Bug 593612 - gmp-5.0.1 is available
Summary: gmp-5.0.1 is available
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Component: gmp
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Assignee: Ivana Varekova
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Reported: 2010-05-19 10:09 UTC by Upstream Release Monitoring
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Description Upstream Release Monitoring 2010-05-19 10:09:13 UTC
Latest upstream release: 5.0.1
Current version in Fedora Rawhide: 4.3.1
URL: http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gmp/

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Comment 1 acount closed by user 2010-05-24 09:49:42 UTC
Changes between GMP version 5.0.0 and 5.0.1

  * Fat builds fixed.

  * Fixed crash for huge multiplies when old FFT_TABLE2 type of parameter
    selection tables' sentinel was smaller than multiplied operands.

  * The solib numbers now reflect the removal of the documented but preliminary
    mpn_bdivmod function; we correctly flag incompatibility with GMP 4.3.
    GMP 5.0.0 has this wrong, and should perhaps be uninstalled to avoid

  * Multiplicaton of large numbers has indirectly been sped up through
    better FFT tuning and processor recognition.  Since many operations
    depend on multiplication, there will be a general speedup.

  * More Core i3, i5 an Core i7 processor models are recognised.

  * Fixes and workarounds for Mac OS quirks should make this GMP version
    build using many of the different versions of "Xcode".

  * The amount of scratch memory needed for multiplication of huge numbers
    have been reduced substantially (but is still larger than in GMP 4.3.)

  * Likewise, the amount of scratch memory needed for division of large
    numbers have been reduced substantially.

  * The FFT tuning code of tune/tuneup.c has been completely rewritten,
    and new, large FFT parameter selection tables are provided for many

  * Upgraded to the latest autoconf, automake, libtool.

Changes between GMP version 4.3.X and 5.0.0

  * None (contains the same fixes as release 4.3.2).

  * Multiplication has been overhauled:
    (1) Multiplication of larger same size operands has been improved with
        the addition of two new Toom functions and a new internal function
        mpn_mulmod_bnm1 (computing U * V mod (B^n-1), B being the word base.
        This latter function is used for the largest products, waiting for a
        better Schoenhage-Strassen U * V mod (B^n+1) implementation.
    (2) Likewise for squaring.
    (3) Multiplication of different size operands has been improved with the
        addition of many new Toom function, and by selecting underlying
        functions better from the main multiply functions.

  * Division and mod have been overhauled:
    (1) Plain "schoolbook" division is reimplemented using faster quotient
    (2) Division Q = N/D, R = N mod D where both the quotient and remainder
        are needed now runs in time O(M(log(N))).  This is an improvement of
        a factor log(log(N))
    (3) Division where just the quotient is needed is now O(M(log(Q))) on
    (4) Modulo operations using Montgomery REDC form now take time O(M(n)).
    (5) Exact division Q = N/D by means of mpz_divexact has been improved
        for all sizes, and now runs in time O(M(log(N))).

  * The function mpz_powm is now faster for all sizes.  Its complexity has
    gone from O(M(n)log(n)m) to O(M(n)m) where n is the size of the modulo
    argument and m is the size of the exponent.  It is also radically
    faster for even modulus, since it now partially factors such modulus
    and performs two smaller modexp operations, then uses CRT.

  * The internal support for multiplication yielding just the lower n limbs
    has been improved by using Mulders' algorithm.

  * Computation of inverses, both plain 1/N and 1/N mod B^n have been
    improved by using well-tuned Newton iterations, and wrap-around
    multiplication using mpn_mulmod_bnm1.

  * A new algorithm makes mpz_perfect_power_p asymptotically faster.

  * The function mpz_remove uses a much faster algorithm, is better tuned,
    and also benefits from the division improvements.

  * Intel Atom and VIA Nano specific optimisations.

  * Plus hundreds of smaller improvements and tweaks!

  * New mpz function: mpz_powm_sec for side-channel quiet modexp

  * New mpn functions: mpn_sqr, mpn_and_n, mpn_ior_n, mpn_xor_n, mpn_nand_n,
    mpn_nior_n, mpn_xnor_n, mpn_andn_n, mpn_iorn_n, mpn_com, mpn_neg,
    mpn_copyi, mpn_copyd, mpn_zero.

  * The function mpn_tdiv_qr now allows certain argument overlap.

  * Support for fat binaries for 64-bit x86 processors has been added.

  * A new type, mp_bitcnt_t for bignum bit counts, has been introduced.

  * Support for Windows64 through mingw64 has been added.

  * The cofactors of mpz_gcdext and mpn_gcdext are now more strictly
    normalised, returning to how GMP 4.2 worked.  (Note that also release
    4.3.2 has this change.)

  * The mpn_mul function should no longer be used for squaring,
    instead use the new mpn_sqr.

  * The algorithm selection has been improved, the number of thresholds have
    more than doubled, and the tuning and use of existing thresholds have
    been improved.

  * The tune/speed program can measure many of new functions.

  * The mpn_bdivmod function has been removed.  We do not consider this an
    incompatible change, since the function was marked as preliminary.

  * The testsuite has been enhanced in various ways.

Changes between GMP version 4.3.1 and 4.3.2

  * Fixed bug in mpf_eq.
  * Fixed overflow issues in mpz_set_str, mpz_inp_str, mpf_set_str, and
  * Avoid unbounded stack allocation for unbalanced multiplication.
  * Fixed bug in FFT multiplication.

  * None, except that proper processor recognition helps affected processors.

  * Recognise more "Core 2" processor variants.
  * The cofactors of mpz_gcdext and mpn_gcdext are now more strictly
    normalised, returning to how GMP 4.2 worked.

Comment 2 Ivana Varekova 2010-05-24 12:45:41 UTC
Thanks. Updated.

Comment 3 Account closed by user 2010-12-07 16:16:07 UTC
latest rawhide version is 4.3.x

Is 5.x tree too much experimental ? 5.x is called "performance release" in its web page.

Comment 4 Account closed by user 2011-02-27 12:50:08 UTC
Upstream maintainers believe 5.x is ready for distributions, see this sort thread(7msg): http://gmplib.org/list-archives/gmp-discuss/2011-February/004526.html

5.0.1 was released ONE year ago, and no critical bugs were discovered.

please resubmit to build http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=174793


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