, modutils, mount, mouseconfig, mpage, mpg123, mt-st, 
mtools, multimedia, mutt, ncftp, ncompress, ncpfs, ncurses, ncurses-devel, 
ncurses4, net-tools, netcfg, netpbm, netpbm-devel, netpbm-progs, netscape-
common, netscape-communicator, newt, newt-devel, nfs-utils, nmh, ntsysv, 
openjade, openldap, openssl, ORBit, ORBit-devel, pam, passwd, patch, 
pciutils, pciutils-devel, perl, pidentd, pilot-link, pilot-link-devel, 
pine, playmidi, playmidi-X11, pmake, popt, portmap, postgresql, postgresql-
devel, postgresql-server, ppp, printtool, procmail, procps, psmisc, 
pspell, pump, pwdb, pygnome, pygnome-libglade, pygtk, pygtk-libglade, 
python, python-devel, python-xmlrpc, pythonlib, qt, qt-devel, qt1x, qt1x-
devel, quota, raidtools, rcs, rdate, rdist, readline, readline-devel, 
redhat-logos, redhat-release, rep-gtk, rep-gtk-gnome, rhn_register, 
rhn_register-gnome, rhs-printfilters, rmt, rootfiles, rp3, rpm, rpm-build, 
rpm-devel, rpm-python, rsh, rsh-server, rsync, rusers, rusers-server, 
rwall-server, rwho, rxvt, samba, samba-client, samba-common, sash, 
sawfish, screen, sed, sendmail, setserial, setup, setuptool, sgml-common, 
sgml-tools, sh-utils, shadow-utils, shapecfg, sharutils, slang, slang-
devel, slocate, slrn, sndconfig, sox, stat, statserial, strace, stunnel, 
SVGATextMode, switchdesk, switchdesk-gnome, switchdesk-kde, sysklogd, 
SysVinit, talk, talk-server, tar, tcl, tclx, tcp_wrappers, tcpdump, tcsh, 
telnet, telnet-server, termcap, tetex, tetex-afm, tetex-dvilj, tetex-
dvips, tetex-fonts, tetex-latex, tetex-xdvi, texinfo, textutils, tftp-
server, time, timeconfig, timetool, tin, tix, tk, tkinter, tksysv, 
tmpwatch, traceroute, trn, trojka, ucd-snmp, ucd-snmp-utils, umb-scheme, 
unzip, up2date, up2date-gnome, urlview, urw-fonts, usermode, utempter, 
util-linux, vim-common, vim-minimal, vixie-cron, which, whois, 
WindowMaker, WindowMaker-libs, words, wu-ftpd, wvdial, Xaw3d, Xaw3d-devel, 
xbill, xboard, xboing, xchat, Xconfigurator, XFree86, XFree86-100dpi-
fonts, XFree86-3DLabs, XFree86-75dpi-fonts, XFree86-8514, XFree86-AGX, 
XFree86-cyrillic-fonts, XFree86-devel, XFree86-doc, XFree86-FBDev, XFree86-
I128, XFree86-ISO8859-2, XFree86-ISO8859-2-100dpi-fonts, XFree86-ISO8859-2-
75dpi-fonts, XFree86-ISO8859-2-Type1-fonts, XFree86-ISO8859-7, XFree86-
ISO8859-7-100dpi-fonts, XFree86-ISO8859-7-75dpi-fonts, XFree86-ISO8859-7-
Type1-fonts, XFree86-ISO8859-9, XFree86-ISO8859-9-100dpi-fonts, XFree86-
ISO8859-9-75dpi-fonts, XFree86-libs, XFree86-Mach32, XFree86-Mach64, 
XFree86-Mach8, XFree86-Mono, XFree86-S3, XFree86-tools, XFree86-twm, 
XFree86-VGA16, XFree86-xdm, XFree86-xf86cfg, XFree86-xfs, XFree86-Xnest, 
XFree86-Xvfb, xgammon, xinetd, xinitrc, xisdnload, xjewel, xloadimage, 
xmailbox, xmms, xmorph, xpaint, xpat2, xpdf, xpilot, xpuzzles, xrn, 
xscreensaver, xsri, xtrojka, xxgdb, yp-tools, ypbind, ypserv, zip, zlib, 
zlib-devel, aspell-eo, aspell-es, aspell-fr, aspell-it, aspell-nl, aspell-
no, aspell-pl, aspell-sv, auth_ldap, autofs, bash-doc, bind-devel, blt, 
bootparamd, cdrecord-devel, compat-egcs-g77, compat-egcs-objc, comsat, 
cxhextris, db2-devel, db3-devel, db3-utils, dhcp, e2fsprogs-devel, efax, 
emacs-el, emacs-leim, enlightenment, enscript, ext2ed, fbset, 
fetchmailconf, fnlib, fnlib-devel, freetype-devel, freetype-utils, fvwm2, 
fvwm2-icons, gated, genromfs, getty_ps, giftrans, gimp-data-extras, 
glib10, glibc-profile, gmp-devel, gnuplot, gperf, groff-gxditview, gtk+10, 
guile-devel, imap, inn-devel, ircii, isicom, itcl, jed, jed-common, jed-
xjed, jikes, joe, kaffe, kdeadmin, kdebase-lowcolor-icons, kdoc, kdpms, 
korganizer, kpackage, kpilot, kterm, libelf, libgtop-examples, libjpeg6a, 
libpcap, libPropList, libungif-progs, libxml10, locale_config, lout, lout-
doc, lslk, macutils, mawk, mcserv, mgetty, mgetty-sendfax, mgetty-viewfax, 
mgetty-voice, mkkickstart, mod_php, nc, netscape-navigator, nscd, 
nss_ldap, ntp, open, openldap-clients, openldap-devel, openldap-servers, 
p2c, p2c-devel, pdksh, php, php-imap, php-ldap, php-manual, php-pgsql, 
pmake-customs, postgresql-jdbc, postgresql-odbc, postgresql-perl, 
postgresql-python, postgresql-tcl, postgresql-tk, procinfo, procps-X11, 
psacct, pxe, pygnome-applet, pygnome-capplet, python-docs, python-tools, 
readline2.2.1, rgrep, rhmask, routed, rpm2html, rpmdb-redhat, rpmfind, 
rwall, sendmail-cf, sendmail-doc, sliplogin, slrn-pull, sox-devel, 
specspo, squid, symlinks, sysreport, taper, tetex-doc, tftp, timed, 
transfig, tree, ucd-snmp-devel, unarj, units, uucp, vim-enhanced, vim-X11, 
vlock, w3c-libwww, w3c-libwww-apps, w3c-libwww-devel, wget, wmakerconf, 
wmconfig, x3270, xcpustate, xdaliclock, xfig, xlispstat, xlockmore, xmms-
devel, xmms-gnome, xosview, xsysinfo, xtoolwait, ytalk, zsh]
db: <rpmdb object at 960ca70>
self: <todo.ToDo instance at 842e9f8>
how: u
errno: 17
totalSize: 1698028
f: <closed file '/mnt/sysimage/etc/mtab', mode 'w+' at 95258f8>
ts: <rpmtrans object at 963d900>

ToDo object:


Comment 1 Michael Fulbright 2000-10-30 21:43:05 UTC
Please make sure that /tmp is not a symlink on your system. That will cause this

Comment 2 Michael Fulbright 2000-11-28 17:10:43 UTC
Closing due to inactivity.

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