Bug 4598 - Pump should obtain new lease if renewal fails
Summary: Pump should obtain new lease if renewal fails
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Product: Red Hat Raw Hide
Classification: Retired
Component: pump
Version: 1.0
Hardware: All
OS: Linux
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Assignee: Erik Troan
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Reported: 1999-08-18 19:46 UTC by salah.coronya
Modified: 2008-05-01 15:37 UTC (History)
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Last Closed: 2000-03-11 04:59:13 UTC

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2000-08-18 08:33 UTC, salah.coronya
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Description salah.coronya 1999-08-18 19:46:36 UTC
I have Charter's Pipleline Internet in St. Louis, The new
cable mdoem's are 3Com's 3-way cable modem- since 2-way
service isn't available here ,the cable mdoems have a
startard external analog modem which they use for outgoing
connection, and a conenciton to the cable as well for
incoming data. The cable modem has a built-in DHCP server
and its own IP Address, when not conected to the 'Net, it
assigns my comptuer a temporary IP address with a 5-second
lease and fills /etc/resolv.conf with garbage (which cuased
pump to segafult, but fixed in pump-0.70). Once anyone tries
to do anything that requires a 'Net connection, the cable
mdoem dials out at that point, and obtains a REAL IP adrress
via DHCP (and valid DNS servers for /etc/resolv.conf). The
problem is my comptuers IP address won't change with pump,
even thoguh the cable modem has a new lease - it tries to
renew the old, temporary 5-second lease (which it was
reneewing repeatedly just fine until I actually connected to
the 'Net) Pump basically hangs at that point, becasue it
insists on renwing that adddres which isn't available
anymore - pump need to obtain the NEW address when it can't
renew the old one (And modify /etc/resolv.conf as well) .
dhcpcd seems to handle this (though it start accumalating
zombies each time my IP adress changed). Note that, once I
turn off the analog external modem (I have only 1 line), the
cable modem will start the temporary address again (the one
with the 5-second lease) The only way to get this to work is
to connect to the Internet (by typing something like ping
www.redhat.com to force the cable modem to dial out), wait a
few seconds, do a "killall pump", bring down the interface
(if I try to bring down the interface while pump is running
and I'm conencted to the Internet, it hangs), the bring back
up the interface again - forcing pump to obtain a new lease
- and it gets the newly, corect Internet one, and fills
/etc/resolv.conf with the correct values. Note that because
the temporary lease is only 5 seconds, this fils up my log
fast and causes lots of HD activity if I'm not conencted to
the 'Net, though pump isn't so bad as other dhcp cleints
about this, but still... I am using pump 0.70.

Comment 1 salah.coronya 1999-11-25 06:46:59 UTC
All above problem stil exists in pump-0.7.2-2, a temporary workaround to stop
the hanging on shutdown or reboot is to kill the pump process before the network
goes down through a "psuedo-service" called killpump, which when "stopped" does
a "killall pump". (Note it needs to be executed BEFORE the "Network" service
goes down)

WIth the new pump.conf file, pump seems to ignore the "retries" and "timeout"
values when releasing an interface (so it still hangs when it tries to release
an IP address to a DHCP server it can no longer reach, since the line is down.
or for which the lease has changed)

dhcpcd handles this changing-ip scheme just fine, except that it accumlates
zombies with every IP change. But dhcpcd cannot be easily used in place of
"pump" without a lot of mangling of the initscripts, or some kind of wrapper.

Comment 2 salah.coronya 2000-03-11 04:59:59 UTC
Pump 0.7.8 will not obtain a new lease (address) for an interface if the initial
lease cannot be renewed after it expires. (It doesn't lock up anymore like
previous versions did though). Normally this wouldn't be noticed as pump assumes
as long as it's running, it will always be able to renew the lease. However, the
DHCP server on my cable modem doesn't do this - it sometimes hands out leases
that cannot be renewed, and thus a new lease must be obtained.

When pump can't renew the lease, it doesn't try to obtain a new lease like other
dhcp clients (dhcpcd, dhclient, and Windows as well). It just gives up on the

Somewhat contrived example: Pump would probably experience the same behavior if
it were running on a laptop configured by 1 DHCP server, then connected to a
different network, with a different DHCP server, and sat there until the
orignial lease expired.

Comment 3 Erik Troan 2000-08-04 14:47:09 UTC
I think this is fixed in the pump in rawhide/pinstripe. Please let me know if it
still exists. I can't
build an exact test case here, so it's a bit hit and miss on reproducing it.

Comment 4 salah.coronya 2000-08-18 08:25:52 UTC
The problem still exists but the situation is little better now. Pump-0.8.2-1
does indeed obtain the new the lease (according to ethereal), unlike previous
versions that just gave up. However, pump did not reconfigure the interface
properly - it removed the old address but failed to put the new one on.

Comment 5 salah.coronya 2000-08-18 08:33:59 UTC
Created attachment 2637 [details]
Packet capture of pump-0.8.2-1

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