Bug 604432 - Base updates to the SMG for F13
Summary: Base updates to the SMG for F13
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Product: Fedora Documentation
Classification: Fedora
Component: software-management-guide
Version: devel
Hardware: All
OS: Linux
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Assignee: eric@christensenplace.us
QA Contact: Jared Smith
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Reported: 2010-06-15 21:13 UTC by eric@christensenplace.us
Modified: 2010-06-16 02:42 UTC (History)
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Description eric@christensenplace.us 2010-06-15 21:13:36 UTC
Description of problem: The SMG needs to be updated and published ASAP due to a link that has been used in security announcements.

Based on a discussion with skvidal the following changes need to be made:

20:52:31 <skvidal> #startmeeting
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20:52:37 <Sparks> Bah
20:52:38 <skvidal> #chair Sparks
20:52:38 <zodbot> Current chairs: Sparks skvidal
20:52:44 <skvidal> fastestmirror is not actually necessary for fedora users much anymore
20:52:46 <skvidal> b/c mirrormanager does some of that now
20:52:55 <skvidal> section 9.3.1
20:52:59 <skvidal> that plugin no longer exists
20:53:08 <Sparks> <skvidal> section 12
20:53:08 <Sparks> <skvidal> just kill it
20:53:08 <Sparks> <skvidal> except for the yum clean stuff
20:53:08 <Sparks> <skvidal> actually
20:53:08 <Sparks> <skvidal>  you know what
20:53:09 <Sparks> <skvidal> for section 12 just really mention:
20:53:11 <Sparks> <skvidal> yum clean packages
20:53:13 <Sparks> <skvidal> yum clean expire-cache
20:53:15 <Sparks> <skvidal> yum clean metadata
20:53:19 <Sparks> <skvidal> and yum clean all
20:53:27 <Sparks> Okay, this should be better for taking notes!
20:53:40 <Sparks> Yeah, why does that plugin still exist?
20:53:42 <skvidal> section 9.3.5->9.3.7 die
20:53:49 <skvidal> it doesn't exist
20:53:52 <skvidal> that's what I said
20:53:55 <Sparks> Oh
20:54:06 <skvidal> sorry
20:54:12 <skvidal> 9.3.5->9.3.6 don't exist
20:54:13 <skvidal> die
20:54:17 <Sparks> Ok
20:54:21 <skvidal> 9.3.8 is really off
20:54:26 <skvidal> link to yum.baseurl.org
20:54:39 <skvidal> anf
20:54:42 <skvidal> err and
20:54:44 <skvidal> http://yum.baseurl.org/wiki/WritingYumPlugins
20:55:27 <skvidal> if it were me?
20:55:31 <skvidal> I'd take section 7 out ENTIRELY
20:55:49 <skvidal> since most new repos are added via yum install http://someplace/foo-release-repo.noarch.rpm
20:56:13 <skvidal> section 6.1 is wrong
20:56:20 <skvidal> yum-updatesd needs a solid shot in the head
20:56:23 <skvidal> if you want auto-updating you can:
20:56:27 <skvidal> 1. use PK to do that
20:56:27 <skvidal> or
20:56:31 <skvidal> 2. yum install yum-cron
20:58:27 * Sparks feels like he might be a yum guru by the end of all this
20:58:49 <skvidal> hmm
20:58:53 <skvidal> wait a sec
20:59:08 <skvidal> http://yum.baseurl.org/wiki/Guides
20:59:13 <skvidal> maybe worth looking at some of those
20:59:39 <Sparks> Cool
21:03:49 <skvidal> Sparks: that's a lot of it, really.
21:03:53 <skvidal> but I think history
21:04:47 <skvidal> is a good command to highliht
21:04:57 <skvidal> and this is a good set of docs, I think
21:04:58 <skvidal> http://yum.baseurl.org/wiki/YumCommands
21:05:13 <Sparks> skvidal: Cool.  I'll clean up those areas you mentioned and push it out.
21:05:19 <skvidal> cool
21:05:44 <Sparks> skvidal: We'll take bug tickets on things that need to be updated after that.
21:05:49 <Sparks> skvidal: Thank you!
21:06:07 <skvidal> :)
21:06:26 <Sparks> #endmeeting

Comment 1 eric@christensenplace.us 2010-06-15 21:13:59 UTC
Working on it now.

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