Bug 483232 - new version available 4.3.3
Summary: new version available 4.3.3
Alias: None
Product: Fedora
Classification: Fedora
Component: imp
Version: 11
Hardware: All
OS: Linux
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: Nigel Jones
QA Contact: Fedora Extras Quality Assurance
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Reported: 2009-01-30 11:51 UTC by Miroslav Baranko
Modified: 2010-04-20 22:19 UTC (History)
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Fixed In Version: imp-4.3.6-1.el5
Doc Type: Bug Fix
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Last Closed: 2010-04-01 01:46:27 UTC
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Description Miroslav Baranko 2009-01-30 11:51:37 UTC


[mms] Workaround obsolete 'UT' date format (Request #5717).
[mms] Fix tracking folder changes when renaming (Bug #7772).
[cjh] Suppress browser autocomplete when redirecting messages (Bug #7767).


[mms] Fix prototypejs regression on IE (Bug #6590).


[jan] SECURITY: Escape output in test.php.
[mms] Don't include Virtual Folder information in when tracking folder
      tree changes (Bug #7739).
[mms] Marked stripped parts as 'attachment', not 'inline' (Request #4664).
[mms] Fix linking from addresses in mailbox to compose screen (Bug #7432).
[jan] Use mailer configuration when sending iTip replies (Bug #7388).
[jan] Always display multipart/appledouble attachments.
[mms] Upgrade prototype.js to v1.6.0.3.


[jan] Add compose token to redirect view (Bug #7383).
[jan] Don't resize window if not composing messages in a popup.


[mms] Fix loading of print stylesheets when printing a message (Bug #7310).
[mjr] Fix redirect loop when conf[server][change_server] is true (Bug #6978).
[mms] Fix message caching and optimize storage.
[mms] Fix autocomplete address positioning on IE (Bug #7074).
[cjh] When the selected view doesn't match the type of browser's default view
      (IMP or DIMP for a mobile browser, MIMP or DIMP for a desktop browser),
      explicitly redirect to that view and disable the frameset (Bug #6332).
[jan] Add support for updating exsting events and cancelled recurring event
      instances to iTip viewer (Bug #6636).
[mms] Fix uploaded compose attachment names if magic quoting is on (Bug #7215).
[mms] Cache results of address formatting.
[jan] Show name and email address in the address book popup (Request #6937).
[mms] Messages from lists can now have large quotes automatically hidden.

v4.3-RC1 (released as v4.2.1-RC1)

[mms] Fix incorrect autocomplete replacement in certain cases (Bug #6819).
[mms] Use optimized autocomplete javascript library.
[mms] Handle ';' to delimit addresses when composing.
[jan] Don't allow adding private PGP keys as public keys (Bug #7080).
[jan] Add Basque translation (Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea EHU/UPV
[mms] Search by size now displayed in KB (Request #6921).
[jan] Add option to attach personal vCard to message (requires Turba 2.2.2).
[jan] Fix maildir quota driver (Bug #7014).
[jan] Add configuration for quota message format.
[mms] Maintain original header encoding on redirect (Bug #7006).
[cjh] Add CSRF tokens to the Compose screen (Kris Steinhoff
[jan] Fix adding vhost specific trailer.txt.
[jan] Add more flexible placeholders to SQL quota driver.
[jan] Fix passing passwords to quota drivers.
[mms] Improved folder list generation (Bug #6972).
[cjh] Allow hiding quota messages when quota is unlimited
      (Thomas Jarosch <thomas.jarosch@intra2net.com>, Request #6934).
[jan] Add mailto: handler for Firefox 3+.
[mms] Fix address MIME encoding issues when saving a draft (Bug #6986).
[cjh] Include a hint about fixing invalid From addresses in the error message
      (steinhof@umich.edu, Bug #6941).
[cjh] Fix overwriting $params in _imp_adminDo API call (Bug #6955).
[mms] Never wrap flowed lines in text/plain messages.
[mms] Fix broken spellcheck when using fckeditor on Safari 3 (Bug #6909).
[mms] Fix unescaping URL parameters passed to popup windows (Bug #6834).
[jan] Fix logging of forwarded messages.
[mms] Fix creation of subfolders in certain namespaces
      (thomas.jarosch@intra2net.com, Bug #6827).
[mms] Improve search page by moving flags into search criteria section
      (Request #6825).
[mms] If using imagemagick, allow creation of PDF thumbnails.
[mms] Strip quotation marks and backslashes from displayed addresses.
[mms] Fix spellcheck in HTML mode when using Xinha on IE (Bug #6799).
[mms] Fix rare case when spellchecking HTML input could result in the HTML
      tags being recognized as misspelled words.
[jan] Fix parsing for Token System configuration parameters.
[mms] Add ability to search by size.


[jan] SECURITY: Escape output in test.php.


[cjh] Fix display of email groups in received messages.
[cjh] Fix sending email to contact lists (Bug #6732).
[cjh] Make sure that email addresses entered in the Identities screen pass
      basic well-formedness validation (Bug #6654).
[cjh] Fix default server selection on the login screen
      (adrieder@sbox.tugraz.at, Bug #6738).
[cjh] Fix defaulting to the wrong address book in the Contacts popup
      (steinhof@umich.edu, Bug #6723).


[mms] Add ability to cache JS/CSS files to static files to improve performance
      and to fix problems when updating JS/CSS files.
[cjh] Apply fix for http://dev.rubyonrails.org/ticket/11473 to prototype.js
      (Request #6590).
[cjh] Make request token lifetime configurable (faurep@agr.gc.ca, Request
[mms] If using SMTP, send messages using 8BITMIME (RFC 1652) or BINARYMIME
      (RFC 3030) if appropriate (Request #6645).
[cjh] Work around a spellchecking issue with proc_close and --enable-sigchild
      (Bug #6625).
[jan] Show user drop down list in ACL screen if possible.
[mms] Redirect after doing maintenance to the proper view (Bug #6179).
[mms] Allow switching views in mobile login mode (Request #6332).
[jan] Support vhosts setting when loading header.php, servers.php,
      spelling.php and trailer.txt configuration files.
[mas] Use delete icon on search page to remove elements. (Liam Hoekenga
      <liamr@umich.edu>, Request #6515).
[mms] Add link to delete entire thread on thread screen (Request #5884).
[mms] Hide trash-related options when trash is disabled.
[jan] Allow users to specify server name and login credentials in Horde's
      preferences (requires Horde 3.2).
[mms] Message cache now stored in configurable chunks to reduce memory usage.
[mms] Fix mailbox list caching when hiding deleted messages.


[mas] Replace %l and %d with the current short username and domain name in spam
      reporting shell calls. (Bug #6364)
[cjh] Add a hook quota driver (Michael.Redinger@uibk.ac.at, Request #6322).
[mms] Make xinha add BR tag instead of P tag on enter keypress (Mozilla only).
[mms] Add fckeditor to list of supported javascript editors.
[jan] Hide iTip actions if not using IMP frontend (Bug #6116).
[cjh] Fix showing suggestions for the second or subsequent misspelled word
      (Bug #6081).
[jan] Add configuration option to force users to a certain view.
[jan] Localize default folder names.
[jan] Call a contacts/add API method to create links for adding contacts if
[jan] Filter HTML body when replying to HTML messages with the WYIWYG editor.
[jan] Allow users to set the HTML editor toolbar buttons in their preferences.
[jan] Fix charset of composed HTML messages (Bug #6268).
[cjh] Protect mailbox, message, and folder actions with CSRF tokens.
[cjh] Fix action dropdowns in IE6 (Bug #6177).
[cjh] Make sure to call Event.extend() when using inline event handlers, for
      IE6's benefit.
[cjh] Fix improper enabling of HTML composition on replies (Bug #6176).
[jan] Use subject's CN instead of OU for storing public keys (Bug #6169).
[cjh] Make sure that custom checkbox preferences are stored as 0 or 1 instead
      of 'on' or ''.
[jan] Fix popup URL generation (Bug #6139).


[mms] SECURITY: When sending linked attachments, protect against JAR attacks
      in some Mozilla browsers (Bug #5892).
[cjh] Fix the bottom Select: menu in the mailbox view (Bug #6128).
[mms] Add hook for adding formatting information to a message list row
      (Request #5234).
[mms] If javascript is available, automatically size the popup compose window.
[jan] Allow to write outside of HTML signatures in WYSIWYG editor (Bug #3753).
[jan] Highlight HTML signatures in WYSIWYG editor.
[jan] Remember webmail mode selected on the last login.
[mms] Compress download data.


[jan] Fix broken <area> tags in HTML messages.
[mms] When sending notification that linked attachment has been downloaded,
      correctly set timezone in download time (Bug #4609).
[cjh] If encrypting a message, encrypt an attached public key as well
      (Bug #5733).
[jan] Remove "default search field" preference, show all common fields instead.
[cjh] Rename IMP_IMAP_Client::namespace to getNamespace() for PHP 5.3
[cjh] Cache PGP public keys for one hour (adrieder@sbox.tugraz.at,
      Request #5773).
[mms] Add mailbox list caching across sessions.
[cjh] Don't translate "Fwd:" in email subjects (Request #5674).
[jan] Add link to strip all attachments from a message.
[jan] Show owner of S/MIME cert in signed messages, not the message sender.
[jan] Allow maintenance tasks to rename and delete fixed folders (Bug #5592).
[mms] Allow all javascript and CSS in a page to be served in a single browser
[jan] Move all IMP-specific hook examples from Horde's config/ directory.
[jan] Fix compose window widgets with certain translations (Bug #5638).
[jan] Fix sidebar tree generation with certain translations (Bug #5525).
[cjh] Fix spellchecking HTML messages with active links (Bug #5629).
[cjh] Fix a fatal error when composing for users with no signature (Bug #5682).
[cjh] The pspell extension is no longer supported for spell checking since
      it doesn't work with HTML composition at all (Bug #5516).
[cjh] Fix switching signatures when using HTML composition (Bugs #3753, #5594).


[jan] Add configuration for folders that may not be modified.
[mms] Inline PHP-generated javascript to avoid cross-domain leaking
      (Bug #5307).
[cjh] Preserve current mailbox when composing in the main window (Bug #5415).
[cjh] Add a few more new mail sounds and allow the user to choose
      between them (Request #3260).
[mms] Preserve URL anchor information when performing login.
[jan] Fetch public PGP keys from keyserver if not available in address book
      (Requires Horde 3.2).
[mms] Add compose support for e-mails containing Internationalized Domain
      Names (Request #5180).
[jan] Add a hook for post sending actions, after a message has been sent.
[mms] Add option to login screen to allow user to select the application mode
      if either DIMP or MIMP is also installed.
[jan] Add unified IMAP quota driver to obsolete the Cyrus and Courier drivers.
[mms] Don't allow namespace delimiters in new mailbox names.
[mms] Change 'Important' flag to 'Flagged For Followup' and clear the flag
      after a reply (Request #4867).
[mms] Allow display of shared/public folders separate from a user's personal
      folders (Request #3581).
[mms] Allow thumbnails to be generated for all attached images, regardless
      of image size.
[cjh] Add a modal confirmation dialog for emptying a folder (Request #4812).
[mms] Add ability for admin to limit size of reply text.
[mms] Add RSS/Atom feed for mailboxes (Eric Garrido <ekg2002@columbia.edu>,
      Request #2733).
[mms] If tidy is available, use it to clean up outgoing HTML messages.
[mms] Automatically delete blacklisted messages (Request #4569).
[cjh] Implement non-modal newmail popups (Request #3327).
[mms] Add option to restrict size of MIME message parts that can be displayed
[cjh] Add a Help entry for keyboard navigation (Bug #4716).
[mms] Most javascript code now uses the Prototype library.
[jan] Address auto-completion searches only at beginning of names and
[jan] Add button to empty the current folder.
[jan] Show percentage of attachment limit usage in compose window
      (Eric Garrido <ekg2002@columbia.edu>, Request #3434).
[jan] Add SQL driver for quotas (Tomas Simonaitis <haden@homelan.lt>,
      Request #4053).
[mms] Allow user to view PGP encrypted messages sent by themself (Bug #4332).
[mas] Make ACL editor more intuitive (Eric Garrido <ekg2002@columbia.edu>,
      Request #3808).
[mas] Conform to WCAG 1.0 Priority 2/Section 508 accessibility guidelines.
      (Request #4080)
[mms] Added preference to allow composition in reply/forward based on
      "richest" format available in original message (Request #4270).
[mms] Added preferences to determine default forwarding method and whether
      to include body text in forwards by default.
[mms] Add preference to only verify PGP & S/MIME signed data upon user
      request (Request #4022).
[mms] Add preference to indicate default cursor location in compose text
      area (Request #3245).
[jan] Add support for symmetric PGP encryption (Requires Horde 3.2).
[cjh] Add an onbeforeunload handler so Firefox and IE users can be prompted
      before accidentally closing a compose window (phyre@rogers.com,
      Request #4271).
[jan] Move mail_hdr preference from identities to a regular preference.
[mms] Remove current mailbox information from session - allows multiple
      simultaneous open IMP windows (Request #3171).
[mms] Add folder size display to folders screen (Request #4065).
[mms] Add ability to filter HTML message output with tidy (Request #388).
[cjh] Show thumbnails of large images instead of linking to them
      (Eric Garrido <ekg2002@columbia.edu>, Request #3808).
[mms] Page location in mailbox is remembered for subsequent mailbox visits.
[mas] Add maintenance task to purge old messages from spam folder (Request
[mms] Implement mailbox message list caching.
[mms] Port AJAX spell checking code from DIMP.
[mms] Port auto-complete contacts AJAX code from DIMP.
[mms] Add preference to poll all folders for new mail (Request #2197).
[mms] Allow admins to add "Printed By" headers to the top of all printed
      messages (Request #1965).
[mms] Allow user to save per-folder sort preferences (Request #1483).
[jan] Add multidomain support for Kolab servers (tokoe@kde.org, Request #3579).
[cjh] Add a hook for post-login actions, after the session is established
      but before redirection.
[mms] Recent search queries can be retrieved on the search page (Request
[mms] Convert all templates to Horde_Template::.
[cjh] Show vTodo parts in the iTip driver (Request #3344).
[jan] Add maintenance task to purge old messages from sent-mail folders.
[cjh] Move allow_cc and allow_bcc to compose_cc and compose_bcc preferences.
[ben] Better support for MS-SQL.
[jan] Whether and where to show alternative mime parts is now a preference
      instead of MIME configuration.
[mms] Split out custom spelling dictionary into separate configuration file.
[jan] Delete original message after saving a resumed draft.
[cjh] If the browser supports the necessary javascript, unblock images in HTML
      messages without a page reload.
[cjh] Do all message styling based on flags with CSS.
[mms] Implement message caching.
[jan] Add permissions to restrict maximum number of recipients per message and
[jan] Add API method "contacts/favouriteRecipients".
[jan] Add logging of sent messages.

Comment 1 Bug Zapper 2009-06-09 10:59:07 UTC
This bug appears to have been reported against 'rawhide' during the Fedora 11 development cycle.
Changing version to '11'.

More information and reason for this action is here:

Comment 2 Fedora Update System 2010-03-29 17:12:46 UTC
imp-4.3.6-1.fc13 has been submitted as an update for Fedora 13.

Comment 3 Fedora Update System 2010-03-29 17:13:13 UTC
imp-4.3.6-1.fc12 has been submitted as an update for Fedora 12.

Comment 4 Fedora Update System 2010-03-29 17:13:34 UTC
imp-4.3.6-1.el5 has been submitted as an update for Fedora EPEL 5.

Comment 5 Fedora Update System 2010-03-29 17:13:57 UTC
imp-4.3.6-1.fc11 has been submitted as an update for Fedora 11.

Comment 6 Fedora Update System 2010-04-01 01:46:13 UTC
imp-4.3.6-1.fc11 has been pushed to the Fedora 11 stable repository.  If problems still persist, please make note of it in this bug report.

Comment 7 Fedora Update System 2010-04-01 01:46:41 UTC
imp-4.3.6-1.fc12 has been pushed to the Fedora 12 stable repository.  If problems still persist, please make note of it in this bug report.

Comment 8 Fedora Update System 2010-04-09 03:45:12 UTC
imp-4.3.6-1.fc13 has been pushed to the Fedora 13 stable repository.  If problems still persist, please make note of it in this bug report.

Comment 9 Fedora Update System 2010-04-20 22:18:56 UTC
imp-4.3.6-1.el5 has been pushed to the Fedora EPEL 5 stable repository.  If problems still persist, please make note of it in this bug report.

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