Bug 122952 - Driver DIsks don't work
Summary: Driver DIsks don't work
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Product: Fedora
Classification: Fedora
Component: anaconda
Version: rawhide
Hardware: x86_64
OS: Linux
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Assignee: Jeremy Katz
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Reported: 2004-05-10 17:50 UTC by Judd Taylor
Modified: 2007-11-30 22:10 UTC (History)
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Last Closed: 2005-08-15 16:15:06 UTC

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Description Judd Taylor 2004-05-10 17:50:35 UTC
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Description of problem:
I'm trying to get the a driver disk working on FC2-t3 so it will
install to my sii3114 SATA controller, as well as see my 3w-9xxx raid

I have all of this working on a FC1 install, using the 2.6.4 vanilla 

I've created a driver disk with the libata, sata_sil, and the (not yet
released) 3w-9xxx drivers (bulilt against the 2.6.5-1.327 and
2.6.5-1.327smp kernels), as well as the necessary other files
(rhdd-6.1, modinfo, modules.dep, pcitable).

When I boot to the install CD, and run "linux dd", it prompts for the
driver disk, and all goes well, it loads the modules with no problem,
and the HDDs on the controllers appear as well as the partitions on
those disks (from info on VT3 & VT4)

Then... nothing. After is reports that is has loaded the drivers, the
installer screen just sits there. It's not frozen, as I can still
switch VTs and ctrl-alt-delete (but not too much else, since there
isn't a shell handy at that point). But the installer doesn't want to

I've repeated the process with driver disks with each of the
individual drivers as well, and I get the same problem. This could be
really bad if all driver disks are broken in the release version of FC2.

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:
1. boot the install CD to "linux dd"
2. insert the driver disk when prompted
3. watch the drivers load, then nothing else happen...

Additional info:

Comment 1 Jeremy Katz 2004-05-10 18:09:38 UTC
Do you have some sort of usb storage device attached?  Can you look at
the output of various alt-sysrq combinations to see where it's hanging?

Comment 2 Judd Taylor 2004-05-10 18:35:11 UTC
No USB device is attached.

I'm not familiar with "alt-sysrq combinations", can you give me a 
little info on that?

Comment 3 Jeremy Katz 2004-05-10 18:48:12 UTC
Alt-Sysrq-p will show the current running process information (it'll
end up on tty4), and alt-sysrq-t will give a full trace of all tasks
on the system.

Comment 4 Judd Taylor 2004-05-10 19:21:27 UTC
Ok, I saw some of that.

alt-sysrq-p shows something like:
PID 13 comm: loader not tainted

alt-sysrq-t also seems to work, but how can I capture that output to a
file somewhere? It scrolls to fast to even see the top of the call

I'm working on eliminating some other variables as well, I let you
know as soon as I see anything new.

Comment 5 Judd Taylor 2004-05-10 19:55:28 UTC
I've booted to the boot kernel (2.6.5-1.327), and double-tested that
the modules on the driver disks load, so there's no problem there.

Also, I did a alt-sysrq-t, and got something like this:

linuxrc   R (...)
loader    R (...)
scsi_eh_0 S (...)
{reparent_to_init+4} (...) {__down_interruptible+430}
{default_wake_function+0} (...) {__down_failed_interruptible+53}
{:scsi_mod:text.lock.scsi_error+65} (...)
{child_rip+8} (...) {:scsi_mod:scsi_error_handler+0}

Would this mean there's a problem with the scsi_mod modules that's on
the install disk? Let me know if you need more detail.

Comment 6 Jeremy Katz 2004-05-10 20:09:11 UTC
It sounds like that's where it's spinning.  And there's not any sort
of CF reader or anything like that on the motherboard?  A lot of those
are implemented as "USB".  Actually, a quick way to check would be to
boot with 'linux nousbstorage'.  If you then are fine, then things
should be fine as of the kernel Arjan built late on Friday.

Comment 7 Judd Taylor 2004-05-10 20:30:23 UTC
I tried booting off the CD with "linux nousbstorage dd", and still 
got the same problem. Also the same call trace (as far as I can 

The only difference was that prior to loading the driver disk, it 
faild to load the ohci-hcd modules (where before it was doing that as 

I talked with 3ware's support on the phone earlier, and they said 
there is an issue when "probe all SCSI LUNs" is enabled in the 
kernel, but in the normal .config's this is disabled (usually 
disabled by default, except for v2.6.5, disabled again by default in 
2.6.6). I'm not seeing any other symptoms that were described by 
3ware, but perhaps this has something to do with it? (Note, however, 
I still get the same error & call trace when loading the sata_sil 
driver, so there probably ins't an issue with this, I just want to 
let you guys know so you don't turn on probing all SCSI luns in the 
release kernel which will break the 3ware driver when it gets 
released in the near future...)

Also don't know how I can put scsi_mod on my driver disks either 
since it is 2.4mb alone (the best compression I can get is a 
modules.cgz that is 1.9Mb...). Maybe a CD? any ideas?

Comment 8 Judd Taylor 2004-05-12 16:56:31 UTC
I'm starting to get worried that a fix for this won't make it into 
the release of FC2. It looks like if it isn't fixed, nobody will be 
able to use driver disks for their SCSI devices. 

Is there anything I can do to run any more tests and help get this 
fixed? Just let me know, and it will happen.

Comment 9 urs.rau 2004-09-09 20:40:32 UTC
I have the same problem with anaconda screen going as good blank
exactly as described above in the original post of this bug. Only
difference for me is that I am getting this on the fc2 released
version with the 2.6.5 kernel and with a custom 2.6.6 kernel in both
cases using drivers disks  for the hpt374 sata rocketraid and it
always does the same. And I have just been in contact with another
user that has exactly the same behaviour with an advansys controller,
oh and both of our systems are i686 not x86_64.
his problem report is at

Comment 10 Paul Howarth 2004-09-10 06:37:51 UTC
I'm the other user referred to in comment #9. I have the exact same
problem in FC2 release (i586) with the advansys driver supplied in the
standard FC2 i586 kernel RPM when used in a driver disk. The same
module used in a customised boot.iso works perfectly.

Comment 11 Jeremy Katz 2004-09-13 18:04:11 UTC
Are these version 0 or version 1 driver disks?

Comment 12 Paul Howarth 2004-09-13 18:13:24 UTC
It depends what you mean by version 1. The disks I'm trying are of the
later format supporting multiple architectures, but the modinfo file
still says "Version 0" because I don't think anaconda recognised the
disk when it said "Version 1".

For a detailed list of the contents of my driver disk, see

Comment 13 Jeremy Katz 2004-09-15 19:40:48 UTC
*** Bug 132683 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Comment 14 Paul Howarth 2004-09-28 07:36:23 UTC
I've just tried a home-made advansys driver disk for FC3T2 (i386) and
had exactly the same problem - crash out immediately after loading the

The call trace is as follows:

<4> [<c02fdab5>] __down_interruptible+0x179/0x294
<4> [<c011b8a6>] default_wake_function+0x0/0xc
<4> [<c02fdbe3>] __down_failed_interruptible+0x7/0xc
<4> [<c88c154e>] .text.lock.scsi_error+0x2d/0x33 [scsi_mod]
<4> [<c88c11de>] scsi_error_handler+0x0/0x191 [scsi_mod]
<4> [<c01041d5>] kernel_thread_helper+0x5/0xb

Comment 15 Jeremy Katz 2004-09-29 17:53:35 UTC
Fixed in CVS

Comment 16 Paul Howarth 2004-10-12 21:53:18 UTC
I have now managed to use the driver disk I created for comment #14 to
install FC3T3 (same kernel as FC3T2) successfully on my i586
Advansys-SCSI-based machine. Phew!

Comment 17 Jeremy Katz 2004-10-28 15:55:39 UTC
*** Bug 137448 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Comment 18 Manoj Jose 2004-10-28 16:21:55 UTC
Jeremy Katz, 
Hope it is fixed already ? (comment #15). Is this fix available to us 
in any new release?. 

Comment 19 Paul Howarth 2004-10-28 16:28:58 UTC
The bug appears to be fixed in FC3T3 (and presumably the release
candidates for FC3).

Manoq: please don't delete other people's addresses from the Cc: list.
I'll delete my own address when I want to do it.

Comment 21 Paul Howarth 2005-06-24 17:10:15 UTC
I've successfully used my i586 driver disk on both FC3 (release) and FC4
(release). As far as I'm concerned this one's fixed. FC2 will forever be broken
but who cares about that now?

Comment 22 Rahul Sundaram 2005-08-15 16:15:06 UTC

Thanks for the status update. I am closing this one now

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