Bug 801882 - Couldn't generate backtrace with Retrace Server
Couldn't generate backtrace with Retrace Server
Product: Fedora
Classification: Fedora
Component: retrace-server (Show other bugs)
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: ---
Assigned To: abrt
Fedora Extras Quality Assurance
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Reported: 2012-03-09 13:14 EST by Mikhail
Modified: 2012-03-12 10:06 EDT (History)
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Last Closed: 2012-03-12 10:06:21 EDT
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Description Mikhail 2012-03-09 13:14:29 EST
Description of problem:
--- Running analyze_RetraceServer ---
Querying server settings
Preparing an archive to upload
You are going to upload 12 megabytes.Continue? YES
Uploading 12 megabytes
Uploading 4%
Uploading 6%
Uploading 8%
Uploading 12%
Uploading 16%
Uploading 18%
Uploading 21%
Uploading 23%
Uploading 27%
Uploading 29%
Uploading 33%
Uploading 35%
Uploading 38%
Uploading 40%
Uploading 43%
Uploading 47%
Uploading 50%
Uploading 54%
Uploading 59%
Uploading 62%
Uploading 65%
Uploading 68%
Uploading 70%
Uploading 73%
Uploading 75%
Uploading 78%
Uploading 80%
Uploading 84%
Uploading 87%
Uploading 90%
Uploading 92%
Uploading 95%
Uploading 98%
Upload successful
Retrace job started
Initializing virtual root
Initializing virtual root
Initializing virtual root
Initializing virtual root
Retrace job failed
Retrace failed. Try again later and if the problem persists report this issue please.
Analyzing crash data OK
Initializing virtual root Error 25:
=== OUTPUT ===
INFO: mock.py version 1.1.18 starting...
State Changed: init plugins
INFO: selinux enabled
State Changed: start
State Changed: lock buildroot
State Changed: clean
State Changed: unlock buildroot
State Changed: init
State Changed: lock buildroot
Mock Version: 1.1.18
INFO: Mock Version: 1.1.18
INFO: calling preinit hooks
State Changed: running yum
ERROR: Command failed: 
 # ['/usr/bin/yum', '--installroot', '/var/lib/mock/478674034/root/', '--skip-broken', 'install', 'tracker-0.13.1-1.fc17', '1:NetworkManager-debuginfo-', 'acl-debuginfo-2.2.51-5.fc17.i686', 'attr-debuginfo-2.4.46-5.fc17.i686', 'bzip2-debuginfo-1.0.6-4.fc17.i686', 'bzip2-libs-1.0.6-4.fc17.i686', 'cairo-debuginfo-1.10.2-6.fc17.i686', 'curl-debuginfo-7.24.0-1.fc17.i686', 'cyrus-sasl-debuginfo-2.1.23-29.fc17.i686', '1:dbus-debuginfo-1.4.10-4.fc17.i686', 'dbus-glib-debuginfo-0.92-3.fc17.i686', '1:dbus-libs-1.4.10-4.fc17.i686', 'dconf-0.11.5-1.fc17.i686', 'dconf-debuginfo-0.11.5-1.fc17.i686', 'e2fsprogs-debuginfo-1.42-2.fc17.i686', 'enca-debuginfo-1.13-3.fc17.i686', 'exempi-debuginfo-2.2.0-1.fc17.i686', 'expat-2.0.1-12.fc17.i686', 'expat-debuginfo-2.0.1-12.fc17.i686', 'flac-debuginfo-1.2.1-9.fc17.i686', 'fontconfig-debuginfo-2.8.0-5.fc17.i686', 'freetype-debuginfo-2.4.8-2.fc17.i686', 'gcc-base-debuginfo-4.7.0-0.16.fc17.i686', 'gdk-pixbuf2-2.25.2-1.fc17.i686', 'gdk-pixbuf2-debuginfo-2.25.2-1.fc17.i686', 'giflib-debuginfo-4.1.6-5.fc17.i686', 'glib2-debuginfo-2.31.20-1.fc17.i686', 'glibc-2.15-23.fc17.i686', 'glibc-debuginfo-2.15-23.fc17.i686', 'gmime-debuginfo-2.6.4-1.fc17.i686', 'gpgme-debuginfo-1.3.0-6.fc17.i686', 'gstreamer-0.10.36-1.fc17.i686', 'gstreamer-debuginfo-0.10.36-1.fc17.i686', 'gstreamer-plugins-bad-free-0.10.23-2.fc17.i686', 'gstreamer-plugins-bad-free-debuginfo-0.10.23-2.fc17.i686', 'gstreamer-plugins-base-0.10.36-1.fc17.i686', 'gstreamer-plugins-base-debuginfo-0.10.36-1.fc17.i686', 'gstreamer-plugins-good-0.10.31-1.fc17.i686', 'gstreamer-plugins-good-debuginfo-0.10.31-1.fc17.i686', 'gvfs-1.11.4-1.fc17.i686', 'gvfs-debuginfo-1.11.4-1.fc17.i686', 'keyutils-debuginfo-1.5.5-2.fc17.i686', 'keyutils-libs-1.5.5-2.fc17.i686', 'krb5-debuginfo-1.10-4.fc17.i686', 'krb5-libs-1.10-4.fc17.i686', 'lcms-debuginfo-1.19-5.fc17.i686', 'libICE-debuginfo-1.0.8-1.fc17.i686', 'libSM-debuginfo-1.2.1-1.fc17.i686', 'libX11-debuginfo-', 'libXau-debuginfo-1.0.6-3.fc17.i686', 'libXrender-debuginfo-0.9.6-3.fc17.i686', 'libarchive-debuginfo-3.0.3-2.fc17.i686', 'libassuan-debuginfo-2.0.1-2.fc17.i686', 'libbluray-debuginfo-0.2.1-2.fc17.i686', 'libcom_err-1.42-2.fc17.i686', 'libexif-debuginfo-0.6.20-2.fc17.i686', 'libffi-debuginfo-3.0.10-2.fc17.i686', 'libgcc-4.7.0-0.16.fc17.i686', 'libgcrypt-1.5.0-3.fc17.i686', 'libgcrypt-debuginfo-1.5.0-3.fc17.i686', 'libgnome-keyring-debuginfo-3.3.5-1.fc17.i686', 'libgpg-error-1.10-2.fc17.i686', 'libgpg-error-debuginfo-1.10-2.fc17.i686', 'libgsf-debuginfo-1.14.21-3.fc17.i686', 'libidn-1.24-1.fc17.i686', 'libidn-debuginfo-1.24-1.fc17.i686', 'libiptcdata-debuginfo-1.0.4-7.fc17.i686', 'libjpeg-turbo-debuginfo-1.1.1-4.fc17.i686', '2:libogg-debuginfo-1.2.2-4.fc17.i686', '2:libpng-debuginfo-1.5.8-2.fc17.i686', 'libquvi-debuginfo-0.4.0-6.fc17.i686', 'libselinux-debuginfo-2.1.9-9.fc17.i686', 'libsoup-debuginfo-2.37.91-1.fc17.i686', 'libssh2-debuginfo-1.4.0-1.fc17.i686', '1:libtheora-debuginfo-1.1.1-3.fc17.i686', 'libtiff-debuginfo-3.9.5-2.fc17.i686', 'libunistring-debuginfo-0.9.3-3.fc17.i686', '1:libvorbis-debuginfo-1.3.3-1.fc17.i686', 'libvpx-debuginfo-1.0.0-1.fc17.i686', 'libxcb-debuginfo-1.8-2.fc17.i686', 'libxml2-debuginfo-2.7.8-7.fc17.i686', 'lua-debuginfo-5.1.4-10.fc17.i686', 'nspr-debuginfo-4.9-0.2.fc17.beta3.1.i686', 'nss-debuginfo-3.13.1-13.fc17.i686', 'nss-softokn-debuginfo-3.13.1-20.fc17.i686', 'nss-util-debuginfo-3.13.1-3.fc17.i686', 'openjpeg-debuginfo-1.4-11.fc17.i686', 'openldap-debuginfo-2.4.30-1.fc17.i686', '1:openssl-1.0.0g-4.fc17.i686', '1:openssl-debuginfo-1.0.0g-4.fc17.i686', 'orc-debuginfo-0.4.16-5.fc17.i686', 'pixman-debuginfo-0.24.2-1.fc17.i686', 'poppler-debuginfo-0.18.4-1.fc17.i686', 'sqlite-debuginfo-3.7.9-1.fc17.i686', 'totem-pl-parser-debuginfo-3.2.0-1.fc17.i686', 'tracker-0.12.9-2.fc17.i686', 'tracker-debuginfo-0.12.9-2.fc17.i686', 'tracker-devel-0.12.9-2.fc17.i686', 'tracker-evolution-plugin-0.12.9-2.fc17.i686', 'tracker-nautilus-plugin-0.12.9-2.fc17.i686', 'tracker-ui-tools-0.12.9-2.fc17.i686', 'udev-debuginfo-181-2.fc17.i686', 'util-linux-debuginfo-2.21-2.fc17.i686', 'wavpack-debuginfo-4.60.1-3.fc17.i686', 'xz-debuginfo-5.1.1-2alpha.fc17.i686', 'zlib-1.2.5-6.fc17.i686', 'zlib-debuginfo-1.2.5-6.fc17.i686', 'shadow-utils', 'gdb', 'rpm', '--setopt=tsflags=nocontexts']

 Package                          Arch   Version                   Repository
 NetworkManager-debuginfo         i686   1:
                                                                   fedora 3.3 M
 acl-debuginfo                    i686   2.2.51-5.fc17             fedora 126 k
 attr-debuginfo                   i686   2.4.46-5.fc17             fedora  69 k
 bzip2-debuginfo                  i686   1.0.6-4.fc17              fedora 123 k
 bzip2-libs                       i686   1.0.6-4.fc17              fedora  38 k
 cairo-debuginfo                  i686   1.10.2-6.fc17             fedora 1.6 M
 curl-debuginfo                   i686   7.24.0-1.fc17             fedora 1.2 M
 cyrus-sasl-debuginfo             i686   2.1.23-29.fc17            fedora 624 k
 dbus-debuginfo                   i686   1:1.4.10-4.fc17           fedora 1.2 M
 dbus-glib-debuginfo              i686   0.92-3.fc17               fedora 301 k
 dbus-libs                        i686   1:1.4.10-4.fc17           fedora 137 k
 dconf                            i686   0.11.5-1.fc17             fedora  66 k
 dconf-debuginfo                  i686   0.11.5-1.fc17             fedora 356 k
 e2fsprogs-debuginfo              i686   1.42-2.fc17               fedora 1.3 M
 enca-debuginfo                   i686   1.13-3.fc17               fedora 205 k
 exempi-debuginfo                 i686   2.2.0-1.fc17              fedora 2.5 M
 expat                            i686   2.0.1-12.fc17             fedora  76 k
 expat-debuginfo                  i686   2.0.1-12.fc17             fedora 189 k
 flac-debuginfo                   i686   1.2.1-9.fc17              fedora 714 k
 fontconfig-debuginfo             i686   2.8.0-5.fc17              fedora 363 k
 freetype-debuginfo               i686   2.4.8-2.fc17              fedora 1.8 M
 gcc-base-debuginfo               i686   4.7.0-0.16.fc17           fedora 2.4 M
 gdb                              i686   fedora 1.9 M
 gdk-pixbuf2                      i686   2.25.2-1.fc17             fedora 499 k
 gdk-pixbuf2-debuginfo            i686   2.25.2-1.fc17             fedora 558 k
 giflib-debuginfo                 i686   4.1.6-5.fc17              fedora 271 k
 glib2-debuginfo                  i686   2.31.20-1.fc17            fedora 4.3 M
 glibc                            i686   2.15-23.fc17              fedora 4.1 M
 glibc-debuginfo                  i686   2.15-23.fc17              fedora  10 M
 gmime-debuginfo                  i686   2.6.4-1.fc17              fedora 566 k
 gpgme-debuginfo                  i686   1.3.0-6.fc17              fedora 394 k
 gstreamer                        i686   0.10.36-1.fc17            fedora 939 k
 gstreamer-debuginfo              i686   0.10.36-1.fc17            fedora 2.4 M
 gstreamer-plugins-bad-free       i686   0.10.23-2.fc17            fedora 1.3 M
                                  i686   0.10.23-2.fc17            fedora 6.1 M
 gstreamer-plugins-base           i686   0.10.36-1.fc17            fedora 1.2 M
 gstreamer-plugins-base-debuginfo i686   0.10.36-1.fc17            fedora 3.8 M
 gstreamer-plugins-good           i686   0.10.31-1.fc17            fedora 1.4 M
 gstreamer-plugins-good-debuginfo i686   0.10.31-1.fc17            fedora 5.2 M
 gvfs                             i686   1.11.4-1.fc17             fedora 1.0 M
 gvfs-debuginfo                   i686   1.11.4-1.fc17             fedora 2.9 M
 keyutils-debuginfo               i686   1.5.5-2.fc17              fedora  76 k
 keyutils-libs                    i686   1.5.5-2.fc17              fedora  23 k
 krb5-debuginfo                   i686   1.10-4.fc17               fedora 4.0 M
 krb5-libs                        i686   1.10-4.fc17               fedora 741 k
 lcms-debuginfo                   i686   1.19-5.fc17               fedora 821 k
 libICE-debuginfo                 i686   1.0.8-1.fc17              fedora 131 k
 libSM-debuginfo                  i686   1.2.1-1.fc17              fedora  51 k
 libX11-debuginfo                 i686           fedora 1.9 M
 libXau-debuginfo                 i686   1.0.6-3.fc17              fedora  24 k
 libXrender-debuginfo             i686   0.9.6-3.fc17              fedora  85 k
 libarchive-debuginfo             i686   3.0.3-2.fc17              fedora 1.0 M
 libassuan-debuginfo              i686   2.0.1-2.fc17              fedora 132 k
 libbluray-debuginfo              i686   0.2.1-2.fc17              fedora 389 k
 libcom_err                       i686   1.42-2.fc17               fedora  36 k
 libexif-debuginfo                i686   0.6.20-2.fc17             fedora 180 k
 libffi-debuginfo                 i686   3.0.10-2.fc17             fedora 101 k
 libgcc                           i686   4.7.0-0.16.fc17           fedora  83 k
 libgcrypt                        i686   1.5.0-3.fc17              fedora 240 k
 libgcrypt-debuginfo              i686   1.5.0-3.fc17              fedora 792 k
 libgnome-keyring-debuginfo       i686   3.3.5-1.fc17              fedora 193 k
 libgpg-error                     i686   1.10-2.fc17               fedora  75 k
 libgpg-error-debuginfo           i686   1.10-2.fc17               fedora  51 k
 libgsf-debuginfo                 i686   1.14.21-3.fc17            fedora 445 k
 libidn                           i686   1.24-1.fc17               fedora 201 k
 libidn-debuginfo                 i686   1.24-1.fc17               fedora 171 k
 libiptcdata-debuginfo            i686   1.0.4-7.fc17              fedora 102 k
 libjpeg-turbo-debuginfo          i686   1.1.1-4.fc17              fedora 550 k
 libogg-debuginfo                 i686   2:1.2.2-4.fc17            fedora  41 k
 libpng-debuginfo                 i686   2:1.5.8-2.fc17            fedora 511 k
 libquvi-debuginfo                i686   0.4.0-6.fc17              fedora  66 k
 libselinux-debuginfo             i686   2.1.9-9.fc17              fedora 761 k
 libsoup-debuginfo                i686   2.37.91-1.fc17            fedora 622 k
 libssh2-debuginfo                i686   1.4.0-1.fc17              fedora 284 k
 libtheora-debuginfo              i686   1:1.1.1-3.fc17            fedora 493 k
 libtiff-debuginfo                i686   3.9.5-2.fc17              fedora 827 k
 libunistring-debuginfo           i686   0.9.3-3.fc17              fedora 793 k
 libvorbis-debuginfo              i686   1:1.3.3-1.fc17            fedora 476 k
 libvpx-debuginfo                 i686   1.0.0-1.fc17              fedora 948 k
 libxcb-debuginfo                 i686   1.8-2.fc17                fedora 494 k
 libxml2-debuginfo                i686   2.7.8-7.fc17              fedora 2.0 M
 lua-debuginfo                    i686   5.1.4-10.fc17             fedora 376 k
 nspr-debuginfo                   i686   4.9-0.2.fc17.beta3.1      fedora 593 k
 nss-debuginfo                    i686   3.13.1-13.fc17            fedora 5.6 M
 nss-softokn-debuginfo            i686   3.13.1-20.fc17            fedora 1.1 M
 nss-util-debuginfo               i686   3.13.1-3.fc17             fedora 210 k
 openjpeg-debuginfo               i686   1.4-11.fc17               fedora 314 k
 openldap-debuginfo               i686   2.4.30-1.fc17             fedora 4.8 M
 openssl                          i686   1:1.0.0g-4.fc17           fedora 1.4 M
 openssl-debuginfo                i686   1:1.0.0g-4.fc17           fedora 3.4 M
 orc-debuginfo                    i686   0.4.16-5.fc17             fedora 432 k
 pixman-debuginfo                 i686   0.24.2-1.fc17             fedora 928 k
 poppler-debuginfo                i686   0.18.4-1.fc17             fedora 4.3 M
 rpm                              i686           fedora 989 k
 shadow-utils                     i686   2:         fedora 904 k
 sqlite-debuginfo                 i686   3.7.9-1.fc17              fedora 1.9 M
 totem-pl-parser-debuginfo        i686   3.2.0-1.fc17              fedora 183 k
 tracker                          i686   0.12.9-2.fc17             fedora 1.2 M
 tracker                          i686   0.13.1-1.fc17             fedora 1.2 M
 tracker-debuginfo                i686   0.12.9-2.fc17             fedora 2.9 M
 tracker-devel                    i686   0.12.9-2.fc17             fedora  53 k
 tracker-evolution-plugin         i686   0.12.9-2.fc17             fedora  31 k
 tracker-nautilus-plugin          i686   0.12.9-2.fc17             fedora  26 k
 tracker-ui-tools                 i686   0.12.9-2.fc17             fedora 126 k
 udev-debuginfo                   i686   181-2.fc17                fedora 622 k
 util-linux-debuginfo             i686   2.21-2.fc17               fedora 2.0 M
 wavpack-debuginfo                i686   4.60.1-3.fc17             fedora 300 k
 xz-debuginfo                     i686   5.1.1-2alpha.fc17         fedora 520 k
 zlib                             i686   1.2.5-6.fc17              fedora  83 k
 zlib-debuginfo                   i686   1.2.5-6.fc17              fedora 235 k
Installing for dependencies:
 GConf2                           i686   3.2.3-4.fc17              fedora 991 k
 NetworkManager-glib              i686   1:
                                                                   fedora 276 k
 abattis-cantarell-fonts          noarch 0.0.7-2.fc17              fedora  62 k
 acl                              i686   2.2.51-5.fc17             fedora  76 k
 adwaita-cursor-theme             noarch 3.3.91-1.fc17             fedora 121 k
 adwaita-gtk2-theme               i686   3.3.91-1.fc17             fedora  12 k
 adwaita-gtk3-theme               i686   3.3.91-1.fc17             fedora  62 k
 alsa-lib                         i686   1.0.25-3.fc17             fedora 361 k
 atk                              i686   2.3.91-1.fc17             fedora 222 k
 atk-devel                        i686   2.3.91-1.fc17             fedora 143 k
 audit-libs                       i686   2.2-1.fc17                fedora  64 k
 authconfig                       i686   6.2.1-1.fc17              fedora 367 k
 autoconf                         noarch 2.68-3.fc17               fedora 859 k
 automake                         noarch 1.11.3-1.fc17             fedora 645 k
 avahi                            i686   0.6.30-7.fc17             fedora 254 k
 avahi-glib                       i686   0.6.30-7.fc17             fedora  22 k
 avahi-libs                       i686   0.6.30-7.fc17             fedora  57 k
 basesystem                       noarch 10.0-6.fc17               fedora 4.6 k
 bash                             i686   4.2.20-4.fc17             fedora 962 k
 beefy-miracle-backgrounds-gnome  noarch 16.91.0-2.fc17            fedora 4.3 k
 beefy-miracle-backgrounds-single noarch 16.91.0-2.fc17            fedora 6.6 M
 ca-certificates                  noarch 2012.81-1.fc17            fedora 371 k
 cairo                            i686   1.10.2-6.fc17             fedora 454 k
 cairo-devel                      i686   1.10.2-6.fc17             fedora 579 k
 cairo-gobject                    i686   1.10.2-6.fc17             fedora  20 k
 cdparanoia-libs                  i686   10.2-11.fc17              fedora  48 k
 celt                             i686   0.11.1-3.fc17             fedora  70 k
 chkconfig                        i686   1.3.59-1.fc17             fedora 161 k
 color-filesystem                 noarch 1-9                       fedora 4.7 k
 colord                           i686   0.1.17-1.fc17             fedora 167 k
 coreutils                        i686   8.15-6.fc17               fedora 3.0 M
 cpio                             i686   2.11-6.fc17               fedora 203 k
 cracklib                         i686   2.8.18-3.fc17             fedora  72 k
 cracklib-dicts                   i686   2.8.18-3.fc17             fedora 3.5 M
 cryptsetup                       i686   1.4.1-2.fc17              fedora 114 k
 cryptsetup-libs                  i686   1.4.1-2.fc17              fedora  62 k
 cups-libs                        i686   1:1.5.2-1.fc17            fedora 359 k
 curl                             i686   7.24.0-1.fc17             fedora 241 k
 cyrus-sasl-lib                   i686   2.1.23-29.fc17            fedora 138 k
 db4                              i686   4.8.30-9.fc17             fedora 620 k
 dbus                             i686   1:1.4.10-4.fc17           fedora 217 k
 dbus-devel                       i686   1:1.4.10-4.fc17           fedora  49 k
 dbus-glib                        i686   0.92-3.fc17               fedora 179 k
 dbus-glib-devel                  i686   0.92-3.fc17               fedora  61 k
 desktop-backgrounds-gnome        noarch 17.0.0-1.fc17             fedora  13 k
 desktop-file-utils               i686   0.19-6.fc17               fedora  55 k
 device-mapper                    i686   1.02.74-1.fc17            fedora 152 k
 device-mapper-libs               i686   1.02.74-1.fc17            fedora 176 k
 dirac-libs                       i686   1.0.2-7.fc17              fedora 249 k
 dosfstools                       i686   3.0.12-2.fc17             fedora  81 k
 dracut                           noarch 017-40.git20120308.fc17   fedora 181 k
 e2fsprogs                        i686   1.42-2.fc17               fedora 629 k
 e2fsprogs-libs                   i686   1.42-2.fc17               fedora 159 k
 elfutils-libelf                  i686   0.153-1.fc17              fedora 178 k
 enca                             i686   1.13-3.fc17               fedora  98 k
 enchant                          i686   1:1.6.0-4.fc17            fedora  50 k
 evolution                        i686   3.3.5-1.fc17              fedora 8.5 M
 evolution-data-server            i686   3.3.91-1.fc17             fedora 2.8 M
 exempi                           i686   2.2.0-1.fc17              fedora 405 k
 fedora-release                   noarch 17-0.9                    fedora  26 k
 fftw-libs                        i686   3.3-4.fc17                fedora 2.3 M
 filesystem                       i686   3-2.fc17                  fedora 1.0 M
 findutils                        i686   1:4.5.10-4.fc17           fedora 526 k
 flac                             i686   1.2.1-9.fc17              fedora 859 k
 fontconfig                       i686   2.8.0-5.fc17              fedora 185 k
 fontconfig-devel                 i686   2.8.0-5.fc17              fedora 199 k
 fontpackages-filesystem          noarch 1.44-3.fc17               fedora 9.1 k
 freetype                         i686   2.4.8-2.fc17              fedora 373 k
 freetype-devel                   i686   2.4.8-2.fc17              fedora 345 k
 fribidi                          i686   0.19.2-4.fc17             fedora  51 k
 gamin                            i686   0.1.10-12.fc17            fedora 120 k
 gawk                             i686   4.0.0-4.fc17              fedora 813 k
 gd                               i686   2.0.35-16.fc17            fedora 142 k
 gdbm                             i686   1.10-2.fc17               fedora  66 k
 gdisk                            i686   0.8.2-1.fc17              fedora 169 k
 gdk-pixbuf2-devel                i686   2.25.2-1.fc17             fedora 195 k
 geoclue                          i686   0.12.0-10.fc17            fedora  79 k
 giflib                           i686   4.1.6-5.fc17              fedora  37 k
 glib-networking                  i686   2.31.20-1.fc17            fedora  99 k
 glib2                            i686   2.31.20-1.fc17            fedora 1.9 M
 glib2-devel                      i686   2.31.20-1.fc17            fedora 1.8 M
 glibc-common                     i686   2.15-23.fc17              fedora  11 M
 glibc-debuginfo-common           i686   2.15-23.fc17              fedora 7.1 M
 gmime                            i686   2.6.4-1.fc17              fedora 174 k
 gmp                              i686   1:5.0.2-5.fc17            fedora 401 k
 gnome-desktop3                   i686   3.3.91-1.fc17             fedora 562 k
 gnome-icon-theme                 noarch 3.3.91-1.fc17             fedora 9.0 M
 gnome-online-accounts            i686   3.3.0-3.fc17              fedora 213 k
 gnome-themes-standard            i686   3.3.91-1.fc17             fedora 1.5 M
 gnupg2                           i686   2.0.18-3.fc17             fedora 1.3 M
 gnutls                           i686   2.12.17-1.fc17            fedora 377 k
 gobject-introspection            i686   1.31.20-1.fc17            fedora 213 k
 gpgme                            i686   1.3.0-6.fc17              fedora 147 k
 grep                             i686   2.11-1.fc17               fedora 288 k
 grubby                           i686   8.8-3.fc17                fedora  47 k
 gsettings-desktop-schemas        i686   3.3.2-4.fc17              fedora 107 k
 gsm                              i686   1.0.13-6.fc17             fedora  28 k
 gstreamer-tools                  i686   0.10.36-1.fc17            fedora  25 k
 gtk2                             i686   2.24.10-1.fc17            fedora 3.2 M
 gtk2-devel                       i686   2.24.10-1.fc17            fedora 2.9 M
 gtk2-engines                     i686   2.20.2-4.fc17             fedora 284 k
 gtk3                             i686   3.3.18-1.fc17             fedora 3.0 M
 gtkhtml3                         i686   4.3.91-1.fc17             fedora 786 k
 gzip                             i686   1.4-6.fc17                fedora 112 k
 hardlink                         i686   1:1.0-13.fc17             fedora  12 k
 hicolor-icon-theme               noarch 0.12-4.fc17               fedora  42 k
 hostname                         i686   3.10-1.fc17               fedora  21 k
 hunspell                         i686   1.3.2-2.fc17              fedora 213 k
 hwdata                           noarch 0.234-2.fc17              fedora 992 k
 info                             i686   4.13a-16.fc17             fedora 175 k
 initscripts                      i686   9.34-3.fc17               fedora 919 k
 iproute                          i686   3.2.0-3.fc17              fedora 398 k
 iptables                         i686           fedora 325 k
 iputils                          i686   20101006-14.fc17          fedora 128 k
 iso-codes                        noarch 3.32.2-1.fc17             fedora 2.3 M
 jasper-libs                      i686   1.900.1-19.fc17           fedora 141 k
 json-c                           i686   0.9-4.fc17                fedora  20 k
 json-glib                        i686   0.14.2-2.fc17             fedora  73 k
 kbd                              i686   1.15.3-5.fc17             fedora 304 k
 kbd-misc                         noarch 1.15.3-5.fc17             fedora 922 k
 kernel                           i686   3.3.0-0.rc6.git0.2.fc17   fedora  24 M
 kmod                             i686   6-1.fc17                  fedora  65 k
 kmod-libs                        i686   6-1.fc17                  fedora  43 k
 lcms-libs                        i686   1.19-5.fc17               fedora 101 k
 lcms2                            i686   2.3-2.fc17                fedora 128 k
 libICE                           i686   1.0.8-1.fc17              fedora  60 k
 libSM                            i686   1.2.1-1.fc17              fedora  36 k
 libX11                           i686           fedora 588 k
 libX11-common                    noarch           fedora 175 k
 libX11-devel                     i686           fedora 1.0 M
 libXau                           i686   1.0.6-3.fc17              fedora  24 k
 libXau-devel                     i686   1.0.6-3.fc17              fedora  13 k
 libXcomposite                    i686   0.4.3-3.fc17              fedora  20 k
 libXcomposite-devel              i686   0.4.3-3.fc17              fedora  15 k
 libXcursor                       i686   1.1.12-2.fc17             fedora  36 k
 libXcursor-devel                 i686   1.1.12-2.fc17             fedora  22 k
 libXdamage                       i686   1.1.3-3.fc17              fedora  18 k
 libXext                          i686   1.3.0-2.fc17              fedora  34 k
 libXext-devel                    i686   1.3.0-2.fc17              fedora  95 k
 libXfixes                        i686   5.0-2.fc17                fedora  23 k
 libXfixes-devel                  i686   5.0-2.fc17                fedora  12 k
 libXft                           i686   2.2.0-3.fc17              fedora  52 k
 libXft-devel                     i686   2.2.0-3.fc17              fedora  18 k
 libXi                            i686
                                                                   fedora  35 k
 libXi-devel                      i686
                                                                   fedora 102 k
 libXinerama                      i686   1.1.1-3.fc17              fedora  19 k
 libXinerama-devel                i686   1.1.1-3.fc17              fedora  13 k
 libXpm                           i686   3.5.8-4.fc17              fedora  58 k
 libXrandr                        i686   1.3.1-3.fc17              fedora  33 k
 libXrandr-devel                  i686   1.3.1-3.fc17              fedora  19 k
 libXrender                       i686   0.9.6-3.fc17              fedora  28 k
 libXrender-devel                 i686   0.9.6-3.fc17              fedora  16 k
 libXt                            i686   1.1.1-2.fc17              fedora 177 k
 libXtst                          i686   1.2.0-3.fc17              fedora  26 k
 libXv                            i686   1.0.6-3.fc17              fedora  23 k
 libXxf86vm                       i686   1.1.1-3.fc17              fedora  21 k
 libacl                           i686   2.2.51-5.fc17             fedora  25 k
 libarchive                       i686   3.0.3-2.fc17              fedora 273 k
 libass                           i686   0.10.0-2.fc17             fedora  58 k
 libassuan                        i686   2.0.1-2.fc17              fedora  59 k
 libasyncns                       i686   0.8-3.fc17                fedora  25 k
 libatasmart                      i686   0.18-2.fc17               fedora  40 k
 libattr                          i686   2.4.46-5.fc17             fedora  16 k
 libavc1394                       i686   0.5.3-11.fc17             fedora  46 k
 libblkid                         i686   2.21-2.fc17               fedora 129 k
 libbluray                        i686   0.2.1-2.fc17              fedora 134 k
 libcanberra                      i686   0.28-6.fc17               fedora  72 k
 libcanberra-gtk3                 i686   0.28-6.fc17               fedora  26 k
 libcap                           i686   2.22-2.fc17               fedora  41 k
 libcap-ng                        i686   0.6.6-2.fc17              fedora  22 k
 libcdaudio                       i686   0.99.12p2-15.fc17         fedora  39 k
 libcdio                          i686   0.83-2.fc17               fedora 255 k
 libcroco                         i686   0.6.4-1.fc17              fedora  98 k
 libcue                           i686   1.3.0-4.fc17              fedora  28 k
 libcurl                          i686   7.24.0-1.fc17             fedora 199 k
 libdaemon                        i686   0.14-3.fc17               fedora  28 k
 libdb                            i686   5.2.36-5.fc17             fedora 703 k
 libdb-utils                      i686   5.2.36-5.fc17             fedora  86 k
 libdc1394                        i686   2.1.4-2.fc17              fedora 118 k
 libdrm                           i686   2.4.31-4.fc17             fedora 106 k
 libdv                            i686   1.0.0-13.fc17             fedora  75 k
 libdvdnav                        i686   4.2.0-2.fc17              fedora  54 k
 libdvdread                       i686   4.2.0-2.fc17              fedora  62 k
 libexif                          i686   0.6.20-2.fc17             fedora 318 k
 libffi                           i686   3.0.10-2.fc17             fedora  23 k
 libgdata                         i686   0.11.0-3.fc17             fedora 320 k
 libgee06                         i686   0.6.4-1.fc17              fedora 117 k
 libgnome-keyring                 i686   3.3.5-1.fc17              fedora  94 k
 libgphoto2                       i686   2.4.11-3.fc17             fedora 1.0 M
 libgsf                           i686   1.14.21-3.fc17            fedora 145 k
 libgudev1                        i686   181-2.fc17                fedora  65 k
 libgusb                          i686   0.1.3-2.fc17              fedora  28 k
 libgweather                      i686   3.2.1-2.fc17              fedora 3.0 M
 libical                          i686   0.48-2.fc17               fedora 169 k
 libicu                           i686            fedora 5.3 M
 libiec61883                      i686   1.2.0-7.fc17              fedora  37 k
 libieee1284                      i686   0.2.11-11.fc17            fedora  36 k
 libimobiledevice                 i686   1.1.1-5.fc17              fedora 105 k
 libiptcdata                      i686   1.0.4-7.fc17              fedora  53 k
 libjpeg-turbo                    i686   1.2.0-1.fc17              fedora 121 k
 libkate                          i686   0.3.8-5.fc17              fedora  47 k
 libmodman                        i686   2.0.1-3.fc17              fedora  26 k
 libmodplug                       i686   1:          fedora 160 k
 libmount                         i686   2.21-2.fc17               fedora 126 k
 libmpcdec                        i686   1.2.6-8.fc17              fedora  26 k
 libnotify                        i686   0.7.3-2.fc17              fedora  36 k
 liboauth                         i686   0.9.6-1.fc17              fedora  21 k
 libofa                           i686   0.9.3-20.fc17             fedora  59 k
 libogg                           i686   2:1.2.2-4.fc17            fedora  23 k
 libosinfo                        i686   0.1.0-1.fc17              fedora 382 k
 libpciaccess                     i686   0.12.902-5.fc17           fedora  25 k
 libplist                         i686   1.7-1.fc17                fedora  51 k
 libpng                           i686   2:1.5.8-2.fc17            fedora 209 k
 libpng-devel                     i686   2:1.5.8-2.fc17            fedora 119 k
 libproxy                         i686   0.4.7-4.fc17              fedora  61 k
 libpwquality                     i686   1.0.0-2.fc17              fedora  48 k
 libquadmath                      i686   4.7.0-0.19.fc17           fedora 206 k
 libquvi                          i686   0.4.0-6.fc17              fedora  34 k
 libquvi-scripts                  noarch 0.4.2-2.fc17              fedora  50 k
 libraw1394                       i686   2.0.7-2.fc17              fedora  58 k
 librsvg2                         i686   2.35.2-1.fc17             fedora 129 k
 libselinux                       i686   2.1.9-9.fc17              fedora 118 k
 libsemanage                      i686   2.1.6-3.fc17              fedora 109 k
 libsepol                         i686   2.1.4-6.fc17              fedora 135 k
 libshout                         i686   2.2.2-7.fc17              fedora  42 k
 libsndfile                       i686   1.0.25-2.fc17             fedora 154 k
 libsoup                          i686   2.37.91-1.fc17            fedora 218 k
 libss                            i686   1.42-2.fc17               fedora  40 k
 libssh2                          i686   1.4.0-1.fc17              fedora 122 k
 libstdc++                        i686   4.7.0-0.19.fc17           fedora 283 k
 libtasn1                         i686   2.7-3.fc17                fedora 319 k
 libtdb                           i686   1.2.9-14.fc17             fedora  35 k
 libthai                          i686   0.1.14-5.fc17             fedora 185 k
 libtheora                        i686   1:1.1.1-3.fc17            fedora 131 k
 libtiff                          i686   3.9.5-2.fc17              fedora 137 k
 libtool-ltdl                     i686   2.4.2-3.fc17              fedora  45 k
 libudev                          i686   181-2.fc17                fedora  78 k
 libudisks2                       i686   1.93.0-1.fc17             fedora  82 k
 libunistring                     i686   0.9.3-3.fc17              fedora 291 k
 libusb                           i686   1:0.1.3-10.fc17           fedora  17 k
 libusb1                          i686   1.0.9-0.4.rc1.fc17        fedora  81 k
 libutempter                      i686   1.1.5-6.fc17              fedora  23 k
 libuuid                          i686   2.21-2.fc17               fedora  66 k
 libv4l                           i686   0.8.5-2.fc17              fedora 121 k
 libvdpau                         i686   0.4.1-5.fc17              fedora  23 k
 libvisual                        i686   0.4.0-11.fc17             fedora 136 k
 libvorbis                        i686   1:1.3.3-1.fc17            fedora 186 k
 libvpx                           i686   1.0.0-1.fc17              fedora 196 k
 libxcb                           i686   1.8-2.fc17                fedora 120 k
 libxcb-devel                     i686   1.8-2.fc17                fedora 164 k
 libxml2                          i686   2.7.8-7.fc17              fedora 1.2 M
 libxslt                          i686   1.1.26-9.fc17             fedora 414 k
 linux-atm-libs                   i686   2.5.1-4.fc17              fedora  25 k
 linux-firmware                   noarch 20120206-0.1.git06c8f81.fc17
                                                                   fedora  10 M
 llvm-libs                        i686   3.0-8.fc17                fedora 6.2 M
 lockdev                          i686   1.0.4-0.4.20111007git.fc17
                                                                   fedora  28 k
 lua                              i686   5.1.4-10.fc17             fedora 208 k
 m4                               i686   1.4.16-3.fc17             fedora 248 k
 mesa-dri-drivers                 i686   8.0.1-2.fc17              fedora  10 M
 mesa-dri-filesystem              i686   8.0.1-2.fc17              fedora  22 k
 mesa-libGL                       i686   8.0.1-2.fc17              fedora 146 k
 mesa-libGLES                     i686   8.0.1-2.fc17              fedora  70 k
 mingetty                         i686   1.08-10.fc17              fedora  22 k
 mtools                           i686   4.0.17-2.fc17             fedora 195 k
 nautilus                         i686   3.3.91-1.fc17             fedora 2.7 M
 nautilus-extensions              i686   3.3.91-1.fc17             fedora  60 k
 ncurses                          i686   5.9-4.20120204.fc17       fedora 285 k
 ncurses-base                     i686   5.9-4.20120204.fc17       fedora  66 k
 ncurses-libs                     i686   5.9-4.20120204.fc17       fedora 260 k
 net-tools                        i686   1.60-134.20120127git.fc17 fedora 264 k
 netxen-firmware                  noarch 4.0.534-5.fc17            fedora 1.1 M
 newt                             i686   0.52.14-2.fc17            fedora 100 k
 newt-python                      i686   0.52.14-2.fc17            fedora  50 k
 notification-daemon              i686   0.7.3-3.fc17              fedora  67 k
 nspr                             i686   4.9-0.2.fc17.beta3.1      fedora 115 k
 nss                              i686   3.13.1-13.fc17            fedora 759 k
 nss-myhostname                   i686   0.3-2.fc17                fedora  22 k
 nss-softokn                      i686   3.13.1-20.fc17            fedora 179 k
 nss-softokn-freebl               i686   3.13.1-20.fc17            fedora 123 k
 nss-sysinit                      i686   3.13.1-13.fc17            fedora  35 k
 nss-util                         i686   3.13.1-3.fc17             fedora  52 k
 ntfs-3g                          i686   2:2012.1.15-1.fc17        fedora 273 k
 ntfsprogs                        i686   2:2012.1.15-1.fc17        fedora 244 k
 openjpeg-libs                    i686   1.4-11.fc17               fedora  84 k
 openldap                         i686   2.4.30-1.fc17             fedora 274 k
 orc                              i686   0.4.16-5.fc17             fedora 152 k
 p11-kit                          i686   0.11-1.fc17               fedora  36 k
 pam                              i686   1.1.5-5.fc17              fedora 658 k
 pango                            i686   1.29.5-2.fc17             fedora 371 k
 pango-devel                      i686   1.29.5-2.fc17             fedora 299 k
 parted                           i686   3.0-7.fc17                fedora 498 k
 pcre                             i686   8.21-2.fc17.1             fedora 234 k
 perl                             i686   4:5.14.2-211.fc17         fedora 9.8 M
 perl-Carp                        noarch 1.22-2.fc17               fedora  17 k
 perl-Module-Pluggable            noarch 1:3.90-211.fc17           fedora  47 k
 perl-PathTools                   i686   3.33-211.fc17             fedora 105 k
 perl-Pod-Escapes                 noarch 1:1.04-211.fc17           fedora  40 k
 perl-Pod-Simple                  noarch 1:3.16-211.fc17           fedora 223 k
 perl-Scalar-List-Utils           i686   1.23-211.fc17             fedora  56 k
 perl-Socket                      i686   1.97-2.fc17               fedora  43 k
 perl-libs                        i686   4:5.14.2-211.fc17         fedora 635 k
 perl-macros                      i686   4:5.14.2-211.fc17         fedora  32 k
 perl-threads                     i686   1.86-2.fc17               fedora  47 k
 perl-threads-shared              i686   1.40-2.fc17               fedora  36 k
 pinentry                         i686   0.8.1-6.fc17              fedora  68 k
 pixman                           i686   0.24.2-1.fc17             fedora 219 k
 pixman-devel                     i686   0.24.2-1.fc17             fedora  16 k
 pkgconfig                        i686   1:0.25-4.fc17             fedora  50 k
 pm-utils                         i686   1.4.1-18.fc17             fedora 136 k
 polkit                           i686   0.104-6.fc17              fedora 136 k
 poppler                          i686   0.18.4-1.fc17             fedora 632 k
 poppler-data                     noarch 0.4.5-2.fc17              fedora 2.1 M
 poppler-glib                     i686   0.18.4-1.fc17             fedora  97 k
 popt                             i686   1.13-10.fc17              fedora  39 k
 procps                           i686   3.2.8-26.20110302git.fc17 fedora 201 k
 psmisc                           i686   22.15-1.fc17              fedora 117 k
 pth                              i686   2.0.7-15.fc17             fedora  86 k
 pulseaudio-libs                  i686   1.1-8.fc17                fedora 448 k
 python                           i686   2.7.2-18.fc17             fedora  76 k
 python-libs                      i686   2.7.2-18.fc17             fedora 5.5 M
 readline                         i686   6.2-4.fc17                fedora 183 k
 redhat-menus                     noarch 12.0.2-4.fc17             fedora 148 k
 rest                             i686   0.7.12-2.fc17             fedora  53 k
 rpm-libs                         i686           fedora 247 k
 sane-backends-libs               i686   1.0.22-9.fc17             fedora  77 k
 schroedinger                     i686   1.0.11-1.fc17             fedora 281 k
 sed                              i686   4.2.1-8.fc17              fedora 213 k
 setup                            noarch 2.8.48-1.fc17             fedora 157 k
 shared-color-profiles            noarch 0.1.5-2.fc17              fedora 145 k
 shared-mime-info                 i686   1.0-1.fc17                fedora 256 k
 slang                            i686   2.2.4-3.fc17              fedora 494 k
 sound-theme-freedesktop          noarch 0.7-4.fc17                fedora 388 k
 speex                            i686   1.2-0.14.rc1.fc17         fedora  89 k
 sqlite                           i686   3.7.9-1.fc17              fedora 344 k
 systemd                          i686   43-2.fc17                 fedora 878 k
 systemd-sysv                     i686   43-2.fc17                 fedora  16 k
 sysvinit-tools                   i686   2.88-6.dsf.fc17           fedora  67 k
 taglib                           i686   1.7-3.fc17                fedora 216 k
 tcp_wrappers-libs                i686   7.6-69.fc17               fedora  63 k
 totem-pl-parser                  i686   3.2.0-1.fc17              fedora 183 k
 tzdata                           noarch 2012b-1.fc17              fedora 426 k
 udev                             i686   181-2.fc17                fedora 324 k
 udisks2                          i686   1.93.0-1.fc17             fedora 122 k
 upower                           i686   0.9.15-2.fc17             fedora 111 k
 usbmuxd                          i686   1.0.7-3.fc17              fedora  61 k
 ustr                             i686   1.0.4-12.fc17             fedora  85 k
 util-linux                       i686   2.21-2.fc17               fedora 1.4 M
 wavpack                          i686   4.60.1-3.fc17             fedora 122 k
 webkitgtk3                       i686   1.7.5-3.fc17              fedora 8.3 M
 which                            i686   2.20-3.fc17               fedora  39 k
 xfsprogs                         i686   3.1.7-2.fc17              fedora 749 k
 xml-common                       noarch 0.6.3-36.fc17             fedora  21 k
 xorg-x11-proto-devel             noarch 7.6-20.fc17               fedora 269 k
 xz-libs                          i686   5.1.1-2alpha.fc17         fedora 103 k
 zlib-devel                       i686   1.2.5-6.fc17              fedora  45 k

Transaction Summary
Install     465 Package(s)

Total download size: 345 M
Installed size: 1.4 G
warning: rpmts_HdrFromFdno: Header V3 RSA/SHA256 Signature, key ID 1aca3465: NOKEY
Importing GPG key 0x1ACA3465:
 Userid: "Fedora (17) <fedora@fedoraproject.org>"
 From  : /usr/share/retrace-server/gpg/fedora-17
ERROR with rpm_check_debug vs depsolve:
libtracker-miner-0.12.so.0 is needed by tracker-evolution-plugin-0.12.9-2.fc17.i686
libtracker-sparql-0.12.so.0 is needed by tracker-evolution-plugin-0.12.9-2.fc17.i686
tracker = 0.12.9-2.fc17 is needed by tracker-evolution-plugin-0.12.9-2.fc17.i686
libtracker-sparql-0.12.so.0 is needed by tracker-ui-tools-0.12.9-2.fc17.i686
tracker = 0.12.9-2.fc17 is needed by tracker-ui-tools-0.12.9-2.fc17.i686
libtracker-sparql-0.12.so.0 is needed by tracker-nautilus-plugin-0.12.9-2.fc17.i686
tracker = 0.12.9-2.fc17 is needed by tracker-nautilus-plugin-0.12.9-2.fc17.i686
libtracker-extract-0.12.so.0 is needed by tracker-devel-0.12.9-2.fc17.i686
libtracker-miner-0.12.so.0 is needed by tracker-devel-0.12.9-2.fc17.i686
libtracker-sparql-0.12.so.0 is needed by tracker-devel-0.12.9-2.fc17.i686
tracker = 0.12.9-2.fc17 is needed by tracker-devel-0.12.9-2.fc17.i686
 You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest
Your transaction was saved, rerun it with: yum load-transaction /tmp/yum_save_tx-2012-03-09-18-10REpEf3.yumtx

(exited with 1)
Comment 1 Richard Marko 2012-03-12 10:06:21 EDT
Currently, there's number of broken dependencies for packages in F17 and tracker is one of them -> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/test/2012-March/106078.html

This is not a problem of abrt (or retrace server) and will be resolved sooner or later by Fedora devs (definitely before F17 beta release).

Thanks for reporting, closing as NOTABUG.

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