Bug 1224938 - [rbd-openstack]: Copy-on-write nova ephemeral rbd disk image does not show as a clone of the glance parent image.
Summary: [rbd-openstack]: Copy-on-write nova ephemeral rbd disk image does not show as...
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Product: Red Hat Ceph Storage
Classification: Red Hat
Component: RBD
Version: 1.3.0
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Target Milestone: rc
: 1.3.1
Assignee: Josh Durgin
QA Contact: ceph-qe-bugs
monti lawrence
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Reported: 2015-05-26 09:19 UTC by shilpa
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Description shilpa 2015-05-26 09:19:24 UTC
Description of problem:
Glance and nova uses ceph backend. The nova vm booted from the glance image that makes use of copy-on-write clone, does not show the vm image created as a clone of the parent image. 

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):
RHOSP 6 (juno)

How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a glance image on rbd pool
2. Boot a nova instance with the glance image created. The instance image is in a different rbd pool.
3. Check the info on the ephemeral disk image.

Actual results:
The image does not show as a clone and does not list the glance image as a parent image.

Expected results: 
The nova disk image should show as a clone. I do see from "ceph df" that it occupies very small space when compared to the parent image.

Comment 2 Josh Durgin 2015-05-26 13:49:45 UTC
This should be a clone (it should show a parent in 'rbd info'), but there are several ways configuration can stop that from happening. Can you attach /etc/glance/glance-api.conf and /etc/nova/nova.conf?

Other things to check: 
1) the image must be raw according to glance
2) the capabilities for the rados user must be able to access both pools - what are the caps according to 'ceph auth list'?

Comment 3 shilpa 2015-05-27 08:09:25 UTC
Have attached glance and nova.conf. 

Here is a snip of both:

show_image_direct_url = True
default_store = rbd

rbd_store_user = glance
rbd_store_pool = images
rbd_store_chunk_size = 8
rbd_store_ceph_conf = /etc/ceph/ceph.conf


images_type = rbd
images_rbd_pool = vms
images_rbd_ceph_conf = /etc/ceph/ceph.conf
rbd_user = cinder
rbd_secret_uuid = fb0040d4-3b4a-48dd-9982-eb7dde3ada3a
inject_password = false
inject_key = false
inject_partition = -2

Info on the glance image created with disk-format raw:

# glance image-show cirros-raw1
| Property         | Value                                |
| checksum         | 133eae9fb1c98f45894a4e60d8736619     |
| container_format | ovf                                  |
| created_at       | 2015-05-27T06:15:36                  |
| deleted          | False                                |
| disk_format      | raw                                  |
| id               | 74e7d399-c4d1-40fe-8d89-168aac5b920f |
| is_public        | True                                 |
| min_disk         | 0                                    |
| min_ram          | 0                                    |
| name             | cirros-raw1                          |
| owner            | 21c276f413af40459eea2448b45021a5     |
| protected        | False                                |
| size             | 13200896                             |
| status           | active                               |
| updated_at       | 2015-05-27T06:15:41                  |

Booted a vm with flavor option-2 (20G)

# rbd ls -l images
74e7d399-c4d1-40fe-8d89-168aac5b920f      12891k          2           
74e7d399-c4d1-40fe-8d89-168aac5b920f@snap 12891k          2 yes       

# rbd ls -l vms
NAME                                        SIZE PARENT FMT PROT LOCK 
5a7a2067-a50d-4e35-b967-36948dd4e53c_disk 20480M          2  

# rbd info vms/5a7a2067-a50d-4e35-b967-36948dd4e53c_disk
rbd image '5a7a2067-a50d-4e35-b967-36948dd4e53c_disk':
	size 20480 MB in 5120 objects
	order 22 (4096 kB objects)
	block_name_prefix: rbd_data.1ddf2ae8944a
	format: 2
	features: layering

Auth list for openstack clients:

	key: AQDKUWRVX4NSBhAAF38BQwusQzOqConNJ9oPxw==
	caps: [mon] allow r
	caps: [osd] allow class-read object_prefix rbd_children, allow rwx pool=volumes, allow rwx pool=vms, allow rx pool=images

	key: AQDfUWRVHCwIHRAAfjW7tcjrcbRAhoJv5BToqA==
	caps: [mon] allow r
	caps: [osd] allow class-read object_prefix rbd_children, allow rwx pool=backups

	caps: [mon] allow r
	caps: [osd] allow class-read object_prefix rbd_children, allow rwx pool=images

Cinder client does have access to both img and vm pools.

Am I missing something here?

Comment 4 shilpa 2015-05-27 09:28:15 UTC
Found the cause. Seems like the downstream version of juno, OSP6 (openstack-glance-2014.2.3-1.el7ost.noarch) still uses glance api v1 as default instead of v2. Changed the setting in glance-api.conf from enable_v2_api=False to enable_v2_api=True. 

# rbd info vms/8ce11cac-3e6d-455c-a3af-b99034d99212_disk
rbd image '8ce11cac-3e6d-455c-a3af-b99034d99212_disk':
	size 20480 MB in 2560 objects
	order 23 (8192 kB objects)
	block_name_prefix: rbd_data.3a73ca5b3d1
	format: 2
	features: layering
	parent: images/356f0716-6bcc-4080-8356-174dc2f4e02b@snap
	overlap: 12891 kB

Comment 5 shilpa 2015-05-28 07:45:26 UTC
I think we have to document that we need to uncomment the line "enable_v2_api=True" in /etc/glance/glance-api.conf and restart glance-api service.. Otherwise it uses v1 in which case openstack does not make use of ceph's COW clone feature while booting nova instances. 

Currently glance-api.conf looks like this:

# Allow access to version 1 of glance api

# Allow access to version 2 of glance api

We need to change it to:

# Allow access to version 1 of glance api

# Allow access to version 2 of glance api

I don't see this documented in http://ceph.com/docs/master/rbd/rbd-openstack/ glance section.

Comment 6 kiran raje urs J 2015-05-28 10:17:54 UTC
Hi Josh,

Can you confirm contents listed in Comments 5 (by shilp) should be documented in CEPH release notes ?

Kiran raje urs J

Comment 7 Josh Durgin 2015-05-28 15:43:18 UTC
That should be documented in the OpenStack+Ceph setup, not the ceph release notes. Ideally we should change the default in OSP.

Comment 8 Ken Dreyer (Red Hat) 2015-05-29 20:02:32 UTC
Thanks Josh. I'll clone this bug to the openstack-glance component so this will get on to the OSP developers' radar.

Comment 9 Ken Dreyer (Red Hat) 2015-06-01 18:22:49 UTC
With bz 1226454, This is OpenStack's issue to document this point. Monti, do we have a "FAQ" place where this can be documented? It would be nice to doc this on the Ceph side too.

Comment 10 Federico Lucifredi 2015-06-03 01:56:50 UTC
Per Monday manager's review meeting, not a 1.3.0 release blocker. Pushing to 1.3.1 or async update as priority is determined.

Comment 11 shilpa 2015-06-03 05:00:02 UTC
Since this issue is being tracked in Bug #1227519, can we close it?

Comment 12 monti lawrence 2015-06-03 21:23:34 UTC
Per Deon, no need to doc this on Ceph side. Closing bug.

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