Bug 44034 - NFS related panic with IBM DB2 EE [patch attached]
Summary: NFS related panic with IBM DB2 EE [patch attached]
Alias: None
Product: Red Hat Linux
Classification: Retired
Component: kernel
Version: 7.1
Hardware: i386
OS: Linux
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: Arjan van de Ven
QA Contact: Brock Organ
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Reported: 2001-06-10 00:36 UTC by Michael E Brown
Modified: 2007-04-18 16:33 UTC (History)
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Last Closed: 2001-06-11 13:50:35 UTC

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Description Michael E Brown 2001-06-10 00:36:49 UTC
Description of Problem:

The panic is actually caused by a longstanding bug in NFS.  However, it is
exposed in the 2.4.3-6 kernel because it does some aggressive clearing of 
pointers.  The problem is that the nfs code does manipulation of the 
d_child list by using list_del.  However, later on it does a dput of the
dentry which can get into a return leg where list_del is done again on 
 This is supposed to be a no-no.  When list_del is done, the list entry is
undefined; to re-use it you must re-initialise it.  The correct fix is to
replace the list_del in the nfs code with list_del_init (attached below).

How Reproducible:

IBM DB2 EE, creating a database, or just about anything over NFS will 
cause this.

Steps to Reproduce:

Actual Results:

Expected Results:

Additional Information:
Index: linux/2.4/fs/nfsd/nfsfh.c
diff -u linux/2.4/fs/nfsd/nfsfh.c: 
--- linux/2.4/fs/nfsd/nfsfh.c:       Wed May  9 11:08:54 2001
+++ linux/2.4/fs/nfsd/nfsfh.c   Fri Jun  8 16:18:33 2001
@@ -238,7 +238,7 @@
         * make it an IS_ROOT instead
-       list_del(&tdentry->d_child);
+       list_del_init(&tdentry->d_child);
        tdentry->d_parent = tdentry;

Comment 1 Michael E Brown 2001-06-10 00:48:32 UTC
Stack trace of panic:

Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000004
Oops: 0002
CPU:    0
EIP:    0010:[<c014b13d>]
Using defaults from ksymoops -t elf32-i386 -a i386
EFLAGS: 00010246
eax: 00000000   ebx: c4a6dcc0   ecx: c4a6dce8   edx: 00000000
esi: c0256ed8   edi: c59197a0   ebp: c4ba79e8   esp: c4ba78a0
ds: 0018   es: 0018   ss: 0018
Process nfsd (pid: 3230, stackpage=c4ba7000)
Stack: c1239148 c4a6d9e8 c4a6dcc0 c4a6d9c0 c4a6dcc0 c4a6d9c0 c68af335 c4a6dcc0
       c4a6d9c0 00000000 c4ba79e8 c4a6d9c0 c59197a0 c68af59a c4a6d9c0 c59197a0
       c4ba79e8 00000000 00706d74 c5e07d80 c1e9ec00 c014d972 c1e9ec00 00007458
Call Trace: [<c68af335>] [<c68af59a>] [<c014d972>] [<c016bf17>] [<c015fa28>]
   [<c02275a0>] [<c015fa51>] [<c014d972>] [<c015fbfd>] [<c014b0b4>] 
   [<c68afdb8>] [<c68affde>] [<c012125b>] [<c0121326>] [<c01468f6>] 
   [<c01324ce>] [<c0139e6f>] [<c0139ebf>] [<c0139f4d>] [<c015c1d4>] 
   [<c01c31fc>] [<c01c3382>] [<c01c4e4e>] [<c687136d>] [<c686ed08>] 
   [<c01f4d65>] [<c01ccf3c>] [<c01d7b66>] [<c01d7a70>] [<c01cd26a>] 
   [<c01cd2a1>] [<c01d762c>] [<c01d7a70>] [<c01d7be0>] [<c01ccf3c>] 
   [<c01d7be0>] [<c01cd26a>] [<c01d7be0>] [<c01cd2a1>] [<c014da0a>] 
   [<c01d7be0>] [<c01fa3a5>] [<c01c728c>] [<c68b0ceb>] [<c68b69df>] 
   [<c68ad5d1>] [<c68bdea0>] [<c6873d23>] [<c68bd738>] [<c68bd758>] 
   [<c68bd720>] [<c0105676>] [<c68ad190>]
Code: 89 50 04 89 02 c7 43 28 00 00 00 00 c7 41 04 00 00 00 00 8b

>>EIP; c014b13d <dput+ad/180>   <=====
Trace; c68af335 <[nfsd]d_splice+e5/160>
Trace; c68af59a <[nfsd]splice+ea/140>
Trace; c014d972 <iget4+52/100>
Trace; c016bf17 <ll_rw_block+167/1b0>
Trace; c015fa28 <ext2_find_entry+228/380>
Trace; c02275a0 <quota_versions+2880/716c>
Trace; c015fa51 <ext2_find_entry+251/380>
Trace; c014d972 <iget4+52/100>
Trace; c015fbfd <ext2_lookup+7d/90>
Trace; c014b0b4 <dput+24/180>
Trace; c68af887 <[nfsd]find_fh_dentry+297/3b0>
Trace; c68afdb8 <[nfsd]fh_verify+418/690>
Trace; c68affde <[nfsd]fh_verify+63e/690>
Trace; c012125b <deliver_signal+4b/90>
Trace; c0121326 <send_sig_info+86/b0>
Trace; c01468f6 <send_sigio_to_task+b6/c0>
Trace; c0139fc3 <__refile_buffer+63/70>
Trace; c01324ce <nr_free_buffer_pages+e/60>
Trace; c0139e6f <balance_dirty_state+f/50>
Trace; c0139ebf <balance_dirty+f/30>
Trace; c0139f4d <mark_buffer_dirty+3d/50>
Trace; c015c1d4 <ext2_new_block+a64/c00>
Trace; c015c2e0 <ext2_new_block+b70/c00>
Trace; c01c31fc <kfree_skbmem+c/70>
Trace; c01c3382 <__kfree_skb+122/130>
Trace; c01c4e4e <skb_free_datagram+1e/30>
Trace; c687136d <[sunrpc]rpc_unlock_task+4d/70>
Trace; c686ed08 <[sunrpc]udp_data_ready+248/280>
Trace; c01f49b3 <udp_queue_rcv_skb+143/1e0>
Trace; c01f4d65 <udp_rcv+145/260>
Trace; c01ccf3c <nf_iterate+2c/80>
Trace; c01d7b66 <ip_local_deliver_finish+f6/170>
Trace; c01d7a70 <ip_local_deliver_finish+0/170>
Trace; c01cd26a <nf_hook_slow+da/180>
Trace; c01d7a70 <ip_local_deliver_finish+0/170>
Trace; c01cd2a1 <nf_hook_slow+111/180>
Trace; c01d762c <ip_local_deliver+1ac/1c0>
Trace; c01d7a70 <ip_local_deliver_finish+0/170>
Trace; c01d7be0 <ip_rcv_finish+0/240>
Trace; c01ccf3c <nf_iterate+2c/80>
Trace; c01d7dca <ip_rcv_finish+1ea/240>
Trace; c01d7be0 <ip_rcv_finish+0/240>
Trace; c01cd26a <nf_hook_slow+da/180>
Trace; c01d7be0 <ip_rcv_finish+0/240>
Trace; c01cd2a1 <nf_hook_slow+111/180>
Trace; c014da0a <iget4+ea/100>
Trace; c01d7a1d <ip_rcv+3dd/430>
Trace; c01d7be0 <ip_rcv_finish+0/240>
Trace; c01fa3a5 <inet_sendmsg+35/40>
Trace; c01c728c <net_rx_action+1cc/300>
Trace; c68b0ceb <[nfsd]nfsd_lookup+6b/400>
Trace; c68b69df <[nfsd]nfsd3_proc_lookup+cf/e0>
Trace; c68bdea0 <[nfsd]nfsd_procedures3+60/2c0>
Trace; c68ad5d1 <[nfsd]nfsd_dispatch+c1/170>
Trace; c68bdea0 <[nfsd]nfsd_procedures3+60/2c0>
Trace; c6873d23 <[sunrpc]svc_process+3f3/5b0>
Trace; c68bd738 <[nfsd]nfsd_version3+0/10>
Trace; c68bd758 <[nfsd]nfsd_program+0/18>
Trace; c68ad3b7 <[nfsd]nfsd+227/380>
Trace; c68bd720 <[nfsd]nfsd_list+0/0>
Trace; c0105676 <kernel_thread+26/30>
Trace; c68ad190 <[nfsd]nfsd+0/380>
Code;  c014b13d <dput+ad/180>
00000000 <_EIP>:
Code;  c014b13d <dput+ad/180>   <=====
   0:   89 50 04                  mov    %edx,0x4(%eax)   <=====
Code;  c014b140 <dput+b0/180>
   3:   89 02                     mov    %eax,(%edx)
Code;  c014b142 <dput+b2/180>
   5:   c7 43 28 00 00 00 00      movl   $0x0,0x28(%ebx)
Code;  c014b149 <dput+b9/180>
   c:   c7 41 04 00 00 00 00      movl   $0x0,0x4(%ecx)
Code;  c014b150 <dput+c0/180>
  13:   8b 00                     mov    (%eax),%eax

Comment 2 Michael E Brown 2001-06-10 00:50:10 UTC
Oops, the following statement in the bug report was poorly worded:
>>IBM DB2 EE, creating a database, or just about anything over NFS will 
cause this.

It should have read:

In IBM DB2 EE, doing just about anything over NFS will cause a kernel panic.

Comment 3 Kostas Georgiou 2001-06-11 13:50:31 UTC
This looks just like the problem i have with my file server, almost any program
running under Tru64 and produces a lot of output (200+Mb) crashes the file
server (redhat 7.1). 

I'll try to find the time and build an rpm today or tomorrow and see if this
patch cures the problem.

Comment 4 Doug Ledford 2001-07-10 19:22:42 UTC
This patch has been incorporated into the upstream kernels and should already be
in the latest rawhide kernel as well as likely in the next errata kernel for 7.1

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