Bug 375921 - memory leaks
Summary: memory leaks
Alias: None
Product: Fedora
Classification: Fedora
Component: xfdesktop
Version: 6
Hardware: x86_64
OS: Linux
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: Kevin Fenzi
QA Contact: Fedora Extras Quality Assurance
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Reported: 2007-11-11 14:04 UTC by William A. Mahaffey III
Modified: 2007-12-07 18:19 UTC (History)
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Last Closed: 2007-12-07 18:19:00 UTC

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2007-11-11 14:04 UTC, William A. Mahaffey III
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Description William A. Mahaffey III 2007-11-11 14:04:40 UTC
Description of problem: I observe high memory use (using 'free -m') after long
(several weeks) login session under XFCE/FC6

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

How reproducible: install XFCE using yum; login, open a few desktops, & wait a
few weeks. You should see excessive (several hundred MB) RAM use by xfdesktop

Steps to Reproduce: see above
Actual results: see above

Expected results: low memory use, that's one of the things XFCE touts ....

Additional info:

Comment 1 William A. Mahaffey III 2007-11-11 14:04:41 UTC
Created attachment 254651 [details]
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Comment 2 Kevin Fenzi 2007-11-11 17:41:01 UTC
Note that most of that memory isn't resident... ie, VSZ vs RSS on your
screenshot has: 

VSZ: 208m
RSS: 15m

So only 15m is Resident, so this isn't too unusual. 
Do you see any of the values go over time? From what/To what?

Also, do you have any panel plugins enabled? Or just the default panel...?

Thanks for the bug report. 

Comment 3 William A. Mahaffey III 2007-11-11 18:12:44 UTC
look at xfdesktop, 570-ish MB resident, that seems a bit high :-). free -m gives:

[wam@AthlonCube, ~/FTP, 8:24:49am] 603 % free -m
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:          1943       1927         15          0         48        315
-/+ buffers/cache:       1563        379
Swap:         1983          1       1982
[wam@AthlonCube, ~/FTP, 12:17:01pm] 604 %

i.e. 1.5 GB out of 2 GB onboard used. This number has been (slowly) climbing for
weeks (machine has been up 81 days, I have been logged in the whole time, I use
this box to access others on my network). I have 4 desktops, about a dozen rxvt
terminals open & that's it, no other panels (that I know of :-) ), nothing else.
please advise if you need more info.

Comment 4 Kevin Fenzi 2007-11-11 18:38:32 UTC
Ah, I was looking at the wrong line... sorry about that... 

Yeah, that does seem excessive. ;( 

Possibly you are seeing this bug: 

Are you doing any F5 or xfdesktop --reload calls (to change backgrounds)?

Comment 5 William A. Mahaffey III 2007-11-11 21:25:15 UTC
Nope, not that sophisticated :-/. Just *LOTS* of rxvt/csh's, & sporadic
Firefox/Thunderbird's, *very* plain vanilla ....

Comment 6 William A. Mahaffey III 2007-11-11 21:31:12 UTC
Here is top, sorted by resident memory usage:

top - 15:36:53 up 81 days, 23:54,  0 users,  load average: 0.06, 0.08, 0.02
Tasks: 181 total,   1 running, 174 sleeping,   0 stopped,   6 zombie
Cpu(s):  0.0%us,  0.3%sy,  0.0%ni, 99.7%id,  0.0%wa,  0.0%hi,  0.0%si,  0.0%st
Mem:   1989992k total,  1953740k used,    36252k free,    64856k buffers
Swap:  2031608k total,     1852k used,  2029756k free,   318728k cached

  PID USER      PR  NI  VIRT  RES  SHR S %CPU %MEM    TIME+  COMMAND           
 9310 wam       15   0 1717m 568m  10m S    0 29.3 153:04.09 xfdesktop         
 9320 wam       15   0  733m 568m 8584 S    0 29.2 141:18.43 xfce4-menu-plug   
 4957 wam       15   0 5200m  61m  21m S    0  3.2   0:09.70 thunderbird-bin   
 9222 root      15   0  204m  52m 9716 S    0  2.7  99:11.06 Xorg              
19441 wam       15   0 2282m  25m  14m S    0  1.3   0:13.67 ekiga             
 9312 wam       15   0 2181m  24m  13m S    0  1.3   0:49.41 Thunar            
 9314 wam       15   0  208m  15m 9944 S    0  0.8   2:06.71 xfce4-panel       
 1724 root      15   0 22364  12m  452 S    0  0.6   0:00.25 restorecond       
 9308 wam       15   0  217m  12m 6696 S    0  0.6   0:17.93 xfce-mcs-manage   
 9309 wam       15   0  119m  11m 6520 S    0  0.6   0:44.08 xfwm4             
 9305 wam       15   0  175m  11m 8080 S    0  0.6   0:20.13 xfce4-session     
10729 wam       15   0 2214m  10m 8844 S    0  0.6   0:00.29 evolution-alarm   
10723 wam       15   0 2159m 8056 5472 S    0  0.4   0:00.16 evolution-data-   
19219 root      23   0  102m 5416 1048 S    0  0.3   0:05.81 automount         

Better, now, non ?

Comment 7 Kevin Fenzi 2007-12-01 18:01:42 UTC
I'm not sure what else to do to track this down more... and FC 6 reaches End of
Life in a week or so... ;( 

Xfce 4.4.2 is going to be out very soon, and there are some leak fixes in
xfdesktop, but I don't think thats going to make it in as a update for FC6. ;( 

Are you planning on upgrading? Can you try and duplicate things with a newer
release? I also have some prerelease 4.4.2 packages for 7/8/devel if you were on
any of those to try... 


Comment 8 William A. Mahaffey III 2007-12-02 01:43:11 UTC
I have indeed downloaded & burned FC8 & will install it shortly. However ....
this is happening w/ XFCE 4.4.1, i.e. the latest & greatest, so I doubt newer
OS/XFCE is going to change anything. I have an older box, 933 MHz P3, FC5 &
whatever XFCE came w/ that, still up & running (& logged in :-) ), it is
currently hogging 19.9 MB of RES RAM between xfdesktop & xfce4-panel after
250-ish days logged in (vs. ~1350 MB under XFCE 4.4.1 & FC6) :-( ....
Something's up here ....

Comment 9 William A. Mahaffey III 2007-12-02 15:09:01 UTC
P.S. That's not xfce4-panel, it's xfce4-menu-plug, right at 665 MB RES each,
sorry 'bout that ....

Comment 10 Kevin Fenzi 2007-12-02 16:42:47 UTC
Well, the OS often has a lot to do with things. Xfce is liked to many other
libraries (gtk2, glib, etc). If there was some issue there it might show up as a
bug like this... 

From the 4.4.2 changelog for xfdesktop: 
modules/menu/desktop-menuspec.c: fix possible memleak (unlikely tho)
panel-plugin/desktop-menu-plugin.c: fix memleak

So, it's possible that 4.4.2 will fix the leak you are seeing... 
or it's possible it's something else in the OS related and upgrading will fix it. 

Comment 11 William A. Mahaffey III 2007-12-05 15:56:49 UTC
Update: I logged out & rebooted w/ the FC8 DVD in place & tried to update to
FC8. The install hung during the resolve-dependencies task, about 1/4 way
through according to the progress bar. I Ctrl-Alt-Del'ed out & rebooted my FC6.
FC8 had apparently messed with my /etc/sysconfig/networking scripts, because
eth0 (static) didn't come back up correctly. Neither did X-windows, but that was
due to a lingering lock file in /tmp which didn't get deleted after my unkind
restart. I am back up & running FC6 after another reboot w/ eth0 properly
configured & X cleaned up. RAM usage is back down to normal, at this time. I had
earlier upgraded my kernel to get sensors support, so I am now at kernel, rather than the original stock kernel. Still XFCE 4.4.1, so
we'll see about leaks w/ newer kernel & XFCE 4.4.1 :-) ....

Comment 12 Kevin Fenzi 2007-12-05 23:20:56 UTC
Sorry to hear it... you may have run into: 

Can you try the updates image there and see if it fixes it? 

How long do leaks take to show up for you?

Comment 13 William A. Mahaffey III 2007-12-06 01:33:26 UTC
They took weeks for me :-/. But, they did show up eventually. The RES RAM usage
steadily climbed over time, ~75 MB/week total between xfdesktop &
xfce4-menu-plug (the 2 worst offenders). I have a lot of RAM (2 GB) onboard, so
it never really slapped me in the face until I noticed that 'free -m' was
reporting over 1 GB on the 2nd line (-/+ buffers/cache) ....

I am up to FC8 now, went to FC7 & then to FC8 & that worked, though it shot
several hours. That is the sort of thing that *really* shouldn't happen
(installer problems), really a bummer for newbies. I have an existing bug about
the installer failing w/ >2GB of RAM onboard, is anyone looking at that ?

Comment 14 Kevin Fenzi 2007-12-06 02:01:20 UTC
ok, so shall we leave this open and check in a few weeks to see if you still see
the leaks? Also, I am going to be updating to 4.4.2 very soon, so you can try that. 

Or would you prefer I close this bug now and you can re-open or file a new one
if you see the leak return in F8? 

I have no control over the installer... I suggest you check that bug for
response from the maintainer(s). 

Comment 15 William A. Mahaffey III 2007-12-06 12:55:48 UTC
I'm easy either way. I wouldn't call it solved or resolved :-) .... Go ahead &
close it, & if I observe the same thing under FC8, I'll re-open it. I noticed
that the XFCE people announced 4.4.2 a few days ago, so whenever it shows up as
an update under FC8, I'll upgrade & log back in. Until then, I'll observe my
current 4.4.1 under FC8 ....

Comment 16 Kevin Fenzi 2007-12-07 18:19:00 UTC
ok. I'll go ahead and close this now... feel free to re-open or file a new bug
against F8 if you see it happen again, and we will get to the bottom of it. ;) 

I have been building the 4.4.2 updates the last few days. Expect to see them
show up in updates-testing very soon and then updates shortly after. 

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