Bug 235969 - Can't run system-config-network after upgrading ES4 to ES5
Summary: Can't run system-config-network after upgrading ES4 to ES5
Status: CLOSED DUPLICATE of bug 235968
Alias: None
Product: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Classification: Red Hat
Component: system-config-network (Show other bugs)
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Version: 5.0
Hardware: i386 Linux
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Assignee: Harald Hoyer
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Reported: 2007-04-11 04:52 UTC by John Kastner
Modified: 2008-04-28 10:27 UTC (History)
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Last Closed: 2008-04-28 10:27:33 UTC
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Description John Kastner 2007-04-11 04:52:59 UTC
Description of problem:
Upgraded ES4 to ES5.  Network didn't work.  Tried to run
System -> Administration -> Network
but it errored out.

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):
system-config-network 1.3.99

How reproducible:
On my system, happened every time.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Upgrade ES4 to ES5
2. Click on System -> Administration -> Network
3. Got bug trace back
Actual results:
Exception Occurred dialog box popped up.

Expected results:
Expected network configuration dialog

Additional info:
From the Exception Occurred dialog box:

Component: system-config-network
Version: 1.3.99
Summary: TBef2d5f7a __init__.py:13:?:ImportError: /usr/lib/libkrb5.so.3: symbol 
krb5int_c_init_keyblock, version k5crypto_3_MIT not defined in file 
libk5crypto.so.3 with link time reference

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/sbin/system-config-network-gui", line 140, in main
    import gnome
  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/gtk-2.0/gnome/__init__.py", line 13, 
in ?
    from _gnome import *
ImportError: /usr/lib/libkrb5.so.3: symbol krb5int_c_init_keyblock, version 
k5crypto_3_MIT not defined in file libk5crypto.so.3 with link time reference

Local variables in innermost frame:
__builtins__: {'IndexError': <class exceptions.IndexError at 0xb7f9a8fc>, 
'help': Type help() for interactive help, or help(object) for help about 
object., 'vars': <built-in function vars>, 'SyntaxError': <class 
exceptions.SyntaxError at 0xb7f9a77c>, 'unicode': <type 'unicode'>, 
'UnicodeDecodeError': <class exceptions.UnicodeDecodeError at 0xb7f9acbc>, 
'isinstance': <built-in function isinstance>, 'copyright': Copyright (c) 2001-
2006 Python Software Foundation.
All Rights Reserved.

Copyright (c) 2000 BeOpen.com.
All Rights Reserved.

Copyright (c) 1995-2001 Corporation for National Research Initiatives.
All Rights Reserved.

Copyright (c) 1991-1995 Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam.
All Rights Reserved., 'NameError': <class exceptions.NameError at 0xb7f9a65c>, 
'dict': <type 'dict'>, 'input': <built-in function input>, 'oct': <built-in 
function oct>, 'SystemExit': <class exceptions.SystemExit at 0xb7f9a32c>, 
'StandardError': <class exceptions.StandardError at 0xb7f9a2cc>, 'repr': <built-
in function repr>, 'sorted': <built-in function sorted>, 'False': False, 
'RuntimeWarning': <class exceptions.RuntimeWarning at 0xb7f9afbc>, 'list': 
<type 'list'>, 'iter': <built-in function iter>, 'reload': <built-in function 
reload>, 'Warning': <class exceptions.Warning at 0xb7f9ae3c>, 'round': <built-
in function round>, 'dir': <built-in function dir>, 'cmp': <built-in function 
cmp>, 'set': <type 'set'>, 'reduce': <built-in function reduce>, 'intern': 
<built-in function intern>, 'issubclass': <built-in function issubclass>, 
'Ellipsis': Ellipsis, 'EOFError': <class exceptions.EOFError at 0xb7f9a53c>, 
'locals': <built-in function locals>, 'slice': <type 'slice'>, 
'FloatingPointError': <class exceptions.FloatingPointError at 0xb7f9aaac>, 
'sum': <built-in function sum>, 'OverflowWarning': <class 
exceptions.OverflowWarning at 0xb7f9af8c>, 'getattr': <built-in function 
getattr>, 'abs': <built-in function abs>, 'exit': 'Use Ctrl-D (i.e. EOF) to 
exit.', 'True': True, 'FutureWarning': <class exceptions.FutureWarning at 
0xb7faf02c>, 'None': None, 'hash': <built-in function hash>, 'len': <built-in 
function len>, 'credits':     Thanks to CWI, CNRI, BeOpen.com, Zope Corporation 
and a cast of thousands
    for supporting Python development.  See www.python.org for more 
information., 'frozenset': <type 'frozenset'>, '__name__': '__builtin__', 
'ord': <built-in function ord>, 'super': <type 'super'>, '_': <bound method 
i18n.gettext of <rhpl.translate.i18n instance at 0xb7ce32ec>>, 'TypeError': 
<class exceptions.TypeError at 0xb7f9a2fc>, 'license': Type license() to see 
the full license text, 'KeyboardInterrupt': <class exceptions.KeyboardInterrupt 
at 0xb7f9a38c>, 'UserWarning': <class exceptions.UserWarning at 0xb7f9ae6c>, 
'filter': <built-in function filter>, 'range': <built-in function range>, 
'staticmethod': <type 'staticmethod'>, 'SystemError': <class 
exceptions.SystemError at 0xb7f9addc>, 'pow': <built-in function pow>, 
'RuntimeError': <class exceptions.RuntimeError at 0xb7f9a56c>, 'float': <type 
'float'>, 'StopIteration': <class exceptions.StopIteration at 0xb7f9a29c>, 
'globals': <built-in function globals>, 'divmod': <built-in function divmod>, 
'enumerate': <type 'enumerate'>, 'apply': <built-in function apply>, 
'LookupError': <class exceptions.LookupError at 0xb7f9a8cc>, 'open': <type 
'file'>, 'quit': 'Use Ctrl-D (i.e. EOF) to exit.', 'basestring': <type 
'basestring'>, 'UnicodeError': <class exceptions.UnicodeError at 0xb7f9ab6c>, 
'zip': <built-in function zip>, 'hex': <built-in function hex>, 'long': <type 
'long'>, 'ReferenceError': <class exceptions.ReferenceError at 0xb7f9adac>, 
'ImportError': <class exceptions.ImportError at 0xb7f9a3ec>, 'chr': <built-in 
function chr>, 'xrange': <type 'xrange'>, 'type': <type 'type'>, '__doc__': 
"Built-in functions, exceptions, and other objects.\n\nNoteworthy: None is the 
`nil' object; Ellipsis represents `...' in slices.", 'Exception': <class 
exceptions.Exception at 0xb7f9a26c>, 'tuple': <type 'tuple'>, 
'UnicodeTranslateError': <class exceptions.UnicodeTranslateError at 
0xb7f9ad4c>, 'reversed': <type 'reversed'>, 'UnicodeEncodeError': <class 
exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError at 0xb7f9abfc>, 'IOError': <class 
exceptions.IOError at 0xb7f9a47c>, 'hasattr': <built-in function hasattr>, 
'delattr': <built-in function delattr>, 'setattr': <built-in function setattr>, 
'raw_input': <built-in function raw_input>, 'SyntaxWarning': <class 
exceptions.SyntaxWarning at 0xb7f9af5c>, 'compile': <built-in function 
compile>, 'ArithmeticError': <class exceptions.ArithmeticError at 0xb7f9a98c>, 
'str': <type 'str'>, 'property': <type 'property'>, 'MemoryError': <class 
exceptions.MemoryError at 0xb7f9ae0c>, 'int': <type 'int'>, '__import__': 
<built-in function __import__>, 'KeyError': <class exceptions.KeyError at 
0xb7f9a95c>, 'coerce': <built-in function coerce>, 'PendingDeprecationWarning': 
<class exceptions.PendingDeprecationWarning at 0xb7f9af2c>, 'file': <type 
'file'>, 'EnvironmentError': <class exceptions.EnvironmentError at 0xb7f9a41c>, 
'unichr': <built-in function unichr>, 'id': <built-in function id>, 'OSError': 
<class exceptions.OSError at 0xb7f9a4dc>, 'DeprecationWarning': <class 
exceptions.DeprecationWarning at 0xb7f9aecc>, 'min': <built-in function min>, 
'execfile': <built-in function execfile>, 'complex': <type 'complex'>, 'bool': 
<type 'bool'>, 'ValueError': <class exceptions.ValueError at 0xb7f9ab0c>, 
'NotImplemented': NotImplemented, 'map': <built-in function map>, 'buffer': 
<type 'buffer'>, 'max': <built-in function max>, 'object': <type 'object'>, 
'TabError': <class exceptions.TabError at 0xb7f9a83c>, 'callable': <built-in 
function callable>, 'ZeroDivisionError': <class exceptions.ZeroDivisionError at 
0xb7f9aa1c>, 'eval': <built-in function eval>, '__debug__': True, 
'IndentationError': <class exceptions.IndentationError at 0xb7f9a80c>, 
'AssertionError': <class exceptions.AssertionError at 0xb7f9a89c>, 
'classmethod': <type 'classmethod'>, 'UnboundLocalError': <class 
exceptions.UnboundLocalError at 0xb7f9a6bc>, 'NotImplementedError': <class 
exceptions.NotImplementedError at 0xb7f9a5cc>, 'AttributeError': <class 
exceptions.AttributeError at 0xb7f9a74c>, 'OverflowError': <class 
exceptions.OverflowError at 0xb7f9a9bc>}
__file__: None
__path__: None
__name__: None
__doc__: None

Comment 2 Phil Knirsch 2008-04-28 10:27:33 UTC

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 235968 ***

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