Bug 4054 - Kickstart fails from 6.0 boot disk. Doesn't try DHCP?
Summary: Kickstart fails from 6.0 boot disk. Doesn't try DHCP?
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Product: Red Hat Linux
Classification: Retired
Component: installer
Version: 6.0
Hardware: i386
OS: Linux
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Assignee: David Lawrence
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Reported: 1999-07-15 16:04 UTC by cmmiller
Modified: 2008-05-01 15:37 UTC (History)
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Last Closed: 1999-07-15 22:25:46 UTC

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Description cmmiller 1999-07-15 16:04:06 UTC
I'm working on getting a kickstart configuration for
RedHat 6.0. I'm using DHCP/BOOTP to distribute the network
information (both running on the NFS server). My ks.cfg file
looks like this:

lang en
network --bootproto dhcp
nfs --server --dir
keyboard us
zerombr yes
clearpart --all
part /tmp --size 256
part /    --size 2000 --grow
part swap --size 127
part /usr --size 2000 --grow
mouse --kickstart --emulthree genericps/2
timezone US/Eastern
xconfig --server "SVGA" --monitor "Generic06"
rootpw --iscrypted qjHDJu8YGVsiM
auth --enablenis --nisdomain cs-152 --useshadow --enablemd5
lilo --location mbr

  When I boot to the RedHat 6.0 boot disk, and type "linux
ks", the installation goes on to ask me a language and then
give me a choice of either CDROM or HDD for installation
media. On tty2, the error message "No kickstart method was
specified" appears, and the ethernet card fails to be even
initialized. This happens the same way even if I use "device
ethernet" line, and even when I put the ks.cfg on the floppy
and used "linux ks=floppy".

  If I boot to a RedHat 5.2 installation floppy, it gets the
BOOTP/DHCP information and goes right ahead with the
installation. The problem, though, is that 1) It doesn't
recognize the 'auth' keyword. and 2) It spills errors all
over the install screen about invalid entries in rpmrc.
These two things make me a little nervous about actually
using the 5.2 disk to kickstart 6.0.

  Am I missing something? Why won't the 6.0 disk do DHCP for
me? Why won't it even initialize the card?

Chris Miller
Princeton University

Comment 1 David Lawrence 1999-07-15 20:02:59 UTC
I was unable to get the dhcp to fail on a kickstart install with a
stock 6.0 install. One note might be that you may have the install
directory on a second line when it needs to be on the same line as the
one before it.


nfs --server --dir /cd-images/redhatlinux_i3866.0

This may or may not help but after fixing this line and doing the test
dhcp was working fine for me. Does dhcp work during a manual regular

Comment 2 cmmiller 1999-07-15 20:14:59 UTC
Yes, DHCP works fine during a manual regular install. However, as I'm
finding out right now while waiting for a solution, doing all our
site-specific customizations by hand is no easy task.

My nfs line is all one line, as you said. It got wrapped in the web

If it helps to have more specific information, I'm attempting to
kickstart an HP Vectra VA. It's a Pentium Pro 200. The BOOTP/DHCP/NFS
server is a Sun Enterprise 4500 running Solaris 2.6.

Would any other information be useful? To clarify, what I'm seeing is
that when I boot to the RH 6.0 disk (as opposed to 5.2, which
"works"), the kickstart process does not attempt to use DHCP/BOOTP to
initiate the install sequence, and doesn't even initialize the network
card (a 3com "Vortex" card).

Chris Miller
Princeton University

Comment 3 David Lawrence 1999-07-15 20:53:59 UTC
Does the install bring up any error messages when it fails, for
example does it bring up a selection box to choose which card you want
to use or does it bring up a mount failed window?

Also more useful info could be obtained by switching over to the
ALT-F3 to see what the last few lines say and also ALT-F4 to see if
the kernel is even initializing the 3Com card.

Comment 4 cmmiller 1999-07-15 21:01:59 UTC
In the main install console (tty1?), the first thing I see is a prompt
for a language. After that, it goes straight to the media selection
'window' and gives me two choices: CDROM or Hard Disk.

In the next console (tty3?), I see the message mentioned earlier: "No
kickstart method was specified." ..and various mounts/unmounts/deletes
concerning /dev/fd0 and /tmp/*.

In the last console (tty4?), I see all the standard kernel messages
from booting the system, but no, it does not initialize the 3com card.

As another note, in tty3, there are very few messages on the screen,
and I can actually still see -both- of the "Welcome to RH Install"
messages... translation: I'm not missing any messages that scroll
away. :) From watching the messages in a proper install (both 5.2 and
6.0 [6.0 w/o kickstart, obviously]), I can safely say: The 3com card
is not be initialized, and the ks install never bothers to try

I can't imagine this being a hardware issue.. I hope.. Any ideas?

Chris Miller
Princeton University

Comment 5 David Lawrence 1999-07-15 21:05:59 UTC
Are you using the boot.img or bootnet.img?

For network kickstarts you need to use the bootnet.img and for cdrom
kickstarts use the boot.img.

Comment 6 cmmiller 1999-07-15 21:07:59 UTC
<sigh>.. <laugh>.. Three days fighting with this. :)

..okay.. thank you. Very much appreciated.

<wanders off into a corner of the machine room for a stiff drink>

Chris Miller
Princeton University

Comment 7 David Lawrence 1999-07-15 22:25:59 UTC
Glad I could help.

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