Bug 977753 - Repository "@System" instead of "fedora"
Summary: Repository "@System" instead of "fedora"
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Product: Fedora
Classification: Fedora
Component: dnf
Version: 19
Hardware: Unspecified
OS: Unspecified
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Assignee: Ales Kozumplik
QA Contact: Fedora Extras Quality Assurance
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: 989116 (view as bug list)
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Reported: 2013-06-25 09:20 UTC by Miroslav Suchý
Modified: 2014-09-30 23:41 UTC (History)
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Last Closed: 2013-08-16 23:05:42 UTC

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Description Miroslav Suchý 2013-06-25 09:20:08 UTC
Description of problem:
When I run "yum upgrade I will get this output:
 Package                                       Arch                     Version                            Repository                        Size
 PackageKit                                    x86_64                   0.8.9-5.fc19                       fedora                           643 k
 PackageKit-device-rebind                      x86_64                   0.8.9-5.fc19                       fedora                            48 k
 PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin                   x86_64                   0.8.9-5.fc19                       fedora                            48 k
 PackageKit-yum-plugin                         x86_64                   0.8.9-5.fc19                       fedora                            44 k
 anaconda                                      x86_64                   19.30.9-1.fc19                     fedora                           2.0 M
 fedora-logos                                  noarch                   19.0.4-2.fc19                      fedora                           8.7 M
 fedora-release                                noarch                   19-2                               fedora                            32 k
 ffmpeg                                        x86_64                   1.2.1-3.fc19                       rpmfusion-free                   413 k
 ffmpeg-libs                                   x86_64                   1.2.1-3.fc19                       rpmfusion-free                   3.7 M
 glib2                                         x86_64                   2.36.3-2.fc19                      fedora                           2.1 M
 glib2-devel                                   x86_64                   2.36.3-2.fc19                      fedora                           436 k
 grub2                                         x86_64                   1:2.00-22.fc19                     fedora                           1.3 M
 mozjs17                                       i686                     17.0.0-7.fc19                      fedora                           1.4 M
 mozjs17                                       x86_64                   17.0.0-7.fc19                      fedora                           1.3 M
 selinux-policy                                noarch                   3.12.1-54.fc19                     fedora                           266 k
 selinux-policy-devel                          noarch                   3.12.1-54.fc19                     fedora                           2.5 M
 selinux-policy-doc                            noarch                   3.12.1-54.fc19                     fedora                           759 k
 selinux-policy-targeted                       noarch                   3.12.1-54.fc19                     fedora                           4.0 M
Installing for dependencies:
 policycoreutils-devel                         x86_64                   2.1.14-45.fc19                     fedora                           235 k
Updating for dependencies:
 PackageKit-glib                               x86_64                   0.8.9-5.fc19                       fedora                           160 k
 PackageKit-yum                                x86_64                   0.8.9-5.fc19                       fedora                           114 k
 anaconda-widgets                              x86_64                   19.30.9-1.fc19                     fedora                           673 k
 glib2                                         i686                     2.36.3-2.fc19                      fedora                           2.1 M
 grub2-tools                                   x86_64                   1:2.00-22.fc19                     fedora                           2.5 M

Transaction Summary
Install              ( 1 Dependent package)
Upgrade  18 Packages (+5 Dependent packages)

But when I run "dnf upgrade" I see this output:
Dependencies Resolved

 Package                                         Arch                       Version                             Repository                   Size
 policycoreutils-devel                           x86_64                     2.1.14-45.fc19                      fedora                      235 k
 PackageKit                                      x86_64                     0.8.9-4.fc19                        @System                     2.9 M
 PackageKit-glib                                 x86_64                     0.8.9-4.fc19                        @System                     482 k
 PackageKit-yum-plugin                           x86_64                     0.8.9-4.fc19                        @System                     3.9 k
 PackageKit-yum                                  x86_64                     0.8.9-4.fc19                        @System                     306 k
 PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin                     x86_64                     0.8.9-4.fc19                        @System                      16 k
 PackageKit-device-rebind                        x86_64                     0.8.9-4.fc19                        @System                      16 k
 anaconda                                        x86_64                     19.30.8-1.fc19                      @System                     7.6 M
 anaconda-widgets                                x86_64                     19.30.8-1.fc19                      @System                     669 k
 fedora-logos                                    noarch                     19.0.4-1.fc19                       @System                     8.8 M
 fedora-release                                  noarch                     19-0.5                              @System                      29 k
 ffmpeg                                          x86_64                     1.2.1-1.fc19                        @System                     867 k
 ffmpeg-libs                                     x86_64                     1.2.1-1.fc19                        @System                     9.0 M
 glib2                                           x86_64                     2.36.3-1.fc19                       @System                     9.7 M
 glib2                                           i686                       2.36.3-1.fc19                       @System                     9.8 M
 glib2-devel                                     x86_64                     2.36.3-1.fc19                       @System                     2.4 M
 grub2                                           x86_64                     1:2.00-20.fc19                      @System                     6.0 M
 grub2-tools                                     x86_64                     1:2.00-20.fc19                      @System                      13 M
 mozjs17                                         x86_64                     17.0.0-6.fc19                       @System                     3.8 M
 mozjs17                                         i686                       17.0.0-6.fc19                       @System                     3.8 M
 selinux-policy                                  noarch                     3.12.1-52.fc19                      @System                      62  
 selinux-policy-targeted                         noarch                     3.12.1-52.fc19                      @System                      18 M
 selinux-policy-doc                              noarch                     3.12.1-52.fc19                      @System                      23 M
 selinux-policy-devel                            noarch                     3.12.1-52.fc19                      @System                      12 M

Transaction Summary
Install   1 Package
Upgrade  23 Packages

Note the difference in "Repository" column when yum correctly use name "fedora", while dnf use "@System".

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:
1. yum upgrade
2. dnf upgrade
3. compare column 'Repository'

Comment 1 Igor Gnatenko 2013-06-25 09:27:31 UTC
I can confirm this.

Comment 2 Igor Gnatenko 2013-06-25 10:27:06 UTC
I pulled request to Ales git with patch.
If you need test:
There it's possible download rpm with patch.
$ sudo dnf install thunar
Setting up Install Process
Resolving Dependencies
--> Starting dependency resolution
---> Package Thunar.x86_64 1.6.3-1.fc19 will be installed
---> Package libxfce4ui.x86_64 4.10.0-5.fc19 will be installed
---> Package xfconf.x86_64 4.10.0-4.fc19 will be installed
---> Package libxfce4util.x86_64 4.10.1-1.fc19 will be installed
---> Package xfce4-panel.x86_64 4.10.1-1.fc19 will be installed
---> Package libwnck.x86_64 2.30.7-5.fc19 will be installed
---> Package exo.x86_64 0.10.2-4.fc19 will be installed
---> Package garcon.x86_64 0.2.1-1.fc19 will be installed
--> Finished dependency resolution

Dependencies Resolved

 Package           Arch        Version               Repository            Size
 Thunar            x86_64      1.6.3-1.fc19          updates-testing      1.2 M
 libxfce4ui        x86_64      4.10.0-5.fc19         fedora               139 k
 xfconf            x86_64      4.10.0-4.fc19         fedora               180 k
 libxfce4util      x86_64      4.10.1-1.fc19         updates-testing      135 k
 xfce4-panel       x86_64      4.10.1-1.fc19         updates-testing      729 k
 libwnck           x86_64      2.30.7-5.fc19         fedora               357 k
 exo               x86_64      0.10.2-4.fc19         updates-testing      519 k
 garcon            x86_64      0.2.1-1.fc19          updates-testing      147 k

Transaction Summary
Install  8 Packages

Total download size: 3.4 M
Installed size: 3.4 M
Is this ok [y/N]:

Comment 3 Igor Gnatenko 2013-06-25 11:09:43 UTC
In previous pull request I'm wrong..
See this:
Can you test it ?

Comment 4 Miroslav Suchý 2013-06-25 11:17:36 UTC
I tested your fix and it behave correctly.

Comment 5 Miroslav Suchý 2013-06-25 11:22:13 UTC
Err, I'm stupido. I tested yum upgrade :)

Nope, your fix did not fix it. With patch applied - dnf upgrade say:

Dependencies Resolved

 Package                                       Arch             Version                                           Repository                 Size
 aether-connector-wagon                        noarch           1.13.1-10.fc19                                    updates-testing            37 k
 aether-util                                   noarch           1.13.1-10.fc19                                    updates-testing           121 k
 aether-test-util                              noarch           1.13.1-10.fc19                                    updates-testing            77 k
 aether-api                                    noarch           1.13.1-10.fc19                                    updates-testing            84 k
 aether-connector-file                         noarch           1.13.1-10.fc19                                    updates-testing            31 k
 aether-impl                                   noarch           1.13.1-10.fc19                                    updates-testing           126 k
 aether-spi                                    noarch           1.13.1-10.fc19                                    updates-testing            22 k
 kernel                                        x86_64           3.9.6-301.fc19                                    updates-testing            29 M
 kernel-devel                                  x86_64           3.9.6-301.fc19                                    updates-testing           8.1 M
 texlive-babel-english                         noarch           3:svn30264.0-0.1.fc19                             updates-testing            18 k
 PackageKit                                    x86_64           0.8.9-5.fc19                                      @System                   2.9 M
 PackageKit-glib                               x86_64           0.8.9-5.fc19                                      @System                   482 k
 PackageKit-yum-plugin                         x86_64           0.8.9-5.fc19                                      @System                   3.9 k
 PackageKit-yum                                x86_64           0.8.9-5.fc19                                      @System                   306 k
 PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin                   x86_64           0.8.9-5.fc19                                      @System                    16 k
 PackageKit-device-rebind                      x86_64           0.8.9-5.fc19                                      @System                    16 k
 SDL                                           x86_64           1.2.15-8.fc19                                     @System                   461 k
 SDL-devel                                     x86_64           1.2.15-8.fc19                                     @System                   1.5 M

Comment 6 Igor Gnatenko 2013-06-25 11:46:16 UTC
@Miroslav, yes. I will try to write additional patch for fixing it.

Comment 7 Igor Gnatenko 2013-06-25 11:58:31 UTC
output.py shows info from installed repository
 libreoffice-core               x86_64 1:   updates-testing  80 M
 libreoffice-core                x86_64  1:  @System  229 M

Comment 8 Panu Matilainen 2013-06-25 12:05:25 UTC
Yup, see https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=968157#c4

Comment 9 Igor Gnatenko 2013-06-25 12:51:29 UTC

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 968157 ***

Comment 10 Ales Kozumplik 2013-06-26 06:29:50 UTC
This is not a dupe, bug 968157 mentions this current issue but pertains to something else.

Comment 11 Ales Kozumplik 2013-07-29 06:18:58 UTC
*** Bug 989116 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Comment 12 Ales Kozumplik 2013-07-29 10:34:42 UTC
Fixed by aaa91aa, the fix will be included in dnf-0.3.11.

Comment 13 Fedora Update System 2013-08-13 10:47:22 UTC
dnf-0.3.11-1.git7d717c7.fc19 has been submitted as an update for Fedora 19.

Comment 14 Fedora Update System 2013-08-15 02:33:48 UTC
Package dnf-0.3.11-1.git7d717c7.fc19:
* should fix your issue,
* was pushed to the Fedora 19 testing repository,
* should be available at your local mirror within two days.
Update it with:
# su -c 'yum update --enablerepo=updates-testing dnf-0.3.11-1.git7d717c7.fc19'
as soon as you are able to.
Please go to the following url:
then log in and leave karma (feedback).

Comment 15 Fedora Update System 2013-08-16 23:05:42 UTC
dnf-0.3.11-1.git7d717c7.fc19 has been pushed to the Fedora 19 stable repository.  If problems still persist, please make note of it in this bug report.

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