Bug 49129 - initscript thinks my gateway is DNS
Summary: initscript thinks my gateway is DNS
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Product: Red Hat Raw Hide
Classification: Retired
Component: dhcpcd
Version: 1.0
Hardware: All
OS: Linux
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Assignee: Elliot Lee
QA Contact: Brock Organ
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Reported: 2001-07-14 18:11 UTC by Knut J BJuland
Modified: 2005-10-31 22:00 UTC (History)
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Last Closed: 2001-07-25 21:17:48 UTC

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Description Knut J BJuland 2001-07-14 18:11:10 UTC
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Description of problem:
I have a adsl with Cisco 677 adsl modem. It works a route and gateway
without DNS

How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:
1. start te pc

Actual Results:  iniscripte make a resolv.conf with gateway as name server
and copies my rigth resolv to resolv.conf.sv. Dns does not work but I gan
acess internet with ip adresse

Expected Results:  DNS should work

Additional info:

iniscripte 5.60 

my resolv.conf
search broadpark.com 


I have gone back to initscripte from redhat 7.1

Comment 1 Pekka Savola 2001-07-22 19:47:38 UTC
Umm, initscripts 5.60 is older than what shipped with RHL71 (5.83)...

Comment 2 Knut J BJuland 2001-07-22 21:13:19 UTC
sorry initscript 6.02-1 had this error, I mistype it.

Comment 3 Pekka Savola 2001-07-22 21:57:12 UTC
Did you specify PEERDNS, MS_DNS1 or MS_DNS2 anywhere in the configuration?

What data is your DHCP server telling you?  Does it report proper nameservers?  If not, resolv.conf
nameserver data may get replaced with dynamic data obtained from dhcp.

Comment 4 Knut J BJuland 2001-07-23 05:23:41 UTC
My adsl-server does not have proper dns is connect to my ISP by using POP over
ethernet. It also is a DCHP server to my pc but is does not have dns. This is
provided by my ISP.

Comment 5 Pekka Savola 2001-07-23 06:22:44 UTC
The real question is whether your DHCP server gives the DNS addresses
(either automatically or manually), not whether they should be used or not.

You might want to check that out with 'pump -i eth0 -s'.

Comment 6 Knut J BJuland 2001-07-23 09:02:30 UTC
This is from pump -i eth0 -s, it has no dns.
Device eth0
	Boot server
	Next server
	Renewal time: Mon Jul 23 10:53:30 2001
	Expiration time: Mon Jul 23 10:55:45 2001

Comment 7 Knut J BJuland 2001-07-23 19:46:15 UTC
I upgraded to latest from rawhide, it hade the same problem. pump -i eth0 -d
could not display anything. I odd problemen why did resolve.conf.sv appear.

Comment 8 Pekka Savola 2001-07-23 19:54:19 UTC
As a workaround, you could set the nameservers in DHCP server as you would set them statically (, ...); this
way, DHCP run on the client should set them properly.

This doesn't cure the actual problem though..

You could also try running using dhcpcd and not pump.

Comment 9 Knut J BJuland 2001-07-23 21:24:11 UTC
A workaround for me copy resolv.conf.sv over resolv.conf. Then I can use dns and
access the internet.  Though I can not configure my ISP nameserver, I don.t have
acces code. To solve this I have to edit my own machine. An workaround is to put
cp /etc/resolv.conf.sv /etc/resolv in startingscrip.

Comment 10 Pekka Savola 2001-07-23 21:35:03 UTC
.save is what is saved by the init script yes.  But this is not a real workaround, as resolv.conf will get changed at boot.

You do have access to your DHCP server, there is no need to access DNS itself; just add DNS servers to being
configured using DHCP.

Comment 11 Knut J BJuland 2001-07-23 22:06:25 UTC
I do have access to my adsl modem but I rather not start modify by using telnet.
How do I configurer eth0 to use dhcp instead of pump. As an workaround I have
gone back to redhat 7.1 initscript.

Comment 12 Knut J BJuland 2001-07-24 06:30:44 UTC
I read my /var/log/message and it was using pump. I removed pump but my problem
was there still. An solution is to make /etc/resolv.conf unwritablel even for

Comment 13 Knut J BJuland 2001-07-24 06:49:31 UTC
I was able to duplicat this problem with initscript from redhat 7.1 by removing
pump. Somehow redhat 7.1 initscript use pump first while rawhide initscript use
dhcpcd. This problem lies in dchpcd  since it can not get proper DNS from my
ISP. Therfore I moving this bug to dhcpcd package.

Comment 14 Knut J BJuland 2001-07-25 20:04:22 UTC
An soultion to this problem would be to add an option to not let dchpcd
overwritte /etc/resolve.conf or use statical dns like my adsl-router.

Comment 15 Bill Nottingham 2001-07-25 20:15:19 UTC
Thos options already exist. See
/usr/share/docs/initscripts-<version>/sysconfig.txt, search for resolv.conf.

Assigning back to dhcpcd.

Comment 16 Knut J BJuland 2001-07-25 21:17:43 UTC
I put PEERDNS=no which solved my problem. I can now use pump -i eth0 -s , and I
get the same reulats as above. My adsl modem uses POP over ehernet while
servering as a DHCP/firewale witth statical DNS from my ISP provider.

Comment 17 Elliot Lee 2001-08-26 21:04:54 UTC
Although the cause of the problem wasn't discovered, a satisfactory workaround
was, and it's quite likely that the problem was caused outside of pump (e.g.
inside the gateway or ISP is my guess), so I am closing this.

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