Bug 467940 - plymouth causes installation of cairo/pango on all systems
Summary: plymouth causes installation of cairo/pango on all systems
Alias: None
Product: Fedora
Classification: Fedora
Component: plymouth
Version: rawhide
Hardware: All
OS: Linux
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: Ray Strode [halfline]
QA Contact: Fedora Extras Quality Assurance
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Blocks: F10DesktopTarget
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Reported: 2008-10-21 19:19 UTC by Dave Jones
Modified: 2015-01-04 22:30 UTC (History)
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Last Closed: 2008-10-23 14:39:47 UTC

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Description Dave Jones 2008-10-21 19:19:54 UTC
kind of annoying on low-disk-space machines, like my router for eg.

the dep chain looks like..


Comment 1 Ray Strode [halfline] 2008-10-21 20:22:57 UTC
relevant discussion:

[15:03:39]  <davej> I'm sad that we can't do minimal installs without
cairo and all the other desktop crap any more thanks to plymouth.
[15:03:40]  <cebbert> (at least for the systems I tried it on)
[15:04:14]  <ajax> davej: cairo is just from the graphical plugin, which
certainly shouldn't be there in a minimal install
[15:04:24]  <ajax> we did factor those apart for a reason
[15:04:56]  <cebbert> is plymouth mandatory on systems without X?
[15:05:09]  <ajax> plymouth is mandatory, period.
[15:05:21]  <ajax> you want it for boot logging anyway
[15:05:24]  <f13> the graphical plugin is not.
[15:05:33]  <halfline> davej: plymouth doesn't require cairo
[15:05:40]  <davej> ajax: you can't remove it. because
[15:06:07]  <halfline> ah hrmmm
[15:06:32]  <halfline> i specifically made plymouth dlopen cairo and pango
and such so it wasn't a hard requirement
[15:06:53]  <halfline> but we have Requires: plymouth-system-plugin in the
plymouth package
[15:06:55]  <ajax> halfline: p-p-spinfinity looks like the only thing that
provides system-plymouth-plugin
[15:06:59]  <halfline> right
[15:07:14]  <halfline> not sure how to solve this
[15:07:15]  <halfline> because
[15:07:26]  <halfline> if we make something else provide it
[15:07:36]  <halfline> then it will get pulled in instead and people won't
get spinfinity by default
[15:07:44]  <pjones> o_O
[15:07:48]  <pjones> why's that?
[15:07:48]  <ajax> spinfinity should be a comps decision though
[15:08:01]  <pjones> can't we just make spinfinity default in comps and
/not/ the other thing.
[15:08:01]  <pjones> ?
[15:08:15]  <notting> what does plymouthd do if there are no additional
plugins installed?
[15:08:24]  <ajax^ should use 'details', which is in the base package
[15:08:29]  <ajax> (aiui)
[15:08:30]  <halfline> "text" actually
[15:08:47]  <halfline> hmm, so we could just drop the Requires
[15:08:54]  <ajax> yeah, i think that's the Right THing
[15:08:54]  <halfline> except what about upgrades?
[15:09:05]  <ajax> meh.
[15:09:45]  <davej> 'preupgrade' ftw?
[15:10:22]  <ajax> you could drag it in from gdm.  which isn't really
wrong, just distasteful.
[15:10:41]  <halfline> how would that not be wrong?
[15:10:51]  <halfline> gdm is completely unrelated
[15:11:17]  <ajax> having gdm installed is a reasonably strong indicator
of being the sort of person who wants a graphical plugin
[15:11:37]  <halfline> oh
[15:11:39]  <halfline> maybe i should
[15:11:45]  <halfline> make spinfinity provides: rhgb
[15:12:02]  <halfline> or solar
[15:12:06]  <halfline> whichever one we end up using
[15:12:34]  <ajax> base plymouth Provides: rhgb atm
[15:12:41]  <halfline> right
[15:13:07]  <ajax> yeah, that'd work.  new initscripts should drag in
plymouth no matter what, right?
[15:13:16]  <halfline> but base plymouth isn't graphical, so maybe it
shouldn't provide the old graphical boot package
[15:13:48]  <ajax> packaging sucks
[15:14:02]  <ajax> not that that's a helpful observation, i just needed to
observe it
[15:14:27]  <halfline> i don't think this is the right way to go though
[15:14:43]  <halfline> because do we make _every_ graphical plugin provide
rhgb ?
[15:14:49]  ***  markmc has left chat #fedora-kernel ("Leaving").
[15:14:59]  <halfline> davej: mind filing a bug about this?
[15:15:11]  <ajax> bleh.
[15:15:24]  <davej> halfline: sure
[15:15:51]  <ajax> okay, plymouth-base-graphics empty package that
Prov/Obs: rhgb, and then all the gfx plugins require that.
[15:16:20]  <ajax> except that wouldn't drag in -spinfinity, argh.
[15:16:33]  <halfline> maybe we should make spinfinity not require -label
[15:16:58]  <halfline> it's not actually a requirement, it just gets
upgraded functionality if it's there
[15:17:45]  <halfline> where "upgraded" means "can show prompt text at
password screen"
[15:18:30]  <ajax> what's the problem with making every gfx plugin prov
[15:19:16]  <halfline> i don't know, seems a little weird
[15:19:30]  <halfline> gives undefined results for an everything install,
but i don't care about that
[15:19:38]  <ajax> it does do weird things if there's more than one and
you yum upgrade, i suppose
[15:19:41]  <f13> Provides/Obsoletes games would come down to shortest
[15:19:41]  <ajax> but eh
[15:20:06]  <halfline> f13: right, but presumably we'd only pull one
plugin in for any given spin
[15:20:28]  <halfline> oh, upgrades
[15:20:30]  <ajax> yeah
[15:20:37]  <halfline> which is the whole reason we're having this
[15:20:38]  <halfline> sigh
[15:20:41]  <ajax> we don't do per-spin repos, so.
[15:21:45]  <halfline> i could add a dummy package with a really long name
that provides system-plymouth-plugin
[15:21:46]  <ajax> the other option, of course, is to just stick upgraders
with no gfx plugin unless they a) preupgrade b) pick one by hand
[15:22:15]  <halfline> well i'd rather make people who want the
non-defaults to have to do extra work
[15:22:46]  <ajax> spinfinity's not a great name then ;)
[15:23:37]  <ajax> i don't think the package cabal would like
plymouth-plugin-vel as a name
[15:24:54]  <davej> spinfinininininiity
[15:25:16]  <davej> didn't owen do something like that with his window
manager bonghits a few years back?
[15:25:22]  <ajax> spiffiffity
[15:25:27]  <davej> heh, that was it
[15:29:35]  <halfline> that was me
[15:29:40]  <halfline> not owen
[15:29:48]  <halfline> and i think there were more iff's
[15:29:58]  <halfline> spififififity or something
[15:30:12]  <davej> you crazy kids. you all look alike to me.
[15:30:21]  <ajax> GET OFFA MY LAWN
[15:30:37]  <ajax> we need to get you a rocking chair and a shotgun
[15:30:43]  <davej> I'm all over that.
[15:30:49]  <davej> I'm looking forward to being old.
[15:30:51]  <ajax> ideally in the next ten days so you can scare kids at
[15:30:57]  <davej> then no-one cares if you walk around town carrying a
big stick
[15:30:59]  <halfline> okay so i think i'm just going to create a stub
package, plymouth-plugin-details-and-text-only

Comment 2 Ray Strode [halfline] 2008-10-21 20:23:58 UTC
adding to target list.

Comment 3 Ray Strode [halfline] 2008-10-23 14:39:47 UTC
This should be fixed in tommorrow's rawhide.


yum install plymouth-text-and-details-only
rpm -e plymouth-plugin-spinfinity

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